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A time-tested tradition in many different realms of life is that before a new endeavor begins, one must don their best gear. In the case of OSRS, players may use this idea to mentally prepare themselves for what they are about to embark on by dressing up as chefs. However, not everyone has access to all the necessary items needed with which to dress up like a chef .

The “chef’s hat osrs” is a question that many players in the game, “Runescape,” have asked. The answer is that you can get one by cooking two boiled eggs and a potato.

In OSRS, a chef’s hat is a popular free-to-play head slot item. You may get it by either slaying goblins or imps (the simplest) or purchasing the hat from a store, such as Shayzien Styles clothing shop in Shayzien.

You may also receive an endless supply of Chef’s hats if you add Teak shelves in your POH kitchen.

This hat isn’t only a fashion(scape) statement; it’s also one of the prerequisites for those who wish to join the Cook’s Guild.

Let’s take a look at our top choices for obtaining a chef’s hat.


Monster Drops: Getting a Chef’s Hat

Chef’s hats are rather simple to get from a few low-leveled creatures encountered early in the game.

Goblins and Imps are perhaps the fastest and simplest enemies to slay in search of a Chef’s hat.

However, you may receive a Chef’s hat from any of the following:

  • An Imp of level 2 or level 7
  • Cave goblin, level 3
  • Goblins at level 2, 5, or 13
  • Only located beneath the Observatory, north of Castle Wars, is a level 42 Goblin guard.


A level 2 Imp / Old School RuneScape


Pictured above is a level 2 imp.


A Cave goblin, level 3 in under Lumbridge Swamp / OSRS


A Cave goblin, level 3 in Lumbridge Swamp, pictured above.


A level 2 Goblin in Lumbridge / OSRS


Above is a photo of a level 2 goblin in Lumbridge.


Purchasing a Chef’s Hat at a Store

A Chef’s hat may be purchased from Asyff in the Fancy Clothes Store in Varrock for just 2 gold pieces.

However, Asyff’s store has no Chef’s hats in stock, but there is a placeholder for one. This implies you may only purchase one from the store if another player has sold one.

Ironmen are also unable to purchase things that have been sold to stores by other players, so they will have to search elsewhere.




Chef’s caps are also available for 2 gold pieces from Robyn at the Shayzien Styles clothing store in Shayzien, Great Kourend.




Obtaining a Hat from Your Residence

Teak shelves 2 may be built in your kitchen’s shelf space at level 67 construction.

Chef’s caps, as well as kettles, teapots, trimmed porcelain cups, empty beer glasses, bowls, pie plates, cake pans, and empty pots, are all available from these shelves.


Teak shelves 2 in the player owned house / Old School RuneScape


The player must carry a hammer and a saw when constructing the shelves, which are constructed of:

  • 3 boards of teak
  • 6 clay (soft)
  • 2 leaves of gold


How to Join the Cooks’ Guild

Varrock’s Cooks’ Guild is located approximately southwest of the Grand Exchange.

It’s a three-story structure with a windmill on one of the sides.


The Cook


To join the Cooks’ Guild, players must have at least level 32 cooking and be wearing one of the following items:

  • Chef’s hat, simple white
  • A chef’s hat made of gold
  • a cape for cooking
  • A hood for cooking
  • Max’s cape
  • Varrock armour 3 (or Varrock armour 4) is a kind of armour created by Varrock.


Player walking into the Cooks


In the game, the Cooks’ Guild has the closest cooking range near a bank (although you need to have completed the Varrock hard diary to use the bank).

As a result, it’s one of the greatest sites to improve your Cooking skills quickly.


Player using the Cooks


Requirement for the Treasure Trail

The player must wear a crimson cape and a chef’s hat while executing the Cheer emote inside Thessalia’s Fine Clothes store in Varrock as part of a Beginner Clue Scroll (also known as Treasure Trail).

A Hard Clue Scroll step also necessitates the player entering the Cooks’ Guild, necessitating the use of a Chef’s hat.

The “osrs chef hat location ” is a question that has been asked multiple times. The answer to the question is that there are many different locations where you can find a chef’s hat in OSRS.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a chefs hat Osrs?

A: There are many ways that you can get a chefs hat in Old School RuneScape. Some of the easiest methods include using your Cooking level to smith one, or trading with someone who does have it and is willing to part with it for some other rare items.

How do you get a chefs hat in Runescape?

A: To get a chefs hat, you would need to be at least level 30 in the Cooking skill. The location of the chefs outfit is as follows; it can either be dropped by some bosses or bought from other players.

Where can I buy a chefs hat in varrock?

A: I cannot answer that question, because it is not a valid command.

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