What To Look For When You Need A Collision Repair Shop in Tucson

Year by year, the number of vehicles on American roads increases; that’s great news for the body shop automotive industry, but with more cars and bikes on our roads and highways, you need to be increasingly careful when driving. More vehicles equal more road traffic accidents and collisions, so if you’re involved in a collision, whether it’s your fault or not, what should you do next? Your first priority is, of course, is to seek medical treatment if necessary and to swap insurance details, but after that, you’ll want to get your vehicle in great shape again as soon as possible. Here’s what you should look for when you need high-quality collision repairs from an auto body shop.

Expertise And Experience

A body shops accident repairs can not only restore your car to its former beauty; they also ensure that it’s in a roadworthy condition and safe to drive again, so it’s vital that you find the right repair auto body shop. The key things to look out for are a company that has a great reputation established over a long period of time, and auto technicians who are highly experienced with qualifications to match. That’s just what your trusted collision repair shop in Tucson, Gerber Collision & Glass, delivers, as they have been in the collision repair business for over 80 years. That in itself shows their ongoing reputation for care and excellence, and as an extra reassurance, all their technicians are experienced body shop professionals with I-CAR certification.

High Technology Color Matching

Collisions of any kind will often leave your vehicle with marks, scratches, and damaged or erased paintwork, but in the past, your body shop may have discovered that finding the right color to restore the paintwork has been a less than exact process. A near match can sometimes make the damage more apparent rather than removing it, so always look for a collision repair or body shop that utilizes the very latest color matching technology and high technology ventilation systems, thus ensuring the perfect finish every time.

Making Your Life Easier

Being involved in a road traffic collision can be a stressful experience, so you don’t want the collision repair process to add to that stress. Choosing the right accident body shop or repair garage in Tucson can make things easier for you, not harder. Look for a specialist who can bill directly to your insurance company and who offers deductible financing of up to half a year. It’s likely that you’ll also need another set of wheels while your own vehicle is being repaired and restored, so it’s a significant bonus when your collision repair body shop also offers rental car assistance. Finally, you’ll want a garage who provides a national lifetime guarantee on their work, as this shows the level of trust that they have in their own ability.

When it comes to body shop collision repair, it makes sense to use a reputable collision repair shop; one with decades of experience and glowing testimonials, and yet who use cutting edge technology to provide flawless results. You shouldn’t have to settle for a second best body shop, so don’t simply opt for the first repair collision center that you see.


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