Who doesn’t love cleanliness, especially, when it comes to workplace? Various services are offered by the office cleaning or facilities management companies. Consider, if you are working in an IT firm, your organization would like to hire engineers etc. but would certainly look at outsourcing the office cleanliness to a company which provides services as such.

The health, safety and cleanliness are always of an utmost importance in corporates due to shared workstations or shared desk cultures. This brings the office cleaning companies and the services provided by them in action.

Currently, the market size of the organized sector of cleaning companies is estimated to be somewhat closer to USD 15 billion with an approx. of 3000 million square feet. of area under maintenance.

A wide range of services offered by Stockholms Allstäd are can be categorized into:

1. Soft Services

• Housekeeping – This will include various professional services generally required on an ongoing /daily basis such as cleaning, laundry, cooking, and running errands.

• Pantry Services – As an extension of the kitchen, the place needs trained staff to manage the cleanliness and hygiene. These staff members are trained to handle senior management of the company with their pantry requirements and setting up pantry areas for meetings, conferences, and events.

• Waste Management – Collection, transportation, disposal, or recycling and monitoring of waste in a highly organized and environment-friendly manner.

• Warehouse Management – Controlling daily operations of a warehouse, such as the shipping, stocking, labelling, receiving, put-away, and picking of goods.

• Pest Management Services – Pest, Rodent, Birds, Termite, Mosquitos control is all covered taken care off by these staff members

• Guest House Management – Handling bookings, dealing with customers, and arranging for housekeeping.

• Landscaping – Making gardens, common areas, or other pieces of land attractive by arranging the existing design, adding ornamental features, and planting trees and shrubs.

• Project Cleaning – Any specific project or projects assigned by the organization like removal of plastic from the office compound, Fumigation, etc.

2. Technical Services

• Operation & Maintenance – Daily operations can include, normal repairs, replacement of parts and structural components to maintain or to preserve an asset

• Mechanical, Electrical & HVAC – Services related to the aspect of building design. HVAC means Heating, ventilation and air conditioning and even building mechanical system etc.

• Plumbing & Carpentry – Drain and sewer cleanings, fixture repairs, water supply, etc are included in plumbing services whereas cutting, shaping, installation and maintenance of wooden fixtures is a part of Carpentry services.

• Fire & Safety Systems – The companies even offer services for controlling and maintaining Fire and Safety systems installed within the buildings to create a safer environment for employees.

3. Specialized Cleaning Services

Office cleaning companies extend their services apart from technical and soft services to even services like:

  • Carpet & Floor Care: Gone are the days when you’d see the floors being wiped or sweeped with a broom, vacuum cleaning is in the trend with carpets being used as floor in various multinationals or other organizations.
  • Car Interior-Exterior Cleaning: An extension of privileged services generally offered to senior executives in the management of cleaning their cars while they arrive or leave from work.
  • Spring / Deep Cleaning:

All companies have been planning to keep the health and hygiene as a top priority over the years and hence the role of office cleaning companies becomes even crucial to ensure that the workplaces are sanitized, cleaned, fumigated and disinfected from time-to-time. They know that the cost of any slips could be much larger and dangerous for both the employees and the business.

Besides corporates, Cleaning and Facility management companies have seen a huge surge in demands for professional cleaning services from restaurants, Hotels, Cinema Halls, large residential complexes, schools and colleges, and Resident Welfare Associations.

In nutshell, all we want is to be safe whether at work or at home.

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