What similarities are the fans finding between Netflix’s The Letter to the King and Game of Thrones? But it seems not everyone is on the same page. Read to know all details.

When the throne game ended gracefully in the final in May, it didn’t leave two big holes. The HBO drama started in 2010, a few years before Netflix Card House entered a new era of streaming collection that dominates our lives today.


The phenomenon of the turmoil of the season will suddenly – first a little, then a lot – collapse on a television set, which is the beginning of the break with the phenomenon of shared cultural experience in real time. The finale of the throne game was like getting off a bus stop. It is very well possible that this is the last series that can bring together such a large number of visitors at the same time.

The big void may never be filled, but the smaller void, the longing for more series of fables, fills quickly. The ambitious collection of The Lord of the Amazon Rings remains somewhere in an unknown future, but Netflix has brilliantly treated the witch, who is like a throne full of sex and violence from the good guys. The Letter to the King hopes to be the next big insane success, but for the group of young high school students (or for those who want to expose their fantasy stories with less frames, 0 title, and the most appropriate way to expose sensuality).

However, it is unlikely that most English-speaking visitors know the appeal of the collection, because the English-speaking world, according to the Dutch author and illustrator Tonke Dragt, will be too late for the birthday party. The Letter to the King, published in 1962, became a phenomenon in the Netherlands and other countries, but only received an English translation in 2013. (Now 89 years old, Dragt remains active and launched the e-book in 2017).

The first of the novels, filmed in an identical world of illusions, was adapted directly into a Dutch film in 2008, which tried to compress its plot to a functional length. This new collection, which presents six episodes, broadens the story and takes some liberties with the material provided. Gambling is very similar to the mythical story of yesteryear, which has been transformed into a series of streaming technologies for YA’s audience. However, this mainly benefits the series, from the attractive cast to the exciting closures that challenge viewers not to play the next episode right away.

The first moments of the series take us back to the distant past of the International, when the northern kingdoms Unauven and Dagonaut start a war with their southern friends on Evellian, thanks to the ruthless efforts of Prince Unauven Viridian (Gijs Blom). Eviellan, we learn quickly, has plans to strengthen our strength, plans that coincide with the accumulation of darkness that threatens the Earth. It takes a special hero to fight this darkness, the narrator is revealed early, the one who has not yet appeared.

The series was created with the help of William Davis (an experienced writer/producer whose credits range from Johnny English to How to Teach Your Dragon) and is based on well-known trophies. It is a story of the Chosen One, full of quests and terrible enemies, and he does not apologize. But this further undermines some of these elements, including the fact that in a later episode some narrative skill is used to pull the rug out under the eyes of the viewers.

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