In this 21st century, technologies are changing day by day, and one technology that has impacted our generation the most is online streaming services and apps. Streaming services have changed the way we used to see the media back then. There are currently many companies such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney, Amazon Prime which provides us with an online streaming service At an earlier time if we had to watch something then either we had to go to cinema halls or theatres or one more thing we could have done was waiting for the episode or movie that we were willing to watch is to get broadcast on our television.

One interesting thing about Online streaming services like hbo is they looking for long term goals. They are spending a lot of money more than what is asked for buying new content for their application so that after few years they have so much content that they don’t need to spend much every year.

Benefits of Streaming Services

Using online streaming services have lots of benefits such as live announcement, online classes, religious services, products and service promotions, and many other facilities too. Such as

  • High-Quality stream
  • Wider Audience
  • Rich Content
  • Downloadable
  • Instant Access
  • Customer Support
  1. High-Quality streaming: When we watch something on our television the broadcasting quality from the provider is not that good. This is because we don’t have the latest Tv or haven’t selected the HD plans because we have to pay a lot for these plans every month. But in online streaming apps, we can subscribe for a full year at lower rates which makes this easier for many people to watch and we get the HD quality for the contents we want to watch. We can watch live Tv contents from these apps too at higher quality.
  2. Wider Audience: If we plan to go out to watch or attend an event at the very last moment then it becomes a really big challenge for us to get tickets because the tickets are sold already because of the limited space available in the venue. So this problem is solved by these online streaming applications. If we have subscribed to any for the streaming service then it becomes easy for us to watch our favorite event online and also if you busy with your work then also you can watch your event. And due to this feature they companies can attract a lot of audiences.
  3. Rich Content: Online streaming services are not only limited to Live streaming They provide us with a lot of new content every week or month. We can watch the latest movies, series, podcasts. We can even chat on online streaming app with our friends and others also.
  4. Downloadable: Nowadays it has become difficult for us to download movies and series online through torrent because either the site is blocked by the government or many times we download the wrong content only. But using streaming applications such as Netflix we easily download the movies and series on our devices so that we can watch them offline on our devices later.
  5. Instant Access: At earlier times if we had to watch something through our devices then we had to download that first and then we can watch it because of this our internet data was also used to get wasted. But now due to these streaming services, we can easily access new content at our fingertips. We can watch them whenever we want to.
  6. Customer Support: Many times we get some technical issues on our apps but now we can resolve them very easily because of the customer support we get from the streaming service. We just have to email them or write on there Social Media account about the problem we are facing and then they are always there to help us. This is again one of the key features of online streaming services.
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