When An Acid Joke Gets A Fitting Reply

When An Acid Joke Gets A Fitting Reply

Fans of the largest German automobile brands like to argue about the advantages of the favorite cars and adore watching the informational war, which has started long ago between Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Everything started with billboards, then companies started making sarcastic jokes in their video ads. Recently, the public observed another round of the never-ending struggle.

The American division of BMW decided to jest at Mercedes-Benz company by making a funny Halloween joke. The answer followed immediately. And it is, perhaps, the first case in modern history when designers of BMW were hinted at their excessive attention to the nuances not by buyers, but by the direct competitor.

On Halloween holiday, BMW published a photo of the Mercedes-Benz car with a cover in the form of a Bavarian car and BMW logo. This drawing was accompanied by a signature, which can be translated as “Today, any car can change into its favorite superhero”. The tweet was completed with both Halloween thematic hashtag and reference to the account of the American division of Mercedes-Benz.

The reaction followed in less than an hour, and in order to convey their idea to the opponent, Mercedes did not even use visualization. The reply tweet said: “A nice try, BMW USA. But it’s actually a scary suit. Especially this grille…”

At this point, the conversation was finished: seems like BMW couldn’t find what to answer. Indeed, many Bavarian designers are criticized for their vigorous attempts to experiment with the size of the radiator grille. It started getting bigger with appearance of X7 large crossover, then an updated version of the flagship sedan of the 7 series was released. This is where the grill reached unimaginable sizes.

At the same time, BMW chief designer Adrian van Hooydonk has already said that this trend goes along with the evolution of style, and fits well with the company’s strategy and tactics, and the design of the Bavarian cars has to change so that BMW would remain at the forefront of the industry.

For more than a decade, people have been watching witty (and not so much) “studs” of one car concern to another, and even tried to guess what their replies to one another would be.

Author: Aleksei Titov

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