Webcam Intgre Asus Non Dtecte

hiob 23h52 17/01/2012

Since a few weeks my pc doesn’t detect the integrated webcam anymore.
When I want to launch my webcam, the message Sorry, you have no video capture hardware is displayed. So I concluded that it was a driver problem, maybe an update problem. I first used Windows Update in case it was just a bogus problem, but since it hadn’t changed anything, I went to Device Management to fix it, but Image Device isn’t displayed and I couldn’t see my cam in any other category. However, when I looked in the program list, USB 2.0 VGA UVC WebCam was listed.
I also went to the Asus website to download the proposed drivers, I tried the 4 proposed, but each time the same message is displayed Hardware ID failed to be read from the INI file!.
Could you please help me.
Thank you in advance. 13:13 11/02/2012

Good morning.
almost the same problem on my side with a G53JS
same USB 2.0 VGA UVC WebCam driver

by activating the program asus virtual cam you can access the webcam.

– Hiob, normally, that would solve your problem.

for my part, by launching any application that would use the webcam life frame or skype, I get an error message that tells me that another software is using the webcam.
if I disable asus virtual cam I return to the start box where the system does not see the webcam in its peripherals.

any ideas?
thank you in advance

hiob 14:41 11/02/2012

I can’t locate asus virtual cam, could you please guide me?

Thank you 16:27 11/02/2012

is an application you need to load at

hiob 16:52 11/02/2012

Ok, thanks
I bought my PC in China, do I have to download the app from the China platform or can I take the World ?
I just downloaded Asus Virtual Cam, and I installed it, but when I want to start it nothing happens… Right-clicking on it will display one of the actions that will be taken to resolve compatibility issues. So I clicked on it, but it still n’t work How do we fix the problem?

thierry66en 17h27 11/02/2012


Don’t forget to select Asus Virtual Cam by indicating your operating system
when selecting on the ASUS website.

hiob 18:40 11/02/2012

Yes, it’s already done… That’s why I don’t really understand why it’s not working.

hiob 8:40 pm 11/02/2012

Well, since that didn’t work with Asus Virtual Cam, I hung out on forums where I read that maybe I could test LifeFrame. So I downloaded it without uninstalling Asus Virtual Cam. When I started LifeFrame, the error message that appeared was The camera is used by another program. So I uninstalled Asus Virtual Cam, and I restarted LifeFrame and the same message as before appears No camera device found!…
You’ll agree that I’m going around in circles. ^^’

Is it possible that my built-in cam is simply broken and there’s no way to fix it? =/ 10h16 12/02/2012

OK, we are now in the same situation.

hiob, when I launch life frame, once in the program, I switch to video mode… at the top of the life frame window, I see the definition of the webcam…( 320x…) which implies that the device works.

for shutting down a lot of services and applications in progress, I still haven’t found out which app was using the webcam.

so, the concrete data of the problem are:
if virtual cam is not installed, the system does not detect the webcam.
if virtual cam is installed, any application considers that the webcam is being used.

what to do?

that said, I have two laptops with the same software.
1: asus G51J – virtual cam + life frame works at the same time without any problem. same for virtual cam and skype.
2: asus K53js – webcam problem used

which tells me the problem isn’t virtual cam but something else.

plus, I spent two hours with a friend to go over the system again.
I updated : bios, chipset, webcam drivers, asus software suite ( virtual cam / life frame … )

perennial problem

thierry66en 15h04 12/02/2012

Re Hello,

To operate a webcam, you need :

a software or application , Asus Virtual Cam

and a driver or Drivers in English, ?

Life fram, I do not know, but it will not replace the software that is on the site of Asus to operate the Webcam.

Go to the Device Manager, check that all drivers are up to date and that it works.

Now if it’s a problem that is not software, but hardware, Webcam lens out of order……….

Contact Asus France, but as they are not a distributor of your computer, will they take it as a guarantee?

I mean, give it a shot …. 21:18 12/02/2012

as I said before, all kinds of pilots in daylight.
life frame is the best software to use the webcam.
thanks for your help thierry66.

any other ideas?
thank you in advance to those who take the time to read all this.

ayrtonlechat 16h30 06/01/2013

good morning,

config: ASUS N61JV under Seven 64bits

While wanting to update my MSN Live, I noticed that the integrated webcam of my laptop was not working.
I checked under other programs and always the same error message, the webcam is being used by another program …
no obvious solution on the different forums, after a quick poll and by leaving open the drawer of my DVD player I found that the webcam works normally.
If it helps in case of webcam problems try with the dvd player drawer open.

but I don’t explain the connection between the two if anyone has already found it thank you for letting me know.

jose1955 10h19 23/03/2016

I have just, for a few days, seen this pb with my ASUS N73JQ … I tested all the possibilities found on many forums, including the MS forum without any success.
That said, there’s great hope… why ? in March 2015 I made a clone of my Hard Disk and while switching HDDs it turns out that my webcam works very well with all ASUS software installed … So I come to the conclusion that it is indeed a soft pb and not a hardware pb.
To help you, I advise you to download this application :…/bb963902.aspx
but also this test which will convince you of the good (or bad) functioning of your camera :

Good luck, because as far as I’m concerned I still haven’t found the solution, I only hope that it’s not a (necessary) update of MS (I’m in W7 ultimate 64b) that generates this (???) … So I’m waiting for your posts on the subject, hoping that the final solution will be found there.




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