What Are the Best 4k and Hdr Tvs of 65 Inches and Above in 2020?

After our guides for 43, 50 and 55 inch TVs, here are our recommendations for diagonals of 65 inches and more. It’s time to think big.

We are finishing our series of guides to buy the best 4K / HDR TVs of the moment. After the 43, 50 and 55-inch models, we are now looking at TVs of 65 inches and up. These are the models you need to best immerse yourself in your movies, series or video games Careful, give yourself some space. And also your wallet, the large models are logically the most expensive.

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LG OLED65C9: our recommendation

The top-of-the-range models are often available in 55, 65, and sometimes even 77 inch versions. So it’s no surprise that our 55 and 65 inch guides share several models like the LG OLED65C9. This is the best balance for an OLED TV today, and logically the one we recommend.


The latter omits a few refinements, mainly in the audio area. The television does not come with a sound bar but only has two small 10W speakers, supported by a 20W subwoofer. These “C” models, on the other hand, offer a higher quality image processing processor than the “B” models. Its technical obsolescence will therefore come later. When you invest a large amount of money in a television set, it’s best to enjoy it for a long time Of course it supports HDR10+ and Dolby Vision but also AirPlay 2, Alexa and Google Assistant The whole thing runs under WebOS.

This image processor is called Alpha9, and it is the second generation. LG likes to say he’s enhanced with Artificial Intelligence. Capable of adjusting certain settings to suit the situation. OLED obliges, you will always enjoy an infinite or almost infinite contrast, the C9 also offers a simply perfect color rendering. It has the advantage of being particularly good for video games with a very low input lag. This is mainly due to the responsiveness of OLED technology, but also to LG’s optimizations. Anyway, if you had to pick just one, it would be this one.

Why choose the LG OLED65C9

If you are willing to make some concessions, you can also opt for the LG 65B9 offered for about 250 euros less.

Panasonic 65GZ2000: great luxury and perfect for cinema

If LG’s 65C9 is obviously a high-flying TV, Panasonic goes even higher with the 65GZ2000. It’s simply the best on the market: combining both image quality and audio quality by integrating a Technics adjusted system with a power of 140W. So much so that you can dispense with the need for a dedicated sound bar like the LG “Signature” models.

Panasonic 65GZ2000

That’s the primary interest of this Panasonic TV, but not the only one. Not surprisingly, the firm signs a flawless image, thanks to an OLED slab reworked by the Japanese company in order to adhere as closely as possible to the calibrations used by film professionals. In other words, it is a television set that will delight fans of the 7th art, the presence of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos is consistent with this desire. TV also supports HDR10+ and HLG, an HDR standard that is expected to become more and more popular on TV.

Panasonic adds all the other refinements you’d expect to find on such high-end products, including Google and Amazon voice wizards and all the necessary connectivity. This compendium of technologies is necessarily negotiated at a high price. When you love, you don’t count.

Why choose the Panasonic 65GZ2000?

  • Simply the best TV on the market
  • Calibrations designed for the cinema…
  • …and the audio that goes with it…

Samsung UE65RU7025 : Large screen, small price

Finding large TVs at a low price is not always easy, but there are solutions. In this category, you can turn to Samsung, which manages to offer TVs of decent quality at a fairly low price. This is notably the case of the Samsung UE65RU7025, which is generally found under 700 euros while offering a 4K and HDR10+ compatible panel.

Samsung UE65RU7025

But that’s about all you’re going to have to put your teeth into. The TV goes to the essentials, but it remains “connected”. He will thus be able to access the Internet, but also takes advantage of the Tyzen operating system and its interface, which is even more pleasant than the silly menus of a TV beast.

It also has 3 HDMI connectors, which will allow you to connect your boxes, your console, and an additional accessory without difficulty. For the sound, you will have to rely on two speakers for a total of 20W. Sufficient for everyday use, and in line with the tariff positioning.

Why choose the Samsung UE65RU7025?

  • A big TV at a small price
  • All in simplicity
  • But with Tyzen OS for more comfort

Samsung QE98Q950R 8K: if you don’t know what to do with your money

Do you live in a very big house? Forget the ridiculously small 65-inch screens, take a diagonal that measures up to your fortune: 98 inches. This is what Samsung offers with its QE98Q950R, far too big to be satisfied with the 4K, it adopts a QLED 8K panel. There is currently no content available in this definition, but at least you will have it. Count a little less than 70,000 euros.

Why choose the Samsung QE98Q950R 8K?

  • To get the biggest

Some tips for enjoying your 65-inch TV

65-inch TV: how much recoil do I need?

When it comes to television sets, there is a simple rule for estimating the necessary recoil: 4.5 cm per inch. So that gives us 292 centimeters of recoil. It may be rounded up to three metres. This distance should allow you to immerse yourself well in your contents while limiting eye fatigue. Of course, you can adapt this according to your preferences.

How do I estimate the diagonal I need?

By applying the 4.5 cm per inch rule, it is also fairly easy to determine the diagonal you need for your interior. It makes sense: the further back you go, the more you have to go for a large diagonal. With 1.80 metres, go for 43 inches; with 2.25 metres, go for 50 inches; with 2.50 metres, go for 55 inches; and finally with 3 metres or more, go for 65 inches and beyond.

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How did we make this selection?

FrAndroid has been following the new technologies industry for many years. We have based our selection primarily on our personal experience with the products. Although not all products have been properly tested, we have generally had the opportunity to use them in a personal or professional setting. If this is not the case, we make our choices by consulting colleagues or user reviews.

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