What will happen to iGame developers like Playtech with the crisis in Ukraine?

As the world continues to watch, the crisis in Ukraine rumbles on, to the horror of us all. It goes without saying that everyone hopes a peaceful solution can be found soon and that people in Ukraine can go back to their normal lives. While everyone’s thoughts naturally center on the people of Ukraine in their hour of need, the effects of this crisis are also being felt in many sectors globally.

One of these is certainly iGaming, which is a worldwide industry with strong roots in Europe. Any crisis in a European country like Ukraine is obviously going to be felt in this sector. This is definitely the case for many iGaming studios across Europe, which produce top titles for the best Ukrainian Online casinos in 2022 according to Casinotopsonline.com – a trusted online casino portal, and internet casinos across the rest of the planet.

But what impact could the ongoing crisis in Ukraine have on iGame developers in the region?

What could the Ukraine crisis mean for developers such as Playtech?

Playtech is a great example of a popular iGaming developer that has a well-established presence in the sector and firm links to European online casino play. Indeed, it was originally founded in Estonia during 1999 and still relies on its presence in the European market to thrive.

But what could the current crisis mean for iGame studios like this? To begin with, they could simply be seeing lower demand for their games and fewer people playing them at the moment. This is very true in Ukraine itself, which was a hotbed for European iGaming before the crisis hit. While it is hoped that iGaming in Ukraine will get back to normal once peace is realized, for now, the number of people playing at online casinos there has understandably dropped. This in turn sees a big part of the market for studios like Playtech disappear, and their revenues fall as a result.

Reduced numbers of people playing online casino games could also be something seen on a wider scale, due to the crisis in Ukraine . For example, those in other countries, who would normally spend money at internet casinos, might rather be giving it to charity appeals for Ukrainians and not spending it on gaming. They might also simply not feel comfortable gaming online and having fun while people in Ukraine are suffering. All this could see the demand for games drop and iGame companies taking a hit as a result.

iGame studios might face delays in creating new products

Another major consequence that developers such as Playtech could experience from the ongoing crisis is the effect it has on new games being completed, and it is something that could have a knock-on effect for online casino play as a whole. Just as top games such as Animal Crossing help make video games popular, it is the consistent supply of new games that makes internet casinos so well loved.

As with many other European nations, Ukraine was, pre-crisis, a hotspot for talented game developers and smaller, independent game studios. This meant that many bigger iGame companies used workers or firms from the country to help them create new titles. As this is not possible in the current scenario, there may be a delay in the launch of new games. Game studios will have to find the help they need from new global markets.

Studios with a strong European connection (such as Playtech) may suspend their operations for now or at least slow down until the conflict is resolved. This could be especially true if they have workers from Ukraine who do not feel up to working currently. It could also be true if they employ staff from other countries who do not feel it appropriate to work when bigger things are happening in the world.

iGame developers face an uncertain time

There is no doubt that the entire iGaming scene has been on the ascent for many years and this has enabled top companies like Playtech to thrive. The ongoing Ukraine crisis, though, seems to have stopped this momentum somewhat, as people naturally focus on other things than playing games.

This means it is something of an uncertain time for top iGame studios, and a period when it could be hard to operate at their usual capacity. It is, however, only sensible to believe that iGaming will get back to normal after the crisis is resolved, and continue on its upward trajectory. This will be great news for studios like Playtech, which can get back to normal operations and focus once again on building their brand.

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