Wes Bergmann Slams Aneesa Ferreira: ‘Real Life Villain’

After their respective appearances on season 16 of The Bachelor, Aneesa Ferreira and Wes Bergmann have been dropped from the show. While contestants are usually dropped due to viewers’ lack of interest, this time, it appears that it is due to the fact that both are too similar to the other. And the most noticeable similarity is their love for dogs, as they both have dogs on social media.

Aneesa Ferreira was just a kid when she became one of the most controversial—and youngest—television stars in America, starring in the hit show “Dancing With the Stars”. After appearing on the show for two seasons, at the age of 17, she found herself in the middle of a scandal.

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Wes Bergmann

Wes Bergmann, two-time champion and infamous Show Challenge participant, made the call on the 27th. May pointed the finger at one of the show’s contestants, Anisa Ferreira, on social media, calling her a real villain.

His comments came in response to an episode of the Challenge Mania podcast with All-Star fan Jisela Delgado. In an interview, Gisela revealed that Anisa called her before the season started and pressured Wes to leave the show. A fan asked how Wes felt about listening to this episode, since he had previously said that Gisela was one of his favorite All-Star contestants.

Gisela wrote: I think he should listen to this, I’m sure he won’t be surprised. On the contrary, I should be more to his liking! Wes has responded to this thread and confirmed that he listened to the episode: I listened to him. I loved it, he wrote. I am not surprised by problematic and intimidating behavior. And I love you even more than before. Thank you for exposing this true villain.

I listened to him. I liked it. I am not surprised by the problematic and intimidating actions. And I love you even more than before. Thank you for exposing this true villain.

PS @DancingABC I strongly vote for this queen to be the queen of #DWTS https://t.co/t4akW597X7

– Wes Bergmann (@WestonBergmann) May 28, 2021

Wes also addressed the issue in his weekly Patreon review and wrote on social media: We watch Jizela’s podcast interview where she explains how Anisa tried to get everyone to vote for me on a show I wasn’t even on.

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Gisela revealed that Anisa had called her before the All-Star season to try to arrange Wes’ early departure

In the Challenge Mania podcast, Gisela went into more detail about why her friendship with Anisa was already fragile during All-Stars, what went on behind the scenes and more. Speaking to presenters Scott Yeager and Derrick Kosinski, Gisela revealed that Anisa really doesn’t like Wes and is trying to form an alliance to take him out when he comes on the show.

Anisa said: I think Wes will be there, Jisela said. And [Anisa] said: We need to get Wes out of there now. It’s her: They won’t like Wes, he’s so-and-so, he’s so-and-so. Jisela replied that she was willing to trade votes to get Coral Smith off the show.

When Gisela arrives at the hotel for the quarantine, she learns that neither Coral nor Wes will be in the show, but Anisa still wants her to help eliminate Beth Stolarczyk. Jisela told the hosts that she resented Anisa for trying to get her to join the Mean Girls team.

Wes and Anisa have been feuding since Double Agents, when Anisa betrayed Wes and hit back at the champion by punching her in the face.

The review is complete and will be uploaded to Patreon:

We watch Jizela’s podcast interview where she explains how Anisa tried to get everyone to vote for me on a show I wasn’t even on.

Plus 60 minutes of analysis of the final and everyone’s results. https://t.co/Iw1wamE6oT pic.twitter.com/qIxTiZIuL6

– Wes Bergmann (@WestonBergmann) May 28, 2021

Although Wes and Anisa were friends in earlier seasons of The Challenge, that changed in the final season of Double Agents when Anisa quickly turned on Wes and called him a villain in her confessions. She also voted him out at the beginning of the game. After the episodes aired, Wes posted screenshots of Anisa’s messages apologizing for the act, but the conversation seemed to end on a bad note.

Afterwards, the two-time champion said he no longer cared to protect her feelings and denounced her fitness, saying she was old and out of shape and not fit for the show. He said it was an insult to the game to reveal it. He added that finals are often run like a marathon, with an emphasis on endurance, so contestants should prepare for that before performing.

Wes explained that Double Agents was a perfect example of why Anisa shouldn’t be recast, because none of the male contestants wanted to be paired with a female veteran.

All episodes of The Challenge: All Stars is now available for streaming on Paramount Plus.

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