What are the best long sleeve hiking shirt for hot weather [2020 update]

best long sleeve warm weather walking t-shirt

I think you’ll agree with me when I say…

It is really annoying to walk in hot weather with this very sweaty and pale skin, which is known to cause a rapid and weak pulse, muscle weakness, fatigue, etc..

It has been shown that the use of a long-sleeved shirt can significantly reduce the effects of heat on the body while walking, as it provides greater coverage in combination with the sun protection factor and other factors.

In today’s post I will show you the best long sleeve shirts to help you achieve these factors.

Here is a list of the best long-sleeved hiking shirts for warm weather

Colombia Tami with long sleeves

Columbia silver long sleeve comb

Men with long sleeves

Hanes T-shirt for adults

Denali Performance long sleeve


Let’s start with the obvious.

  • Reduces excessive sweating, which can lead to fainting.
  • For better protection against the sun.
  • Protection against the eruption of sand and thorny bushes.
  • Protection against scratches when passing rocks.
  • It easily turns into a short sleeve when it’s sunk.
  • You can easily combine a long-sleeved shirt with shorts, trousers or jeans, etc.


When looking for a good long arm for a walk in warm weather, you should first pay attention to a few specific criteria.

The shirts you choose must meet these requirements so that you know you have your money.

UV protection factor

First of all, UPF. It’s a curse on everything. There’s no other reason to look for long sleeves in hot weather than this one.

The UV protection factor alone does not protect against the sun’s rays, but determines the ratio of sunburn caused by UV rays.

The UPF rating increases from 15 to 50+, which means that the blocked UV radiation also increases from 93.3 to 98+.

In tests carried out in consumer reports they have stated that protective fabrics are generally classified as UPF 30.

So it’s a number or a higher number you need to know.


All warm weather conditions, including these, must be made of materials that are breathable (the ability to remove water vapour from the body through the material). It should be easy.

The material must be flexible enough not to restrict movement. This means that the material must also be expandable so that it can be adjusted when it is moved.

High-tech polyester is one of the materials that make this possible. Avoid cotton!

The situation is different if the material has antimicrobial properties.

An antimicrobial substance is a substance that kills microorganisms or stops their growth.

Without that, the shirt is dirty, which causes odors when used.

The thickness of the lining is also affected.


It’s already been determined that you should have a long sleeve.

In addition, the long sleeve provides extra protection and an extra layer of protection for your hands when the sun’s rays touch you. It’s called blinds.

The only limitation is whether you want a long-sleeved shirt, i.e. a T-shirt (collar that protects the neck) or a button at the front with pockets.

Cooling characteristics

This has already been included in the section on materials when we talked about breathability, and so on.

For clothing in hot weather, however, there is a technology called Cooling Compound.

In 2012 the first cooling jacket lowering the body temperature was produced. When sweat evaporates, it draws heat from the body. The moisture in the fabric facilitates this process by spreading the sweat evenly over the fabric, so that it dries faster.


Colombia Tamiami II Long Sleeve

This shirt is custom made with Omni-Shade. Omni-Shade is a sunscreen that uses the body’s natural cooling process to evaporate sweat around the body instead of the usual coolants.

It has a UPF 40, which means that one fortieth of the sun’s UV rays hit the skin, which also means that the radiation entering the tissues is very low.

In addition to the Omni-Shade, it also has an Omni-Wick, which dries the fabric (polyester) quickly, makes it extremely light and keeps the skin fresh.

The fabric is antimicrobially treated and covered with a roll covering.

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  • Sun protection UPF 40
  • Fast drying with antimicrobial properties
  • Good air permeability
  • You can pick her up on the road and leave her.
  • Bright colors, so stains are easy to see.
  • Beware of misinformation about the size.

Columbia silver long-sleeve comb

This shirt is made of polyester fabric. In addition, it is equipped with a wicking technology that draws moisture from the body, resulting in rapid evaporation of sweat.

The collar, like others, can be pulled up for extra protection against UV rays. UPF 40/50.

Antimicrobial therapy is also used.

  • It dries quickly.
  • Ultra-light
  • Very good air permeability

Men with long sleeves

The fabric is mainly made of nylon (which is important because of its elasticity, resistance to moulds, strength, etc.).

The sun protection factor is maintained up to about 40 washes, i.e. UPF 30.

This shirt has a very loose fit, which makes it very comfortable.

Just like the Columbia Silver Ridge, it has a sun collar for extra protection against UV rays.

  • It’s very simple.
  • Absolutely comfortable.
  • Dries quickly and stays calm.
  • It’s transparent.
  • Quality problem

It has a UPF 50+, which means that one 50th of the sun’s rays touch the skin. It also means that at least 97.5 to 98+% of UV radiation is blocked when the shirt is exposed to the sun.

The fabric is 100% polyester, which, as you already know, is perfect for hiking in warm weather.

  • It dries very quickly.
  • Precise dimensioning
  • Low prices
  • Made of a very thin material

Denali Performance long sleeve

She’s got a UPF 50+. I think you already know what that means.

And all the other things we’ve been talking about ever since: the humidification system, the antimicrobial properties, the tracking technology.

Another noteworthy case is the seal of approval of the International Melanoma Foundation.

The International Melanoma Foundation is an organisation that promotes the treatment of melanoma (malignant skin cancer).

Therefore, any product containing gaskets should be thoroughly tested in an independent laboratory and proven effective in preventing sun damage to the skin.

  • Very strong.
  • Comfortable
  • The best UV protection
  • Fashion is boring
  • This is not what you want.

The importance of wearing a long sleeve in warm weather cannot be overemphasised.

It is extremely important that you feel fresh and comfortable.

The ball is now in your court. Choose from the list of long-sleeved shirts we have highlighted for you.

Personally, I love the Colombian Tamiami II.

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