What is the Olympiad Exam in India? Eligibility, Syllabus, Age Limit, Fees, Registration

The Olympiad is a 14-day residential and cut-off examination that is held for selection of the best Indian engineers seeking admission to the National Institutes of Technology (NIT). The Olympiad is conducted in two categories – National and International.

The Olympiad is a high-level competition for secondary school students in India. It is held every year in February, and is a part of the International Mathematical Olympiad.  This is a two-day event that consists of two papers: 2 on Numerical Analysis and one on Algebra.  Every student from the classes 10 to 12 is eligible to take the Olympiad exam.  The exam is conducted under the supervision of the Mathematics Olympiad Committee of the Kerala State Mathematics Olympiad Association.  The test pattern and syllabus for the Olympiad examination is prepared by the World Federation of National Mathematics Competitions (WFNMC).

The Olympiad is a national level competitive exam conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education, India. It is one of the prestigious positions that prepares candidates for the International Olympiad for children (IOCC) held every 2 years. The Olympiad is an exam that looks for talents in various studies such as Mathematics, Science, Social Science and there are various domains that are covered in the Olympiad exams.

are widely organized for students of classes I to XII. These exams are administered by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF). It is a non-profit organization based in New Delhi. The emphasis is on general knowledge, natural sciences, mathematics, computer science and English. Olympiad exams help to determine a child’s abilities and potential, allowing them to better compete in today’s competitive world. The main purpose of the exam is to motivate students to deepen their understanding of science and improve their analytical, problem-solving and argumentative skills.

What is an Olympic test?

The Olympiad exams administered by the FOS are best suited to test students on a wide range of skills. The main goal of the SOF is to use these Olympiads to identify and train computer science talent, future scientists and technologists at the school level. SOF continues to host various Olympics in India, including:

  • NCO – National Cyber Olympics
  • NSO – National Science Olympiad
  • IEO – International Olympiad of the English Language
  • IOM – International Mathematics Olympiad
  • IGKO – International Olympiad for General Knowledge
  • ICSO – International competition for company secretaries

These exams help students obtain the information they need at the national and international level. This encourages them to work hard and do their best in the exam to get excellent results. At the Olympics, various gold, silver and bronze medals and certificates are awarded to those who have passed at various levels.

Eligibility criteria

Each science Olympiad fund addresses a different group of students. Below is a detailed description of the selection criteria for the various SOF Olympiads.

  • Students in grades I through XII are eligible to participate in the National Science Olympiad.
  • Students in grades I through XII can participate in the National Cyber Olympics
  • Students in grades I through XII are eligible to participate in the International Mathematics Olympiad.
  • Students from classes I to XII are eligible to participate in the International Olympiad of English.
  • Students in grades I through X may participate in the International Cultural Olympiad.
  • Students of classes XI and XII are eligible to participate in the International Company Secretary Competition.

There is an age restriction to sit the Olympiad examinations i.e. only a student who is in school till class XII can sit these examinations. If you are a university student, you cannot take these exams. It is intended for school level only.

How do I register for an Olympiad exam?

All schools registered with the SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation) can organise Olympiad examinations. The prospectus contains a registration form for the Olympiad events managed by the FOS. Schools that are not registered may also apply for registration with the FOS by sending an email to the registered address [email protected] The school must select a coordinating teacher to assist in the development of the student’s plan, as recommended in the FOS prospectus. A copy of all enrollment numbers, as well as the school’s enrollment form and the student application form, will be sent to the Foundation office prior to the deadline for submission of forms. After registration of the requesting school and its students, the FOS forwards the Olympic tasks.

Examination regulations and programme of the Olympiad

If a student knows the exam pattern and syllabus, he or she can pass the exam. It contains a questionnaire divided into several sections. The parts of the exam can be found below The questionnaires are divided into several sections. The following table describes the examination parts and their programs for the different Olympiads.

  1. For the NSO: The program for classes I through X includes:

Section A – Logical Reasoning Section B – Science Section C – Completed Section Class XI and XII Section A: Physics/Chemistry Section B: Section Achiever Section C: Biology or mathematics

  1. IMO:

Section A: Logical thinking Section B: mathematical thinking Section C: Everyday mathematics Section D: Section Achiever

  1. For non-commissioned officers:

Section A: Logical thinking Section B: Computer science and information technology Section C: Section Achiever

  1. For IGKO.

Section A: General awareness Section B: Current affairs Section C: How can the skills Section D: Section Achiever

  1. For the IEO :

Section A: Knowledge of words and structures Section B: Read Section C: Oral and written communication Section D: Section Achiever

  1. For the ICSO :

Section A: Analysis of quantitative thinking Section B: Economy Section C: Trade Section D: Accounts Section E: Section Achiever Assessment scheme

