What is up with Riot not properly announcing Karma changes?

Riot Games is one of the most popular games in the world, with over 100 million players worldwide. However, they have been accused by many of not properly announcing changes.

Riot has been making changes to the Karma rework, but they have not properly announced them. This is causing confusion for players who are unsure of what has changed and how it will affect their game.

Karma’s modifications were not included in patch 11.16.

patch note previews and as of me writing this on August 27 9:52 PM, Karma was kLRJ4uj - What is up with Riot not properly announcing Karma changes? changed on the PBE but these changes were not announced at Surrender at 20.

riot adds that PBE input is useful for larger adjustments in their recent rapid gameplay ideas, and riot characterized Karma’s modifications as “major ones” in 11.16.

As someone who also plays Sona, it was fantastic to see the community provide so much input on Sona’s mini-rework, and to see Riot actually listen to some of it (e.g. not nerfing Sona’s Q and W AP ratios despite widespread opposition).

It seems really contradictory and disheartening that they’ll listen to other champions’ feedback (occasionally), but they seem to want to keep changes to Karma under wraps as of late; it appears as if they’re trying to avoid critical feedback that’s really needed because Karma is a huge hot mess that desperately needs to be reworked.

In terms of the PBE modifications themselves, the changes in patch 11.16 were not perfect, in fact, they facilitated one of her issues, but they were at least a start in the right direction (nerf mantra E give her more damage.) So why would they want to increase the worth of her shield after that step forward? It makes little sense since, compared to other mages/enchcanters, Karma already has one of the greatest basic shield values. It doesn’t answer any of her concerns, including but not limited to:

Passive bloat, where Karma’s Mantra is always active (thanks to patch 11.16 modifications), renders both basic and mantra’d skills less and less effective. This isn’t ideal.

Whilst not ideal, reduce the basic mantra heal percentage (say to 15%) and have it scale flatly with AP. Tank Karma’s sustain will be halved as a result, while Mage and Enchanter Karma’s clutch heal mechanism will be unchanged or slightly improved.

Why play mage Karma when you can play Lux or Zyra, why play Karma as an enchanter when you can play Sona or Lulu? Karma is a generalist and suffers more than she gains from this (47 percent win-rate).

Karma is a burst mage/enchanter with just one primary damage choice, Q, and one primary enchanting skill, E. With just one enchanting skill, a character who riot claims to be an enchanter cannot operate or be healthy. Orianna and Lux aren’t considered enchanters, would they? This is the consequence of a character being redesigned in 2013 to basically be a Utility Mage (e.g. Seraphine), but being shoe-horned into being balanced as simply an enchanter, which allows her issues. Because Seraphine is the original supporting mid-lane mage, she should be balanced like her.

Karma has a lot of potential, especially now that Mantra E has been nerfed, which has been preventing her from progressing in her balance for years. They may reduce her existing passive, shift it to her ult, and replace it with a new passive that gives her a distinct personality and confirms her place in the story. They could reintroduce the shield-bomb, but update it (make the damage delayed). They may make W a viable secondary damage/ally interaction ability by reworking it. All of these are suggestions from real Karma players, but riot seems to be deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly After being stabbed, the PBE adjustments look like a band-aid. It’s incomprehensible.

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