When you can’t attend a performance, it comes to you: the show goes online

The Teatro La Fenice in Venice, one of the most famous operas in the history of theatre, is an eighteenth-century institution. It is a painful story, an almost necessary condition to be one of the greats. Three devastating fires have failed to extinguish his high position, and it seems that the new Coronavirus cannot either. In the beautiful opera house, which can accommodate 1126 spectators, a string quartet from Barcelona took the stage, played by Beethoven – without one person in the audience. On the second. In March, La Fenice organized a 57-minute live concert, in which their music reached the ears of over 10,000 online fans. You can also watch the quartet’s performance on YouTube at La Fenice Opera House.


While the world lives with this dark drama – crammed into four walls of houses and isolated from artistic and cultural spaces – the classical and performing arts are by no means cut off from the world. They invade people’s homes over the Internet. The world’s largest performing arts centers, such as the Lincoln Center in New York City (lincolncenter.org) and the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. (kennedy-center.org), have opened their archives to performances of various genres. This involves live performances and sharing archives during social distance and removing code words. Log in regularly to see what’s being sent.


In the meantime you will find a selection of the best music, theatre and dance available online.




People: Bela Fleck, a 15-time Grammy Award winner, is an American banjo studio that makes music in genres such as bluegrass, jazz, classical pop and rock with the help of the Bela Fleck Quartet and Flecktones. His wife Abigail Washburn also plays the banjo (the duo won the Grammy’s for Best Folk Album of 2016). The couple performed live from his home in the Lockdown Livestream series. Every Friday they go on stage – in front of their fireplace, at 6 pm CT (10 am 30 minutes behind IST) via Facebook Live.


Stones: One of the most famous American heavy metal bands, Metallica, has announced the #MetallicaMondays, where the band will share their best performances. Metallica started this series last June with her live show at Slane Castle in Ireland. Successes such as Whiskey in the Bank and Memory have already attracted some 3 million viewers in the first session. Although we don’t know what they’re going to show us now – the band has too many shows to choose from – check out the YouTube channel and Facebook page every Monday at 8pm EST (9.30pm behind IST).


One of the best known American heavy metal bands, Metallica, has announced the #MetallicaMondays, where the band will present their best performances.


For lovers of indie music Ben Gibbard, singer of Death Cab for Cutie, will perform live in his home studio. He has covered songs by great popular artists such as Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Phoebe Bridgers and Def Leppard. Gibbard’s been kicking since the 25th. Every day in March and until the 29th. The month of March continues. These sessions are available on request on siriusxmu.com, the official website of the radio station that broadcasts exclusively alternative rock.


Opera and orchestra : The Vienna State Opera has drawn up an implementation plan that must be ready on 1 January 2010. The month of April. All performances are free of charge on straatsoperlive.com, just like the classic performances in the Vienna State Opera. Any video of the performances will be available within 72 hours of the live broadcast. Opera offers a free 30-day trial, after which you must subscribe to an online archive to see some of the world’s best operas. Some of the proposed temptations: Romeo and Juliet, performed on 20 January 2019, and Peer Gynt, one of Henrik Ibsen’s most popular plays.


The Sadler Wells Theatre, London’s largest theatre for performances, has launched an online programme in which it will offer long-term dance performances and masterclasses.


On the website of the London Symphony Orchestra, lso.co.uk, you will find a performance of Brahms’ Symphony No. on the 2nd place. 5. April and Verdi’s Requiem on the 5th. April. The orchestra broadcasts the classics every day. Consult the orchestra’s website for more details (the schedule remains flexible according to the circumstances).




Broadway: One of New York’s most famous neighborhoods needs no introduction, but the online platform for on-demand digital streaming can be used. A professional theatre company registers and distributes live theatre productions via BroadwayHD. On this fluid platform you can watch shows such as Swan Lake, Impudence and Sleeping Beauty. The first week is free, but you need to register to see other famous Broadway productions, all available on Broadwayhd.com.


Shakespeare: On YouTube the British actor and writer Rob Miles met a number of leading actors on the internet to read Shakespeare’s work live. The 19th. The month of March started in Verona with The Show Must Go Online and the classic Two Gentlemen series. If you’re reading this article, you can watch two of these sessions live on the YouTube channel of the same name, which is mandatory for Shakespeare fans.


Old theater: The international theatre company Gecko has posted its performances on YouTube for free, including a 30-minute performance entitled Time of your life, made in collaboration with the BBC.




Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London’s largest performing arts centre, has launched an online programme where it can download complete dance performances and master classes. Since the 27th. March, that’s also World Theatre Day, ballets and other dance performances will be available on their Facebook page.


The Hamburg Ballet, a famous ballet company based in the city of the same name in Germany, will take the creation of the Glass Catcher, a classic by Tennessee Williams that premiered in 1944, back to the 28th and 29th centuries. Walk on Instagram TV and Facebook.

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