Las Vegas is a city of very bright, risky, exciting blood, which everyone remembers for a long time. People from every corner of the world come here for a few days to relax and hang out, play in the best casino, go to the shows or to the concerts of the stars. Actually, Las Vegas is a true show itself.

Note! Fans of gambling should take into account that in local casinos there is an age limit (from 21 years), and it is forbidden to use any means of communication, including mobile phones.

Apart from famous attractions of the City of Sins, there are many no less interesting places to visit in the surrounding areas.

Everyone knows that traveling around the US without a personal car is difficult and expensive. In these cases, people apply to the companies of car rental.

NU car rental

Among all the companies offering hiring service, NU car rental Las Vegas is gaining the popularity due to being the most budget and friendly one.

You can rent a car at the airport after arrival on do it beforehand using the internet. In the second case, (during the renting there is a separate queue), it is necessary to present a voucher, rights with experience of 1 year and a personal credit card with which the booking was made.

Important! Most likely, the manager will try to sell you some additional services. This may be the baby seat or navigator, or unnecessary ones, such as additional insurance. Choose wisely and read carefully the lease contract where everything you pay for is mentioned!

What Should You Know About Car Rental Las Vegas?


There is only one option as for fuel: you take and return the car with a full tank.


The driver is responsible for any damage to the rental vehicle regardless of fault. Therefore, NU in Las Vegas offers the following kinds of insurance:

  • LDW – $23.99 USD / day for all cars;
  • SLI – $17.00 USD per day;
  • PAC – $5.19 USD per day;
  • Glass and Tire Protection – $7.99 USD per day;
  • Roadside Assistance – $4.99 USD per day.

Rent a car in the US is an ideal opportunity to see most of the sights of the country. The main thing is to comply with the speed limit and parking rules.

What Should You Know About Car Rental Las Vegas?

What to see next to Las Vegas and where quickly to go using car rental?

The closest park to Las Vegas is the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Here you can swim, go boating and fishing, or go to the Hoover Dam on the border of Nevada and Arizona. On the way to Lake Mead, you should drive into the picturesque Clark County Wetlands Park. In addition, you should get to the Valley of Fire State Park with a canyon and red rocks just north of Lake Mead. If going further to east by Lake Mead, you enter the Grand Canyon National Park on the banks of the Colorado River.

A few hours from Las Vegas are large national parks. Moving to the west of the city, the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is settled, with red and green cliffs, as well as Spring Mountain Ranch with Charleston, a lake and walking trails. Farther to the west is the Death Valley National Park, with the driest places in America and “moving stones”. You will be surely amazed with such picturesque places!

We can say with full confidence that Las Vegas is a unique city where dreams are born, but the reality is intertwined with fantasy.

Remember the expression: “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.

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