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now and then, you’ll stumble upon a trend that just doesn’t seem to go away. From time to time, these trends can be silly, like the ever-popular planking meme. Other times, they can be a little bit more serious, such as stage diving. As you might have guessed, a stage channel in Discord is a public chat room where you can discuss something that’s either related to a certain streamer or video game or something entirely different.

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Welcome to the Fortnite team members and all the new Save The World players!

We understand that playing Save the World can be challenging at first, so we’ve created this megatread to help you out.

Guided tours

Below are some guides to help you understand the game mechanics and other things.

  • A beginner’s guide to heroes
  • Tunneling for Beginners
  • How protection against counterfeiting really works
  • Fortnite: A Guide To Basic Builds (Note that this material is best viewed on new reddit).
  • Leadership: How can I be a good member of the Save the World team?
  • Materials needed for full-level and lead survivors
  • Two complete guides for beginners – FORTNITE SAVE THE WORLD!
  • Save the world – Beginner’s Guide v2
  • Guidelines for materials
  • Storm Modifiers (negative) (note: it’s best to check the new reddit).
  • Beginner’s Guide – Heroes, Weapons, Items, Survivors, Objectives
  • B.A.S.E. Capacity Manual
  • An 8-step guide for survival teams.
  • Survivor Squad Manual.
  • Boss Mini Modifier
  • Clip and Deadeye’s armory: A handy guide to the best weapons in the base game and the expansions.
  • A simple guide to basic huskies and the pros and cons of each affinity.


Several questions that may not be answered in the above guides, but are still frequently asked:

  • How to increase energy levels?
    • Your strength level is calculated based on your F.O.R.T. stats, which come from two sources: Surviving units and levels of research. Although research levels are temporary and can only be increased if you have enough research points, survivor groups can be a quick way to change your power level At the beginning of the game, the auto-fill feature works well, but for best results it is best to assemble the squads manually. Please refer to the manuals above for instructions on how to do this.
  • How can I get more Hero Recruitment coupons?
    • You can earn hero recruitment vouchers by reaching level 30 in Ventures.Here is the current Venture season rewards program (Please note that the ticket names in the image are not correct).

  • What is a company?
    • Adventures are seasonal content that allows commanders to relive their level and experience progression for great rewards.
      startup Read the blog post of the announcement here. The current season of Ventures is called Scurvy Shoals. Although the game is aimed at end-gamers, it offers content for all levels.
    • Ventures’ current season ends on the 19th. June at 20:00 ET, unless Epic Games makes a change.
  • How do I find the facial expressions?
    • Mimics are level 3
      chests, theare not really chests. They shake and make soft noises as they are searched.

    • They like to hide in more obvious places than the usual safes, because they want to be found (i.e. they don’t hide on the roofs of houses, they hide in plain sight).
    • Outlanders have a benefit called Keen Eyes that kicks in after 5 picks (like harvesting a tree). This feature marks containers (chests, quest items) that contain valuable items, but not imitators. For example, Outlander will tell you if a level 3 chest is a copycat if it doesn’t shine with bright eyes.
    • If the dungeons are active (good news! they are active), you can find Mimic spawns in every dungeon. Here are some tutorials on youtube:
  • What is a Failed To Lock profile? How can I stop it?
    • Your Fortnite account consists of a lot of data. One part is dedicated to saving the world. To prevent losing items, Epic Games locks part of your Save The World profile so it can’t be changed. Sometimes this lock doesn’t expire properly at the end of a mission (for whatever reason), and when you start a new mission, the game can’t lock the correct part of the profile because it’s still locked. Therefore, as a precaution, the game won’t let you into the mission.
    • The simplest solution is to wait a few minutes between games until the profile lock disappears. Unfortunately, there is no way to determine when a lock expires. If the lockout is not lifted after 3-5 minutes, try restarting the game. If all else fails, report the problem to Epic Games


This thread will be updated as necessary.

Feel free to ask and answer questions below, or post links to information you think would be helpful to new players.

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