“What Happened to Kate Kane?”

The first part of season 2 ofis over, and we’re still dealing with the loss of Ruby Rose. She has brought a unique and stoic perspective to the role of impertinence. That said, we’re interested in the new Batwoman, Ryan Wilder. How will she fare as the current bat of Gotham? Let’s see!

Well, let’s see.

Emergency plan

Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie), a young woman living in her van, witnesses a plane crash not far from where she parks. Although she suffers from the memories of losing her mother, she tries to help those she can find in the burning wreckage. Meanwhile, Mary (Nicole Kang) and Luke (Camrus Johnson) try to track down Kate, who is expected to return from National City and was apparently on the same plane. Ryan, finding the batting suit, confirmed it. However, they deny that Kate could be dead.


File in cabinet

Ryan, just out of prison, is having trouble finding housing and a job. The cycle is very real and can be found in the real world. We felt it was important and certainly instructive, not only for prison reform, but also for African-American women struggling to build their lives and confront racism and sexism.

Are you trying to disguise yourself as a bat? This is as bad as Robin stealing Batman’s Batmobile forever. His attempt to use the suit only makes Luke hope that Kate is still alive. Talk about depression. When she and Mary meet Ryan in the sewers, she tells them she won’t give up the suit, in a heavy monologue that reflects the many ordinary and combative obstacles like hers that don’t usually come with a wealthy lifestyle. More importantly, she wants justice for her mother, who died at the hands of Alice’s thugs, and perhaps justice for those who have been where she is: homeless, unemployed, hopeless.

Searching for Kate

With so many unresolved issues between Kate, Alice and Jacob, it’s important to find them. He staggers when an impromptu Bruce Wayne shows up. Of course, we know it was Tommy Elliott who gave Bruce his facelift at the end of last season. But Alice gives him a job, and he starts to push him away by giving in too much to what he always wanted to be. It was never just a desire for what Bruce has. It was outrageous that he wanted to be Bruce, and his wish was granted. Too bad Julia (Christina Wolfe) recognizes him right away.


Alice (Rachel Skarsten) freaked out and became the most interesting part of the episode. His original plan with Kate is completely derailed, and Tommy is ready to leave her for this new life. Jacob (Dougray Scott) – no. When Alice confronts him, she confirms that Kate really was Batman, nearly destroyed him, and then let him simmer inside her. It’s an emotional, gaping wound.

History seems to be repeating itself for walking sticks, and Mary doesn’t have it. Kate’s search becomes a rescue mission similar to what Jacob did for Beth a few years ago Sophie (Meagan Tandy) and Julia fear that Safiya, the mysterious big bad that Alice and Julia have been dealing with, has something to do with the disappearance. After all, Kate’s body is still missing.

Combo Battery Stroke

He’s wearing a suit! While Ryan has a chance to shine and fight, Tommy is ready to shoot. After trapping Luke, he goes after the suit in the Batmobile. It’s hard to believe that Ryan’s shaky van can stand up to that, but it doesn’t. Fortunately, Luke hacks the Batmobile and grabs Tommy.

Confronting Tommy puts Ryan to the test in so many ways. From their combat skills to their intelligence. At the end, she defeats Tommy impressively, even violently. It even loses its newly acquired face. This is not without its consequences. Ryan was killed with the kryptonite that was supposed to kill Kate. If Ryan survives, it seems to poison him, which could lead to a history arc for an entire season. Is this wound going to kill Ryan or maybe turn him into something else entirely? As we’ve known since Smallville, kryptonite can give you strength.


Although Ryan’s struggle is intense, she can handle it. Luke still only sees Kate as Batman, and so do we. Although Ruby Rose is no longer among us, this episode still leaves many questions unanswered, especially with the new big bad, Safiya, claiming Kate’s death in a plane crash. But, uh… Is Kate really dead? Or did she use the opportunity to fake her death? Was she forced to do it because she was threatened? Personally, we can’t believe Kate is dead.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Kate Kane leave Batman?

Rose points out that her decision to leave the superhero series wasn’t just due to injury. It wasn’t so much [the injury], mainly because afterwards we couldn’t finish the final because of COVID, she says. … I think she really knows what she’s doing and looks fantastic, says Rose.

Kate Kane is dead?

Again: Kate Kane isn’t dead.

What happened to the Batman series?

Season 1 of Batman was interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic CW resumed the series for 22 episodes, but due to a virus, it only ended with episode 20. Since Batwoman had already been renewed for a second season, fans were hoping the series would end the abandoned story as soon as it returned.

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