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Apkallu Down is a game in Final Fantasy XIV. It can only be played at specific locations and the best part about it is that you get to hunt for treasures both during the day and night with little restrictions! If you want to farm this elusive monster, find out where he lives today.

Apkallu is a rare monster in Final Fantasy XIV It has unique abilities and can be an excellent source of experience points for players who have yet to reach the level cap. However, it’s not easy to find. The “apkallu down ffxiv” will help you locate where Apkallu spawns and what it does when defeated.

Apkallu Down is a cloth-type item that is dropped by Apkallu adversaries. These are bird-like animals with a huge yellow beak and primarily green and white feathers.

These hordes may be seen near Eastern La Noscea’s coastlines. Here’s where you should go:

  • Travel to the Costa del Sol with the aetheryte.
  • Then proceed south to (X:29.9, Y:34.8), where you’ll find the Bloodshore area.

The Apkallu are level 30 monsters with a passive nature, meaning they will only attack if you fight first.

However, there are ferocious level 32 Snippers in the area.

FATEs, which may generate more hostile creatures, are another thing to keep an eye out for.

There are two possibilities in this area:

  • “Crab and Go” is a phrase that means “crab and go.”
  • “It’s Not Lupus,” says the narrator.

Other options for earning Apkallu Down include retainer endeavors and item desynthesis, in addition to farming mobs.

However, since there are so many Apkallu on Bloodshore, going out to hunt them down yourself is a good method to farm them down.


Requests for Retainers are another option.

Players may assign retainers to go on adventures in order to get experience or obtain things. There are a variety of endeavors to choose from, and some of them need you to designate your retainers to certain classes, but there are two that you might explore when seeking to stock up on Apkallu Down.

The Hunting Exploration endeavor is the first sort of expedition that might offer you with Apkallu Down.

These excursions are for Disciples of War or Magic retainers, and they let you to pick a particular item for them to go out and obtain.

Hunting Exploration missions generally take an hour to accomplish, but by improving your retainer level, you can cut that time down to 40 minutes.

Apkallu Down ventures need a minimum level of 45 and may yield anywhere from 5 to 15 pieces of down.

The Field Exploration IX endeavor, which needs a retainer of at least level 40, is the second kind of expedition you may do.

Field exploration expeditions, on the other hand, are not good for farming since they take 18 hours to complete and the products returned are random.

These initiatives are mostly for the purpose of increasing retainer levels.


Desynthesis is the second option.


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Desynthesis is a feature that allows you to break down objects into their constituent parts.

Disciples of the Hand who have reached level 30 may access it by finishing the quest “Gone to Pieces” from Syntgoht in Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (X:14.0, Y:10.0).

Desynthesised items are generally the same ones that were utilized to make the original item. Desynthesizing objects that need numerous separate components, on the other hand, is more prevalent.

So, although you may have a reasonable notion of what you’ll receive by dismantling some objects, there’s no way of knowing which one you’ll get.

When desynthesized, the following things have a possibility of generating Apkallu Down:

  • Armchair with Carbuncles (Leatherworker)
  • Armchair from the South Seas (Weaver)
  • Chocobo with Stuffing (Weaver)
  • Mandragora Queen stuffed (Weaver)


Apkallu Down, Apkallu Down, Apkallu Down, Apkallu Down


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Apkallu Down is used in a large variety of dishes, the bulk of which are furniture.

Several chairs, beds, and plush animals are among these products, but the Nana Bear minion is possibly the most noteworthy.

A level 50 weaver master recipe creates the Nana Bear, a charming little companion.

If you want to get your hands on this minion, here’s what it’s composed of:

  • 99 shards of lightning
  • 1 web arachne
  • 1 cashmere shawl
  • 3 apkallu apkallu apkallu apkal
  • 1 strand of silk

The “ffxiv fleece farming ” is a location in the game that allows players to farm apkallu down. Apkallu down can be used in a variety of ways, and it’s not just for crafting.

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