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is one of life’s forbidden pleasures.

Fortunately, there are no laws in the world of Dark Souls so using fire is a proven and effective tactic!

Unlike the pyromania in Dark Souls 1, the pyros in DS3 are two-pronged – their damage increases with intelligence and belief.

So they function in the same way as black magic and building miracles, and often arsonists are considered to be magical wizards who have access to everything.

For this list, however, we will focus only on pyromania – spells that can be cast with pyrotechnic catalysts, as well as pyrotechnic activators.



Unlike miracles and witchcraft, there aren’t many options for pyro catalysts, so a child’s first pyro catalyst flame is often the best choice for most scenarios!

It has the largest spell and is available from the beginning of the game.

No frills, no whistles, just fire. This catalyst will be your first.

Where did you get that? Starting material for the Pyromancer class or a prescription from Cornyx, once dead.

Farewell flame of the Pyromancer

A great addition to the DLC painted world, the farewell flame is a nice little sidekick compared to the standard pyrotechnic flames.

It has a slightly lower spell effect, but it does have a few cool tricks up its sleeve – namely a passive effect that leaves a damaging mark when the incendiary is launched.

This damage can compensate for a lower spell, and also makes some spells much harder to dodge!

But that’s not all – his unique Farewell Flame ability can be activated after 12 enemy kills to allow the free use of the Estus Flask!

This makes it particularly interesting for agricultural roads.

Where did you get that? In a secret tower in ruins – through an illusory wall in a fly-filled crypt under a painted chapel of peace.

Demonic scar

Demon Scar is probably the most interesting catalyst, being a catalyst/scimitar hybrid.

Similar to a weapon like the beheading spell or the Rose of Ariadne, this sword trades its heavy attack for the ability to cast a chosen spell.

It can be used as the main weapon for Pyros, but its most frequent use remains in the out of game slot, where its fast, high damage attacks complement slower melee weapons.

That’s why it shines the brightest in PvP, with most players choosing one of the other flames for the game in general.

Where did you get that? Transplanted from the soul of an evil prince from the City of Rings DLC.


Witch lock

The witch’s wick is a whip of braided hair, which is a bit odd.

It’s a very good weapon for arsonists, thanks to its absolute B/B int/belief defusing notes.

This is especially impressive for PvP – its range is insane, it has a crippling weapon capacity that is fast and destructive, and its whips cannot be parried, meaning you can spam attacks at will!

Where did you get that? In the secret part of the great archives, behind the wall of the first darkroom.

Onyx leaf

Blade Onyx is quickly becoming my favorite big word in DS3.

It’s the longest password in the game, it has a C/C scale in Int/Belief (and D/D in Strength/Ex), and it looks even cooler than the moon password in my opinion!

(But don’t tell Dark Souls fans I said that…).

Flair comes when you use his unique ability, the Flame of Elfrid, which weaves the sword into black fire, creating a nice big chunk of fire damage while looking so cool.

Where did you get that? Exposed to the colorful world of DLC by William.


Flame arresting device

And now the spells.

First, the often overlooked flame fan is one of the city’s ring-shaped DLC pies.

The Flame Fan excels in PvP, as a melee attack stuns enemies at close range and a critical attack unleashes a fire attack that deals insane damage.

It can be heavily spammed due to the low cost of development, and interestingly the arrows, however useful, reflect….

Where did you get that? Abandoned by arsonist Zoey in the Ring City DLC, just outside the Prince Demon Arena.

Black Flame

Speaking of specific spells: The classic black flames of Dark Souls are back in DS3.

Black Flame is pyromania, thanks to the senseless damage inflicted on melee targets.

It also works well in synergy with the Flame Separation Catalyst, as flame trails appear during the animation of the effect, doing a lot of extra damage!

And when the enemy tries to break through, he is often hit in the face by flames!

Where did you get that? Sold by Carla after she gave her pyromaniac tomb the supervisor dome.

Professional flame

Profane Flame has become a niche spell, but will always be one of my favorites.

Its use creates a small discrete spot in the air that explodes into a large jet after a short delay, causing massive damage.

The freshness factor of this pie is enough to put it on the list, but the damage this spell does to the audience makes it one of the best for overall gameplay.

Where did you get that? Found on a corpse in the desecrated capital, at the feet of a giant in a closed pit.

Chaos Bedding remnants

Generally considered the best pyromancer for direct damage.

It goes straight for the target, easily provoking a fireball that travels a long distance and does damage to the enemy it misses.

It’s particularly good at knocking down opponents in PvP, and its sheer size means you’ll have to dodge it if your opponent doesn’t want to take a hit.

Outside of PvP, Ruin is very effective against the most powerful enemies you’ll encounter in the world, though it can’t do much against groups of enemies due to its single-target nature.

Where did you get that? He travels with the soul of an ancient demon king.

Large Fireball of Chaos

Competing for the title of best pyrotechnician, the Chaos Fireball series excels at the game of crowd management.

It inflicts significant damage, stuns all but the biggest enemies, and leaves a thin pool of lava that constantly damages the enemies inside.

Due to its size and the aforementioned unification magic, it is often considered a better stronghold against groups, but it can also fire 2-3 shots at the most formidable enemies you face!

Where did you get that? Sold to Cornix after he got the pyromantic dome from Isalith.

Patterned arc

No magical school would be complete without a weapon enthusiast.

And for arsonists, we have an electric arc.

While the two-story pyromantic constructs give you access to almost every weapon enthusiast in the game, the Flame Arch is one of the best as you increase your Intelligence and Faith stats!

Put it on a stamped weapon to add a belief/time scale, and start shooting crazy DPS.

Where did you get that? Sold by Cornix after he got a pyromantic carfa tomato.


Witch ring

Every magic class has a ring that can do damage, and arson is no different.

The Witch Ring increases arson damage by 25% and is a basic element for any pyrotechnic construction.

No, yes or no, but that ring falls on your arsonists.

It even stacks up multiplied with the big bog ring, which gives a huge 40% increase in damage – if you have ring slots!

Where did you get that? On the body at the first smoldering forest fire.

Sage ring

I’m pretty sure this ring is on every list of magic or rings.

But with good reason: the sage ring should never be missing.

In case you don’t know, cast a spell of 50 dexes on the speed scales.

But if you don’t build Dex, don’t worry! The Ring of Elders (at its maximum level of +2) gives 40 virtual dexes – it gives dexterity bonuses without giving the real stat points themselves.

Throwing speed is so important, especially in PvP, and can code the difference between winning and losing.

Where did you get that? The basic version can be found in the crab-infested waters of Sacrificial Road, in the Hall of Ruins on the left. The +2 version is on the broken stairs of the Garden of the Dead Kings (NG++ required).

Fire protection coupling ring

Like the magic clutch ring on our top gear list, the fire clutch is an interesting competitor.

It increases the total fire damage by 15% in exchange for a physical absorption of -10%.

I’d say it’s very situational, because arsonists tend to be closer to the target than spellcasters, which means you’re much more likely to feel the effects of negative physical protection.

But if you’re confident in your evasion skills or want to limit your maximum fire damage test, the fire link is a great choice for mix-maximization!

Where did you get that? In the village of the undead, by the rock under fire at the end of the long walk.

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