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FATEs are a new kind of currency that can be earned in-game by completing quests, participating in events, or just playing the game. They have been described as “microtransactions on steroids.”

FATEs are a type of card game that was created by the company Fantasy Flight Games. They can be found in many different games and you can find them at most gaming stores. Read more in detail here: where do the fates live .

FATEs are events that take place in the overworld of Final Fantasy XIV and may be participated in by numerous people. As a standard, they may provide you money, experience, and business seals as a reward. Certain FATEs, on the other hand, may provide you with accomplishments or even minions.

Even in the early days of XIV, you’ve undoubtedly passed a lot of FATEs.

It’s acceptable if you missed out on the system’s explanation since the game pops up instructional screens every other second.

The acronym FATE stands for “Full Active Time Event,” which is an overly complicated way of expressing “group event.”

At a basic level, completing these events may reward you with experience and gil. However, some will provide more substantial prizes, such as pets and accomplishments. Some will even be required to finish specific sidequests, such as the Hildibrand narrative, which is absolutely insane.


What Are FATEs and How Do They Work?

If a FATE occurs near you, the game will alert you.

You can also view them on the map, where blue circles show the region where the event is taking place.


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They may also include a variety of duties.

Some ask you to merely destroy waves of opponents that emerge in the area. Some have unique requirements, such as reclaiming goods and giving them to an NPC. Some FATEs may also produce boss creatures that will need several players to successfully take down.

Each player’s participation will be weighed when a FATE finishes, and they will be rewarded depending on their performance.

The levels are listed below.

The highest possible grade is a gold medal Will provide the player the most gil, experience, and Company Seals that FATE has to offer. You’ll need to reach the Gold Medal to get the minion reward from FATEs that give them.

Silver Medal: For players that put forth a good effort but didn’t quite reach their full potential. Offers a good gil/experience/Company Seal return, but no additional bonuses such as minions if available.

Bronze Medal: Small reward in terms of experience/gil/Company Seal. You’ll probably get one of these if you’ve joined a FATE midway through or haven’t been paying attention Minion prizes are not available for Bronze Medals.

You may also get a “Honorable Mention” in addition to the standard medals. These are usually given to individuals who have joined at the last minute and get the smallest possible prize.


How to Become a FATE Member

To join a FATE, just go to the designated spot on the map.

If you’re at the right level, you’ll be immediately accepted.

However, if you’re not up to the task, your contribution won’t be valued as highly.

If you’re overleveled for it – which you’ll almost always be at the start – the game will compel you to level sync down in order to participate.

For example, if you’re level 50 and want to participate in a level 5 FATE, you’ll have to lower your level to 5. This will restore your health and mana to what they were at the time, as well as making any abilities learned after that moment unavailable.

You’ll receive them all back after the FATE is finished, so this is basically simply to keep the playing field as even as possible.


In FATEs, Here’s How To Get Gold Medals

Fortunately, it isn’t too tough.

A variety of criteria are used to assess participation.

Those variables are typically monster damage/killing, being struck, and healing other FATE participants.

This means that no matter what position you play – tank, DPS, or healer – if you’re doing your weight, you may earn a Gold Medal.

As a tank, earning Gold Medals in boss encounter FATEs is a breeze.

Tanking boss attacks is how you’ll be evaluated, so put on your tank posture and do what you do best.

It makes no difference whether you avoid or minimize the assaults; simply accept them.


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Which FATEs are worth participating in?

This is entirely dependent on what you want to get out of them.

You can usually go out into whichever zone you’re presently finding missions in the MSQ and knock off a couple if you want to earn experience and money.

If you’re searching for minions or other prizes, you’ll have to be a little more strategic.

For example, you may see a list of FATE-rewarding minions right here.

So take a look, decide the one you want, and go to the proper location.

You may have to wait a long, and you could get unlucky now and again, but if you regularly strike Gold Medals, you’ll ultimately receive your minion.


Is it possible to level up new jobs via farming fates?

I’d say no, but that’s because I’m used to playing tank roles.

It’s considerably simpler to level tank or healer professions using the Duty Finder, since queue times are almost non-existent and you can go from instance to instance without waiting.

Yes, FATEs may be a pretty legitimate method to level if you’re playing DPS.

I wouldn’t put my whole trust in them, and I definitely wouldn’t walk in without first consulting a handbook like this. Don’t simply aimlessly walk around looking for them!

Some FATEs in the surrounding region provide more experience than others, so knowing which ones to choose may make all the difference.

Even with the numerous experience increases available in the game, you’ll still need to perform a large number of FATEs to advance.

As a result, be certain you’re following the route of least resistance.

If you’re leveling a new profession, you may qualify for the Armoury Bonus, which gives you a 100% EXP increase on any jobs below your maximum level.

While you’re hopping from FATE to FATE, I’d still suggest queuing for dungeons.

At the absolute least, you should be clearing all of your daily roulettes to take advantage of the experience benefits.

FATEs have the benefit of not requiring as much time commitment as dungeons or trials.

You are free to do as many or as few as you like.

You’re also not typically restricted by other people’s performance, and you know the next chance is just around the corner.

The the fates symbol is a symbol of luck and fate. It can be found on the back of playing cards, dice, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Fates and what does each do?

The Fates are three sisters who control the threads of life. They represent birth, death, and rebirth, and they have a lot of power over these things.

Are the Fates and the Gray sisters the same?

No, the Fates are three goddesses that watch over the world and the Gray sisters are three witches who guard a powerful artifact.

Are the Fates triplets?

The Fates are three sisters.

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