What are the 5 most popular sports across the globe?

Sports industry is one of the most lucrative industries all across the globe. There are billions of fans who are supporting their teams within the particular sport and even engage in massive consumerism in relation to the sport products. From purchasing the t-shirt of favorite football player to purchasing a cricket bat, the trend is getting at its peak.

There are many training centers as well like where you can engage in this activity. However, there are debates as to the most popular sport of all. Here are the 5 most famous ones listed:

    1. Football

Football, also termed as soccer, is unquestionably the most popular sports of all with 4 billion fans all across the globe. This makes it almost half of the entire global population. Contemporary soccer has its origin in England however the ancient football was popular in nations like China. At current stage, hundreds of competitions are conducted globally which have attracted a lot of viewers. FIFA World Cup is considered the most watched sporting event throughout the world.

    1. Cricket

This goes without saying, cricket stands at number 2 due to the fan following it has. There are an approximate of 2.5 billion cricket fans that are not only engaged in viewing but also playing this sport. There are two teams of eleven players that are engaged in a number of roles such as batting, bowling and fielding. It is very popular in states like India, Pakistan and Australia.

    1. Tennis

Tennis has over 1 billion fans all across the globe. Players like Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have graced this game in a number of ways. There are different versions of this sport and it has believed to be played in ancient Rome and Egypt. It has the most influence in the current Europe. It is considered as one of the most played sports as well due to the popularity of some players.

    1. Basketball

Basketball has very rich history in terms of viewership and playing the sport itself. It has an estimated of 800 million followers all across the globe. Numbers of national and international tournaments are hosted throughout the world that is even broadcasted on a number of TV channels. However, basketball has its most influence in the United States. Players like Michael Jordan have been very popular throughout this sport. The essential objective of the teams is to successfully short the ball in a hoop.

  1. Rugby

Rugby stands at the 5th position. It is more common in United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries. It has a fan following of over 400 million. It has its origin in the medieval England. The sport is played by two teams that consist of 15 players each. Due to the aggressive nature of the game, it is largely played by people with more strength and power.

Above are the 5 most popular sports all across the globe. Not only they are viewed but played at an incredible scale.

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