What Are the Best Soccer Games on Android? Discover Our Selection

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Soccer games for Android are numerous on the Play Store Some of them are excellent, offering both realistic and technically impressive graphics and gameplay that provides a feel close to the sport they are inspired by. Others are much less interesting even though they may appear attractive at first glance. One thing is certain: whether they are portals of famous franchises or unreleased titles, they are not all the same. Discover the top 10 best football games for Android.

Football games are a genre in their own right. Football is such a popular sport that many people are willing to buy a game console just to play the latest FIFA or PES. Year after year, football games are getting more and more refined to offer ever more complete and realistic simulations. Smartphones are not to be outdone, and there are some great football games on the Android Play Store. Here is our selection of the top 10.

Football Manager Mobile 2020

Year after year, Football Manager confirms its status as the best football club coach simulation in the world. Discover the future nugget in your training school. Recruit international stars or rising stars in 60 leagues and 21 countries. Develop new game techniques by taking advantage of your players’ strengths.

Even if the changes made in the 2020 version (overhaul of theyoung player promotion system, creation of reserve teams, overhaul of the media system, new interface) are not revolutionary, they do bring a little freshness to the license that fans will appreciate. Its price n’t change 10 euros.

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FIFA Mobile

FIFA by Electronic Arts is one of the two references for football simulation on console and PC. On smartphone, the series continues to be animated by two series : FIFA Mobile and FIFA Ultimate Team The first one is , a declination of the very classical football game, but very efficient. Players develop their team, train their players and participate in matches. The tactile controls have been refined over the years and offer a qualitative grip.

Many players, many leagues and many events are offered throughout each season. And it is also possible to challenge a friend’s team. FIFA Mobile is a freemium game with paid options to buy player draws, the largest of which are also the rarest.

Score! Hero

In Score! Hero, the player does not control a complete team, but embodies a young professional footballer in search of glory. In order to become one of the world’s biggest stars, the character will have to complete over 200 levels, each with its own challenge. There is also an online multiplayer mode and a world ranking system. The graphics are impressive, and the game is rated 4.7/5 on the Play Store.

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eFootball PES 2020

eFootball PES 2020 to FIFA Mobile what Pro Evolution Soccer is to FIFA: its best competitor. It offers a relatively similar experience with a few small modifications to distinguish between the two. In eFootball PES 2020 you will naturally find team management, training and game tactics. You play the games live with touch controls.

The graphics are licked, maybe even a little more than at the American competitor. Hundreds of players are available, distributed according to their position on the field, their strength and their rarity. Each match earns you points (either in silver or in myclubcoin) that allow you to search for new talents or sign world stars. Of course you don’t choose: it’s a draw.

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Top Eleven 2020

Top Eleven 2020 is the latest version of the Nordeus studio’s football club simulation series. The goal is always the same. First, create a team from scratch with young recruits. Make them evolve and train them. Create and manage field strategies by modifying positioning and ball calls. Participate in matches and tournaments. Grow the club, the stadium and the fan base. Break the piggy bank by recruiting a world superstar. And eventually win the Champions League.

While the basis of the game is single-player, Top Eleven 2020 features multiplayer, with numerous tournaments between coaches and cooperative multi-team modes. This is a very complete simulation, which improves over time. Its Business model is freemium, like many other mobile games, with paid options that are used, in particular (but not only) to play matches more quickly.

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Dream League Soccer

In Dream League Soccer, the player acts as the manager of his Dream FCteam, but also controls the players in real time during matches. The gameplay is similar to FIFA’s career mode, but without the player contracts and club transfers. Player prices are based on the level of each player. It is possible to raise money by winning games, achieving successes, or watching commercials.

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Score! World Goals

Score! World Goals offers an atypical concept and impressive graphics. The goal of the game is to reproduce the most beautiful goals in the history of football. The player will have to imitate Di Maria’s legendary passes to Ronaldo, for example, or the teamwork of Messi and Xavi in midfield. For each goal, the player receives a number of stars according to his performance. These stars can then be used as currency to buy new game packs each containing 20 goals and three difficulty levels.

Download Score’s APK! World Goals on APKMirror

Head Soccer LaLiga 2019

This quirky football game plays the humorous card, with cartoon graphics and characters that caricature the players of the Spanish LaLiga. This is a 2D game, offering one-on-one confrontations. The player must protect his side and attack the opponent’s side simultaneously. Thus, the game is more akin to a fighting game than a real football game. It is possible to play solo or compete against other players from all over the world on the internet.

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PES Club Manager

Before launching PES on Android, rather than proposing an adaptation of the PC / console version of PES, Konami chose to offer a management game on Android. PES Club Manager offers the player the opportunity to develop his team by choosing from more than 5000 real players. The user will have to train his players in order to improve their various statistics. The ultimate goal, of course, is to become the best club in the world.

Final Kick

Final Kick is a game developed by Ivanovich Games in which the player must only shoot penalties or stop the opponent’s penalties by controlling the goalkeeper. More than 20 offline tournaments are offered, but the real interest of the title lies in its multiplayer mode. It is possible to customize your team, and the game is very addictive. If your favourite thing in football is scoring goals, Final Kick is for you.

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