What are the new guidelines for hairdressers and when can they be reopened?

Hairdressers have been instructed to restrict their calls when the salons reopen (Photo: Getty Images / iStockphoto).

The threat level of the coronavirus in the UK was officially reduced this week from level four to level three, which means that although there is still a generalised outbreak, transmission and infection rates are not high.

Months after the initial announcement of the blockade, stores began to reopen after a 20% drop in gross domestic product (GDP) to stimulate the economy.

Still, hairdressers aren’t quite ready to follow the shopkeepers and reopen safely – but don’t worry, you don’t have to try another disastrous haircut for the do-it-yourself store.

When will the hairdressing salons reopen and what are the new recommendations?

When will the hairdressing salons reopen?

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Although many non-essential retailers started their work on Monday the 15th. In June hairdressers and stylists can’t get back to work before 4pm. July can start their work.

Indeed, the opening of places such as hairdressing and beauty salons is part of the third phase of the government to ease restrictions on the coronavirus blockade.

Under these circumstances it is more difficult to maintain a social distance, so more agreements have to be made before they can open up.

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What are the new recommendations for hairdressers after a suspension?

Although some of the new rules and instructions have not yet been finalised, it is known that chatting with hairdressers is kept to a minimum.

This comes from the National Hair and Beauty Federation (NHBF), which has been a member since the 4th year of its existence. July has published useful guides for the opening of the Salons.

In addition to the NHBF members who advise to minimize conversations to protect employees and customers, hairdressers advise to avoid personal conversations with customers. Discussions about the cut, colour and finish should be conducted through the mirror, stand behind the customer and be kept to a minimum.

You can reduce the risk of infection by standing or sitting sideways rather than face to face with people. Consider offering online tips to reduce meeting time, says the NHBF.

Customers are also advised not to wear coats or coats to the hairdresser when the weather is good, as it is thought that the virus may remain on the fabric for a few days.

This is because the NHBF has urged the government to make new recommendations for reopening hair and beauty salons, as it will take time before the salons reopen to incorporate all the recommended safety measures.

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In a letter to the Secretary of State for Alok Sharma Affairs, the NWHF expressed its disappointment that, despite a real sense of progress, no formal instructions have yet been given.

In a letter to the NHBF, CEO Hillary Hall said the continuing delay in issuing these recommendations is causing growing frustration, preventing hairdressers, beauty salons and hairdressers from fully preparing to reopen their businesses, staff and customers.

She went on to say: Salons and hairdressers haven’t been able to do business for several months. In order to make a financial investment in PPE, they therefore need to be sure that they are buying the right materials and they need sufficient time to purchase them.

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