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Homesickness is a state illness that solely affects Ness, causing him to miss battle turns on occasion.

There are a few options for getting rid of it:

  • Speak with Ness’ mother (either by telephone or in person)
  • In Valley of Saturn, speak with Dr. Saturn.
  • Pay a visit to any “Your Sanctuary” location.
  • During the Winter and Dungeon Man, use the Instant Revitalizing Device.
  • Visit the Valley of Saturn or Tenda Village is a small village on the outskirts of thermal springs.


What is the definition of homesickness?

Homesickness is a condition that may strike Ness at any time throughout your game.


The party inside Ness’ house with his mother on the left / Earthbound


Once Ness is homesick, he’ll begin to miss turns in battle; instead he’ll spend turns reminiscing about his mother & being back at home.

If the condition is not addressed, it will worsen over time, and Ness will start missing his turns more regularly.

Thankfully, it has such a low possibility of occurring that it isn’t a major concern for the most of the game.

And Homesickness has a 0% chance of happening at all up to level 15 & after level 76.

We’ve put up a simple chart to demonstrate how uncommon homesickness is in Earthbound:

Level Possibility of Homesickness
Levels 1 through 15 256/0 (0 percent )
Levels 16 through 30 3 of 256 (1.17 percent )
Levels 31 through 75 2 of 256 (0.78 percent )
Levels 76 through 99 256/0 (0 percent )


Curing Homesickness with the Help of Ness’ Mother (Best Method)


Talking to Ness’ mother at home / Earthbound


Calling Ness’s mother or going back to his hometown and seeing her in person is by far the simplest approach to treat Homesickness.

She’ll also call his Receiver phone to remind him to call home as soon as he begins to feel homesick.

This first call won’t cure homesickness, but it’s a useful reminder for rookie players who aren’t sure what it means.


Other Remedies For Homesickness

All of them are valid options for assisting Ness in overcoming Homesickness – it just depends on which method(s) are most practicable for you when you’re initially diagnosed.


Dr. Saturn is being visited.


In the makeshift hospital in Valley of Saturn, Dr. Saturn is in the trash can / Earthbound


Another option is to pay a visit to Dr. Saturn at Valley of Saturn’s improvised hospital.

Dr. Saturn may be discovered lurking in a bin in one of the village’s lowest dwellings.

He’ll heal Ness and the rest of the group for free, including any illnesses like homesickness.


Paying a visit to “Your Sanctuary”


Lumine Hall “Your Sanctuary” Screenshot / Earthbound


When the group visits any “Your Sanctuary,” they will get a free heal, which includes the ability to cure homesickness.

There are a total of 8 of them strewn across the Earthbound planet.

And each one aids Ness in “reconnecting” with his past.

These may be found in the following locations:

  • Onett
  • Village of Happiness
  • Valley of Saturn
  • Winters
  • Fourside
  • Dalaam
  • Tenda Village is a small village on the outskirts of
  • The Abandoned Underworld


Machine for Instant Rejuvenation


Machine for Instant Rejuvenation in Dr Andonuts’s Lab / Earthbound


The Machine for Instant Rejuvenation located in Dr. Andonuts’s laboratory in Winters will also heal the homesick ailment, since it completely cures anyone who uses it – completely free of charge.

Another of these devices may be located within Dungeon Man later in the game.


Thermodynamic Springs


Pink Thermodynamic Springs in Tenda Village is a small village on the outskirts of / Earthbound


Finally, you can cure homesickness by using the pink Thermodynamic Springs in Saturn Village and Tenda Village is a small village on the outskirts of.

These are absolutely free to use and completely restore the party’s HP, PP, and heal any status illnesses.

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