What I learned after going from O Gambit Rank Points this season to Resetting Rank Twice this weekend.

I’m here to explain the “pros and cons” of changing your rank, what I expect is going to happen this season, as well as how you can prepare for it. The reset has already happened on solo queue so now its time for ranked teams!

Gambit Rank Points is a system that was introduced by the Gambit Esports organization. Resetting Rank Twice this weekend, I learned what I can do to improve my chances of reaching higher ranks. Read more in detail here: gambit rank calculator .

destiny2 1 - What I learned after going from O Gambit Rank Points this season to Resetting Rank Twice this weekend.

Man Gambit is terrible, particularly now that the Heavy modifications have been implemented. But, for the double boost this week, I sat down and performed it, mostly as a Titan, but also as a Hunter.

  • Glaives are excellent at ad-clear, and they have a role in Gambit. That said, be cautious, since you’ll be attempting to melee an opponent as another teammate kills the same Ad, sending you flying across the floor, where you’ll crash into a wall and die, losing all your “Misadventure” motes. Looking forward to the modifications that will take place next season to help them feel better.
  • Allow your Hunter teammate to invade if you’re not playing Hunter; otherwise, go for it. With the TTK so low, void invisibility is quite powerful; players search for that distinctive red glow on initial scan.
  • Specimen Specimen Specimen Specimen Specimen It’s quite self-explanatory, and it’s useful throughout the game.
  • Remember the location of the previous Ad-spawn or Envoy spawn. With how rapidly things melt and invaders get easy value, it’s critical that you obtain as much time as possible for monster damage. If you know your team can wipe away the final amount of monster damage or advertisements for motes, you may predict where to go for envoy spawns or ad-spawns in the third region.
  • Knights are a bit of a cliche. When I have a glaive, I’m pleased to see a knight since it’s simple to erase them from the bank, but the Taken phalanx refusing to take damage with the shield and blowing people back is a true pain. Pushes on any Knights your teammates may drop are slowed significantly by Goblins.
  • Keep Skyburner’s Oath with you at all times. It’s quite effective in gaining an advantage in any Cabal battles you encounter.
  • The afk-kick timing should be overhauled. This isn’t a crucible game; this is Gambit Prime, a Great Value brand. The other three players don’t want to wait until the opposition team has banked 80 motes to know their fourth member has been waiting in spawn for far too long. I get that people become sidetracked, but the game pace is just too quick for this to work.
  • Gjallarhorn detracts from the game’s enjoyment. Fixing the continuing Heavy ammunition problem would be a huge assist, but if nothing else, the tracking on Wolfpack rounds against player characters has to be adjusted immediately. Although you can dodge the first rocket tracking, not possessing invisibility to avoid the Wolfpack rounds should not be considered a death sentence. I don’t blame people for utilizing it; I just wish the gun wasn’t decreasing the community’s IQ in every playlist activity; I truly hope whatever modifications they have planned for the future fix this being a barrier for people joining the playlist.
  • Anything’s best not to take it too seriously. In this gamemode, there’s a lot of RNG, especially with Ad-decisions, invader spawn sites, randomly dying to mishaps, and the game determining where to spawn a High Value target. It’s not worth getting worked up over. Regardless matter how many times you’re concentrating on an envoy and the game decides to spawn the invader with the Gjally 10 feet away from you, try to have fun.
  • The unique Titan glaive is particularly effective against obnoxious intruders. Because the bubble lasts a long time I place it on the bank and attack the invaders while my colleagues hide or off-angle them.

I hope that any information I provide here is useful to my fellow masochists who are attempting to get the Serpentine Ornament. Best of luck!

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For the game Destiny 2, write “What I learnt from going from O Gambit Rank Points this season to Resetting Rank Twice this weekend.”

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