What if Mob and Saitama Were One and the Same?

Today I’m going to present you with a theory that may be a bit far-fetched (pardon the pun) that Saitama, hero and main character of the manga and anime One Punch Man and Kageyama Shigeo (AKA Mob for his friends), also the main character of the manga and anime Mob Psycho 100 are actually one and the same character. If the first one is ultra famous, here is the second one on video. 

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Presentation of the characters

First of all I will introduce these two characters for those who don’t know them (ignorant!). One Punch Man is a manga written and drawn by ONE. Released in 2009, the manga is still being published. It relates the adventures of Saitama, a young man of extraordinary strength who destroys any enemy with just one punch (hence the name One Punch Man, CQFD!). The universe of One Punch Man is populated by phantasmagorical creatures, both on the side of the bad guys and the good guys, resulting, as you can imagine, in epic and very badass battles. Our character has only one ambition: to become the greatest superhero in the world, just that. This budding hero, if I may say so, faces a lot of super villains, but [SPOILER ALERT] none of them will defeat the great Saitama. 


The anime One Punch Man will be a huge success when it is released in 2015, propelling it to the top of the most read and watched manga charts of that year.

Now let’s talk about Mob. Mob Psycho 100 is a manga written and drawn by the father of One Punch Man, ONE. The manga was released in 2012 and is still published to this day. This one takes place in a universe where spirits, by which I mean ghosts and psychic powers intermingle in order to tell us the story of the famous Mob. But this Mob, who is he, you might say. Well Kageyama Shigeo, or Mob (go figure) is a schoolboy with a particularity: he has extraordinary psychic abilities, he can bend matter at will, he can see spirits, he can destroy buildings… Anyway, I’m not going to make a precise list of all his abilities, it would only make us even more complex to be simple muggles! The plot revolves mainly around this young boy with fabulous powers, who, between classes, is a ghost hunter in a specialized agency. When Mob is under the weight of intense emotion, he has an overwhelming force that no enemy has ever been able to defeat. The anime was released in 2016 and is currently being published.


Place for theory and its explanation

My theory is that the manga Mob Psycho 100 would relate Saitama’s childhood when he was still Kageyama Shigeo. Explanations!

An obvious resemblance

First of all, the author. As we know, when an author/drawer creates two works in the same register, we often find nods to one or the other in each of the respective works. Just watch The Simpsons and Futurama, or Family Guy and American Dad.

Next comes the physical resemblance of the two characters, Saitama and Mob have exactly the same face with the difference that Mob is hairy. Let’s not forget that before being One Punch Man Saitama was a hairy man ! This is simply due to the fact that the cartoonist is the same, you will tell me, but have you ever seen two cartoons, cartoons or animated films in which the two main characters have exactly the same head? Similarities can be noted in some cases, but when it comes to two potentially unrelated stories, the characters do not resemble each other a priori like twins.

For manga lovers and the most observant, we can see the young Mob reading a manga that seems to be One Punch Man What’s that got to do with it? Well, I think that the manga that Mob reads is not actually One Punch Man but quite different, I think it is this manga about the adventures of a super hero that will inspire the young Mob to become Saitama. It’s this book that will make Mob want to be a superhero.

Secondly, haven’t you ever asked yourself the question: what is Saitama’s last name? I think that to keep his identity a secret and become a real superhero, he decided to use a pseudonym: Saitama.

The thorny issue of strength

Then comes the question that has caused the most ink and saliva to flow about this manga: where does Saitama’s extraordinary strength come from? Well, if you know Mob a little bit, you know his (infinite?) capacities when he’s at 100%. He has an extraordinary strength, both psychic and physical, so I said to myself that with time, Mob had succeeded in mastering this level 100% and had consequently acquired a superhuman strength that allowed him to become One Punch Man. We see in Mob Psycho 100 that Mob joins the weight club of his college in order to become stronger and not rely only on his psychic abilities to survive, and if Mob had managed to develop his musculature, while developing his power? This would explain Saitama’s amazingly muscular body and provide him with the perfect excuse and evidence to justify his extraordinary strength. 


Another recurring question: what training makes a person lose all their hair? Well unless you’re practicing pulling a truck with your hair, none! Saitama v2 and Saitama Kawaru, two fans who have decided to follow Saitama’s training to the letter, have proved to us that there is no baldness or instant hair loss to report. My explanation for this phenomenon is simple: while training, Saitama also had to train his cerebral capacities, two hypotheses are therefore open to us:

1. He would have lost his hair by using too many of his psychic powers…

2. He would have voluntarily cut his hair in order to better use his powers, which may be hindering him, such as when a brain scan or a surgical operation is required in this area.

We know that Mob doesn’t want to misuse his abilities, and even represses them. By becoming a superhero he would have found the perfect way to use his talents. This fits in perfectly with Saitama’s motives. This would also explain why in the past Saitama did not use his powers, perhaps a serious event took place in his youth and he decided to simply live a simple life without power, until the day he met the Crab Man…

Very little is known about Saitama’s past, so I think my theory holds true, it’s up to you to judge!

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