What You Need to Know About the Red by Sfr 12 Package With 60 Gb of Internet Access

Updated on 09/01/2020 – RED now displays only one mobile plan that can be customized to suit your needs. This week, the operator is offering only two formulas with a basic offer of 60 GB for 12 euros instead of 15 euros. We’ll tell you all about the details and subtleties of this break-price mobile offer.

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Guide updated January 09, 2020 – Red by SFR is undoubtedly one of the most aggressive operators in the mobile rate plan market. As of this summer, it offers a single package that can be customized by the subscriber to follow his or her data needs. To start the year 2020 well, the basic offer includes 60 GB for 12 euros instead of 15 euros. Here’s what you need to know about the Red by SFR mobile package.

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1. Waiting for the right time to subscribe to the RED by SFR package

The unlimited RED offer has a variable geometry Internet envelope, ranging from 30 to 60 GB (sometimes less). That’s the main subtlety of this package, a data bucket that fluctuates according to promotions. The quantity of data included in the offer must therefore condition the choice of the future customer. Also, when the RED Unlimited package includes less than 30 GB of data, we recommend that you wait a few weeks so that it can be enriched and enjoy a more comfortable envelope.

2. A single RED by SFR package, but customizable

Since last summer, there is only one package at RED and it can evolve according to your data needs and your voice/text consumption in France and abroad. RED previously offered a first formula with 40 GB at 10 euros and a second one with 60 GB at 15 euros. The latter includes this week, 60 GB of data and is priced at 12 euros. If that’s not enough for you, you can switch to the 20 euro formula with 100 GB.

3. What is included in the RED by SFR package

Each package includes Unlimited Calls to all mobiles and fixed lines in mainland France and French overseas departments as well as Unlimited SMS and MMS messages to all operators in mainland France. Please note that these packages also include unlimited calls SMS and MMS from the European Union and the French overseas departments For 12 euros, the package offers an additional 8 GB for use in Europe and the French overseas departments If you turn to the 20 euro one with 100 GB of data, it will be an additional 10 GB to be used in Europe and in the DOMs.

4. RED by SFR abroad ?

The RED Unlimited package at 12 euros includes a basic 8 GB of additional data to be used from the European Union and the French overseas departments Beyond that, the data will be billed at 0.007€/Mo. From these destinations, subscribers to this package will also have unlimited calls/SMS/MMS (3 hours max per call and limited to 200 different recipients per month). As indicated above, the offer is very flexible and you can always increase this data envelope according to your needs, for holidays only for example, and then return to a basic offer when you wish, always without any commitment of duration. An International option invoiced at 5 euros can be added to these two formulas. It includes 15 GB of internet from the European Union and DOM, Switzerland, Andorra, the USA and Canada, as well as unlimited calls SMS and MMS to and from these areas.

5. How do I switch between the different packages?

If you are a new subscriber, simply select the offer that best suits your needs when you subscribe. Subscribers can then easily and instantly switch to another formula via the RED by SFR customer service or the RED&Moi application (to be downloaded free of charge from the Play Store or the App Store).

6. The RED by SFR package is (really) unlimited ?

SFR’s RED Unlimited offer is marked as valid for life. Understand that both the price and the Internet envelope will not change after one year as is sometimes the case with promotions from operators without commitment.

7. How to take advantage of the no obligation package

It should be remembered that this is a no-commitment offer, giving subscribers more flexibility to switch from one operator’s offer to another by following the promotions. To subscribe to the offer while keeping your phone number you will need to get your RIO by dialing 3179 on your smartphone. Once your RIO is recovered, the new operator will take care of your number portability.

8. And the unlimited by RED / SFR ?

The concept of unlimited is now well-established among our French operators and is naturally found on the no-commitment offers, which no longer have much in the way of low-cost. In the case of our €12 RED, the subscriber will benefit from unlimited calls / SMS / MMS to fixed and mobile phones in metropolitan France and DOM (excluding Mayotte) and from the European Union and DOM.

9. The subtleties of use

In the fine print, we can read that the maximum duration of a call should not exceed 3 hours per call and that this unlimited duration is actually limited to 200 different recipients per month. Likewise, if you manage to exceed the considerable Internet envelope granted by the operator for Metropolitan France the speed will not be limited but you will have to opt for 1 GB refills billed at 2 euros, up to a limit of 4 refills. Then it’s blocked. If you exceed the data envelope reserved for the European Union and the DOM, you will be billed at SFR Voyage conditions. If you have opted for the International option at 5 euros (i.e. an additional 15 GB for EU/DOM), you will have to pay 0.005 euros per MB from Europe and DOM if you exceed this amount and you will be billed at SFR travel conditions from Switzerland, Andorra, the USA and Canada. Remember that modem use of this Internet envelope (sharing the 4G connection to a PC or tablet for example) is allowed, as is peer to peer.

10. What about coverage of RED by SFR?

According to the latest 4G Monitor score (connection tests carried out by the subscribers of the various operators), SFR is credited with an average speed of 30.8 Mb/s for downloads and 9.7 Mb/s for uploads. In terms of coverage, Arcep credits SFR with 99% coverage of the population in 4G (on a par with Orange and Bouygues but ahead of Free at 93%) and 83% of the French territory on the surface (ahead of Free at 73% but behind Free and Bouygues at 84% and 88%).

11. Do we have to go?

SFR’s RED offer already scored points on the fundamentals: solid 4G coverage, a no-obligation offer with a lifetime rate (and not 12 months as often with the competition), unlimited voice/sms/mms and a very comfortable data envelope for metropolitan France. By adding more flexibility to its offer with the possibility to easily adjust its data envelope in France or abroad according to your needs, RED seems to want to break the market of the no obligation package once again. 

This offer is even more attractive, one appreciates the flexibility offered on an already solid package and especially the fact that changes are applied or cancelled instantly, without additional costs and always without commitment. This week, the basic formula of RED by SFR is even more interesting. Displayed at 12 euros per month instead of 15 euros, it allows you to benefit from a 60 GB envelope for metropolitan France instead of 40 GB. For Europe and the French overseas departments the gigabytes consumed are not taken from this basic package since this offer includes an additional 8 GB instead of 5 GB. Enough to cover the needs of datavores in France but also abroad.

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