What is today’s daily Heroic Dungeon?

As much as I love playing MMORPGs, I’m not terribly good at them. The problem is that I play them to relax and get away from my busy life for a few hours, and in order to do so, I have to invest hundreds of hours in the game – far more than a person would need to play a game like World of Warcraft to become good at it. I’m not sure if the problem is that I simply don’t have the attention span to commit hundreds of hours to a single game, or if it’s because I’m not a “real” gamer. If you’re like me, and you enjoy the daily grind of questing and dungeons, here are some tips that might help you get better at the game

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quests are one of the new pieces of content for World of Warcraft Classic players that debuted in the release of Burning Crusade. Players can speak with Wind Trader Zhareem in the Lower City district of Shattrath to pick up a daily heroic quest. Each quest entails collecting a quest item from the final boss in a random heroic dungeon. The quest rotates every day, which is why we’ve made this guide. So, what is today’s daily heroic dungeon in World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic?

The reward for completing the daily heroic quests is 2 Badges of Justice and 350 reputation points with Consortium and the faction associated with the daily dungeon. Players will also receive 24g60s along with the reputation and badges.

What is today’s Daily Heroic in Burning Crusade Classic?

Today’s daily heroic dungeon in TBC Classic is Blood Furnace. Players will need to collect Keli’dan’s Feathered Stave from the final boss in Blood Furnace.

  • July 11: Keli’dan’s Feathered Stave – Blood Furnace
  • July 10: The Heart of Quagmirran – Slave Pens

What other daily quests are there in Burning Crusade Classic?

In Burning Crusade Classic, there are a few different types of daily quests, broken into four categories:

  • Dungeon daily quests
  • Faction daily quests
  • Profession daily quests
  • PvP daily quests

Dungeon daily quests

Heroic dungeon daily quests:

Quest Location Boss Faction
The Heart of Quagmirran Slave Pens Quagmirran Cenarion Expedition
A Black Stalker Egg Underbog The Black Stalker Cenarion Expedition
The Warlord’s Treatise Steamvault Warlord Kalithresh Cenarion Expedition
Nazan’s Riding Crop Hellfire Ramparts Nazan Honor Hold/Thrallmar
Keli’dan’s Feathered Stave Blood Furnace Keli’dan the Breaker Honor Hold/Thrallmar
Bladefist’s Seal Shattered Halls Warchief Kargath Bladefist Honor Hold/Thrallmar
The Epoch Hunter’s Head Old Hillsbrad Foothills Epoch Hunter Keepers of Time
Aeonus’s Hourglass Black Morass Aeonus Keepers of Time
The Headfeathers of Ikiss Sethekk Halls Talon King Ikiss Lower City
Shaffar’s Wondrous Pendant Mana-Tombs Nexus-Prince Shaffar Lower City
The Exarch’s Soul Gem Auchenai Crypts Exarch Maladaar Lower City
Murmur’s Whisper Shadow Labyrinth Murmur Lower City
A Warp Splinter Clipping Botanica Warp Splinter Sha’tar
Pathaleon’s Projector Mechanar Pathaleon the Calculator Sha’tar
The Scroll of Skyriss Arcatraz Harbinger Skyriss Sha’tar
The Signet Ring of Prince Kael’thas Magisters’ Terrace Kael’thas Sunstrider Shattered Sun Offensive

Normal dungeon daily quests:

Quest Location Faction
Arcatraz Sentinels Arcatraz The Sha’tar
Coilfang Myrmidons Steamvault Cenarion Expedition
Malicious Instructors Shadow Labyrinth Lower City
Rift Lords Black Morass The Keepers of Time
Shattered Hand Centurions Shattered Halls Honor Hold/Thrallmar
Sisters of Torment Magisters’ Terrace Shattered Sun Offensive
Sunseeker Channelers Botanica The Sha’tar
Tempest-Forge Destroyers Mechanar The Sha’tar

Faction daily quests

Sha’tari Skyguard daily quests

  • Fires Over Skettis: 4g40s, 12650 XP, 350 Sha’tari Skyguard reputation
  • Escape from Skettis: 3g40s, 9500 XP, 150 Sha’tari Skyguard reputation
  • Bomb Them Again!: 11g99s, 15 Apexis Shards, 500 reputation, 350 Ogri’la and Sha’tari Skyguard reputation
  • Wrangle More Aether Rays!: 11g99s, 15 Apexis Shards, 350 Ogri’la and Sha’tari Skyguard reputation

Ogri’la daily quests

  • The Relic’s Emanation: 9g10s, 15 Apexis Shards, 350 Ori’la reputation
  • Banish More Demons: 11g99s, 15 Apexis Shards, 350 Ogri’la reputation
  • Bomb Them Again!: 11g99s, 15 Apexis Shards, 500 reputation, 350 Ogri’la and Sha’tari Skyguard reputation
  • Wrangle More Aether Rays!: 11g99s, 15 Apexis Shards, 350 Ogri’la and Sha’tari Skyguard reputation

Profession daily quests

Cooking daily quests

The Rokk, in Shattrath City, gives the daily cooking quests.

  • Manalicious: Netherstorm
  • Revenge is Tasty: Skettis
  • Soup for the Soul: Nagrand
  • Super Hot Stew: Blade’s Edge Mountains

Fishing daily quests

Old Man Barlo, outside Shattrath City, gives the daily fishing quests.

  • Shrimpin’ Ain’t Easy: Zangarmarsh
  • Bait Bandits: Terrokar Forest
  • The One That Got Away: Nagrand
  • Felblood Fillet: Shadowmoon Valley or Hellfire Peninsula
  • Crocolisks in the City: Orgrimmar or Stormwind

PvP daily quests

Here are all of the possible PvP daily quests:

Battlegrounds daily PvP quests

  • Eye of the Storm: 11g99s and 419 Honor
  • Alterac Valley: 11g99s and 419 Honor
  • Arathi Basin: 11g99s and 419 Honor
  • Warsong Gulch: 11g99s and 419 Honor

Nagrand daily PvP quests

  • In Defense of Halaa (A): 11g99s and 209 Honor
  • Enemies, Old and New (H): 11g99s and 209 Honor

Terrokar Forest daily PvP quests

  • Spirits of Auchindoun (A/H): 11g99s and 209 Honor

Hellfire Peninsula daily PvP quests

  • Hellfire Fortifications (A/H): 70s and 3 Mark of Honor Hold/Thrallmar

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Heroic dungeons daily?

Heroic dungeons are available every day.

Where do you get heroic daily TBC?

You can get heroic daily TBC from the Auction House.

How do I get into heroic dungeons TBC?

You can get into heroic dungeons by completing the quest “The Dark Portal Opens” in Stormwind.

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