What Are the Best Movies and Series on Amazon Prime Video Right Now?

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video now offers choice in movies and series. What are the must-haves of the distribution platform? Here are our recommendations, classified by category.

Every month, the Amazon Prime Video platform welcomes new content. Today, despite a still dusty interface, Netflix’s rival, which has 150 million subscribers has thousands of hours of entertainment to offer. But how do you sort out what you absolutely must see and what could be a waste of time? We’ll help you see more clearly.

We have broken down our selection into several genres that we think are relevant. For each one, we have chosen a series and a film to satisfy all your desires of canap’ evenings. These recommendations are subject to change as the Amazon Prime Video catalogue evolves (some programmes eventually disappear).

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Amazon Prime Video

Feel Good

Series: This is Us

Focusing on members of the same family with the particularity of being born on the same day, the This is Us series surprises by the moving simplicity of the plots it shares. That’s what makes her success: rather than forcing her features, she tries to hang up the spectators to situations that could happen to anyone. Between joys and misfortunes. Between laughter and tears. We’ll let ourselves be carried away.

Movie: Top Gun

Guilty Pleasure, Top Gun? Definitely. But still, the film by the late Tony Scott – Ridley’s brother – gave rise to certain vocations among teenagers (who all wanted to look like Maverick and become fighter pilots). Worn by a Tom Cruise in sex symbol mode, Top Gun looks like a harmless nanard. He has everything to be loved and we look forward to the rest.

PS: we see you singing Take my Breath Away in the shower.


Series: Clear

Series that deal with transidentity issues are not commonplace – let alone those that do so with accuracy, humility and success. Overhead is one of those. He follows a transgender mother in her daily life, with her doubts and joys. Jill Soloway signs a series on the touching family, masterfully interpreted and directed.

Movie: I met the devil

A secret agent watches helplessly as his pregnant fiancée is murdered over the phone. Determined to track down the killer, he will gradually turn into the monster he is hunting, using questionable methods of torture. Under these airs of revenge film as we have seen so many, I met the devil reveals a melancholic darkness embodied wonderfully by the Korean actor star Lee Byung-hun.


Series: Friday Night Lights

Produced by Peter Berg, Friday Night Lights follows the daily life of a high school football team in Texas. You don’t need to know the rules of sport to appreciate this series, which is much more interested in the complicated relationships that punctuate the lives of students who are caught between their dreams and their disillusions. Not to mention the fact that she has given birth to many stars, such as Taylor Kitsch and Michael B. Jordan. Friday Night Lightsis five emotional seasons.

Movie: American History X

American History X is certainly one of the most striking films of the 1990s, showing racism with unprecedented and raw violence. In 2020, humanity is far from having learned tolerance and deserves a reminder.


Series: The Office

You feel like laughing your head off? Immerse yourself in the daily life of Dunder-Mifflin Paper, where comedy actor Steve Carrell plays the boss in a fake documentary about the life of his company. An exaggerated photograph of what we experience in the office (except at Humanoid), fed by endearing characters, The Office is a real breath of fresh air.

Movie: The Big Lebowski

In 1998, we celebrated Les Bleus’ victory in the world cup And we also watched in loop The Big Lebowski, the Coen brothers’ humorous climax in which a lazy man nicknamed the Duke is taken for a millionaire by thugs. The result is a series of situations, each one crazier than the next, centered on a loser who is angry because someone has urinated on his carpet. There are some battles that really deserve to be fought.


Series: The Boys

The Amazon punch series. While Disney has never raised as much money as with its Marvel Cinematic Universe the platform adapts the irreverent comic book The Boys. The result is an acidic, bloody, sometimes shocking… Do you hate superheroes? You’ll like The Boys, which turns them into image-conscious hillbillies, like vulgar marketing products of a sick company turned cynical. Can’t wait for season 2.

  • To be read : Our review of The Boys

Movie: Heat

If people were looking forward to The Irishman, it was because a few years earlier there had already been a meeting between Robert De Niro and Al Pacino – two monuments of the Seventh Art. It was for Heat, where Michael Mann confronts a cop – Al Pacino, obsessed – and a thug – Robert De Niro, disillusioned – in the streets of Los Angeles For almost three hours, we watch the cat and mouse game, until the meeting, cult. Never really equalled, Heat later became a source of inspiration.

Science fiction

Series: The Expanse

Cancelled by SyFy, The Expanse was saved by Amazon Prime Video for a season 4 consecration. Season 5 is already confirmed. In this future, humanity has colonized space, from Mars to the asteroid belt. Far from being a utopia, this configuration has led to deep divisions. Between high-flying political-diplomatic stakes, a solid scientific odyssey and sublime special effects, The Expanse is quite simply in the pantheon of the greatest science-fiction series.

  • To be read : Our review of season 4 of The Expanse

Movie: Minority Report

Adapted from a novel by Philip K. Dick considered the father of the founding principles of contemporary SF, Minority Report anticipates a near future where crimes could be stopped before they are committed. All goes well until a conspiracy involving the hero played by Tom Cruise is revealed. Excellent entertainment by Steven Spielberg

The must-haves at the beginning of 2020

Series: Undone

Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Kate Purdy, respectively creator and producer of BoJack Horseman, completely change universes with Undone. This is an animated series using the principle of rotoscopy (which uses real shots to reproduce them in animation, which gives a comic book side). In addition to the aesthetic distinction already seen in the film A Scanner Darkly, Undone is brilliant and captivating in the background. Where a young woman surviving an accident develops a new relationship with time.

Movie: Fight Club

Unclassifiable, Fight Club combines Edward Norton and Brad Pitt in a summit of self-destruction. Where a person with a dual personality gradually sinks into an anarchic delirium to the sound of the Pixies. A real plastic trip as perfect as Brad Pitt’s abs, Fight Club is a must-see and you have to see it to be able to talk about it in the evening.


Super Size Me

A daring man takes on a dangerous challenge: for 30 days, under the supervision of three doctors, he will only eat at McDonald’s to see the impact of these products on his health. It will take him several months to recover. Either that or it’s something to be permanently disgusted with fast food.




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