  • NSO: One hour is allowed for completion of the work. It contains multiple choice questions. It contains a total of 35 questions for classes I to IV and 50 questions for classes V to X and XI, XII.
  • IGKO : One hour is allowed for completion of the work. It contains multiple choice questions. It contains 35 questions for classes I to IV and for classes V to X, for a total of 50 questions.
  • ICO: It consists of 50 multiple choice questions. The delay is 1 hour.
  • NCOS: One hour is allowed for completion of the work. It contains multiple choice questions. It contains a total of 35 questions for classes I to IV and 50 questions for classes V to X.
  • IMO: One hour is allowed for completion of the work. It contains multiple choice questions. It contains a total of 35 questions for classes I to IV and 50 questions for classes V to X and XI, XII.
  • MOE: One hour is allowed for completion of the work. It contains multiple choice questions. It contains a total of 35 questions for grades I to IV and 50 questions for grades V to XII.
  • ISSO: One hour is allowed for completion of the work. It contains multiple choice questions. It contains a total of 35 questions for classes III and IV and 50 questions for classes V-X.

Participation fees Olympiad

For the Olympiad examinations, the student has to pay Rs. 150 for each subject of his choice. For example, if a student wants to participate in the International English Olympiad, he has to give only 150 million rupees, and if he wants to participate in both English and science exams, he has to give a sum of 300 million rupees. The school pays 125 lakhs to the SOF organisation concerned and retains 25 lakhs from each registration fee to cover the supervision and organisation costs. The school then sends by post or registered mail the completed application form, the fee for the examination on call, payable in New Delhi, and the list of students to the FOS. It is also possible to make an online transfer via RTGS or NEFT. Check the bank details on the bank’s official website for quick transfers.

Olympic levels and honours

The Olympiad exam consists of 2 levels. Level 2 is only available to students in grade 3 and above. Students receive awards for their outstanding achievements. The first phase will be organised in the school and the second phase in different centres, depending on the decision of the FOS organisation. Many students also receive international awards such as scholarships, certificates and medals. The winners of the zonal competitions will also be designated and will receive medals and diplomas. SOF aims to inspire children to work harder and better to achieve their best in their future.Olympiad certificates are a supreme mark of excellence in Olympiad. It is a great way to prove your intellect and analytical ability. The Olympiad exam is conducted in different parts of the country and different age groups. The Olympiad exam is conducted in premier institutes of India and in international level.. Read more about sof olympiad registration 2020-21 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you qualify for Olympiad?

The Olympiad exam is the national level Olympiad held in the country for the selection of candidates to participate in International Olympiad in Informatics. It is conducted by the Indian National Informatics Olympiad (INDO) Foundation, which is a registered society under the Societies Registration Act (60 of 1860) and acts as the governing body of the Olympiad. It is an annual examination with an objective to promote and promote Informatics as a discipline. It is not every day that a person gets to compete in the Olympics, only to find out that they have been unsuccessful in qualifying for the games. But, it is not always the people who are supposed to qualify for the games who are not able to make it, and it is not always the ones who make it who are the best in the world.

How do I register for Olympiad 2020?

Olympiad is a competitive problem-solving event held for the first time by the International Mathematical Olympiad, which is the largest, most important, and highest profile mathematics competition for students across the world. It has been held every two years since 1982, with the exception of the first year. The Olympiad Exam is organized by the International Mathematical Union for the International Mathematical Union, which is an association of national mathematical associations and mathematical community in the world. The exam is conducted for the top 12400 to top 18000 students of the age group of 16 to 18 years every year. The exam is held in three phases: Preliminary, Semifinal and the Final. Each phase consists of two papers that are of The Olympiad is an examination conducted by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of India (MYS) to identify the skill levels of the Youth and wish to evaluate their capability to compete at international level. The Olympiad is one of the most competitive and toughest exam in India. The program is also known as National Eligibility Test (NET), National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), Pre-Medical Test (PMT) and generally called as Olympiad in India.

How do I register for school for Olympiad exams?

Olympiad is an annual international high school quiz competition held in all parts of the world in Math, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science. The main objective of the Olympiad Exam is to promote research in Science through problem solving. It is the largest interschool quiz competition organized in India. The Olympiad Exam is held for two days, the first in February and the second in June. The Olympiad Examination is conducted in the form of written examination and a Mathematics Olympiad Test. Olympiad Examination is conducted in February and June. Olympiad is organized by the Board of Secondary Education, Tamil Nadu Olympiad is conducted in the month of June every year. The Olympiad is an international high school level competition for the study of Mathematics, and is held in either July, August, or October every year. There are two types of Olympiads: Indian Olympiad and International Olympiad. International Olympiads are held every year for a different country. For India, the Olympiad is held from July to August, after which, the students write the Olympiad paper and participate in the Olympiad examination.

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