Where to find free ringtones?

Where to find free ringtones?

If you don’t like those ringtones available on your Android phone or iPhone, you can always create or download a new one. However, some websites will require you to pay for it. And if you make it by yourself, it might take a long time to create and download. Therefore, if you want to find good sources of ringtones which are free and easy to download, there are a number of sites for you.

Will your phone support all ringtones?

Before downloading any ringtone on your phone, you need to know if your phone support all kind of them. The most popular file format is MP3, so if you are using an Android device things are much more simple. Android phone or tablet support MP3 files as ringtones, that’s why you can download ringtones to them directly. If you want, you can create your own ringtones for Android.

With iPhone, you need an M4R file extension

Things are a bit different with iPhone, because iPhone requires its ringtones to be in AAC format, and they also need to have an M4R file extension. And most of the sites will only have MP3 files available for you to download. So if you download an MP3 file of ringtone, you will also need to download them to a PC and then convert them to AAC format with M4R extension. Afterwards, you can use them on your iPhone.

Is downloading ringtones from websites safe?

Since the advancement of the internet has its own pros and cons, people still worry about using anything from there. It is understandable that you might ask yourself a question whether downloading ringtones from the internet is safe or not. It actually all depends on where you get them, as well as which files you download. If you google free ringtones, there are plenty of websites, but some of them are shady, just trying to lure you in with free ones. To know if the website is trustworthy and safe, check if it is full of ads or asks you to pay. If it is advertised to allow you to Download Free ringtones, but then requires a payment, it is obviously not trustworthy.

Or you can try to click on the link to download some ringtones that the websites show you, but it then tries to download something else. A trick for you is to pay attention to the file extension, you will see if you’re downloading the file that you requested. You should definitely avoid an executable file extension such as exe, msi, dmg, apk because they usually contain some risks.

The next thing you need to worry about is the issue of legality. Most websites have a wide range of ringtones with many collections, but some of them are legal and some not. For example, if you’re downloading ringtones for songs from a long long time ago they’re probably not legal, and of course get them free may bring you problems. In that case, if you really love the songs and want to be safe, you can buy the ringtones. Or you can try to make your own ringtone from the whole song that you own.

What is the best website to download free ringtones?

As there are plenty of websites which allow you to download ringtones for free, you might be confused to find a trustworthy one. One of the best websites is https://ring320kbps.com/ which contains a large amount of resources. Under the menu tab, you will find many cool songs which can be used as your phone ringtones. Additionally, you can easily search for your favorite music under a variety of categories, such as classical, pop, hip hop, dance and so on.

You can preview every ringtone on its page

Aside from that, you can find your favorite ringtones using the search function on the top. With every ringtone on the website, you can preview it on its page. Then when you decide to download it, you will find two different formats of the ringtone to choose from. If you are using an Android device then click on MP3 and you can download directly from the website on your phone. However, if it is an iPhone, click on M4R. And you will need to use your computer and iTunes as an intermediary. You can also scan a QR code to download.

Using this website, not only don’t you need to pay a penny, but you also can find a wide range of ringtones from which you can choose. In addition to that, the ringtones from this website are safe to download. It also provides you a few specific collections such as Christmas ringtones, top ringtones in the UK, or popular ringtones on Tik Tok, … so that it will be easier and more convenient for you to find a ringtone that you want.

Now that you know where you can get free ringtones, just visit the website, get one and enjoy the new ringtone on your phone.