Ways to Use Gmail as CRM

Business owners of the 21st century use the most convenient way of being always in contact with their customers both current and potential. Using Gmail as a CRM for customers managements creates friendly atmosphere promoting business expansion, gaining a greater number of new customers and growing potential for making them regular ones.

Gmail as a CRM solution became so popular that turned attention not only of giant market leaders but of young startups organizers willing to occupy their own place in fast-developing Gmail-integrated CRM community.

Reasons to use Gmail-based CRM

Making databases while managing the customer-oriented business is essential in case if the business owner wants to improve his services or goods, whatever he offers to his clients. Being knowledgeable in customers’ needs makes a person a real businessman. The only one who knows that increasing and improving databases as well as pieces of information analysis can create the potential for growth of his company. Identifying and targeting best customers, their segmentation, organizing different approaches to each group of customers in addition to organizing different marketing campaigns strengthens company’s competitiveness at the market full of others companies with the same services oriented for the same audience. For example, NetHunt CRM for Gmail helps to build personalized relationships with its customers. The greater are the number of satisfied customers – the better the company’s profit. This simple business logic increases the company’s chances to prosper at the market as a stable company with smart customer-oriented approach.

Ways to use Gmail as CRM

NetHunt CRM for Gmail integration offers a wide spectrum of functionality using Gmail for data collecting. First of all, each email can be turned into CRM records.

Then, information segmentation – also plays significant importance when business strategy created by company suits only for the specific group of customers. For example, a person who once bought a kitchen table will likely buy a few chairs rather than a water filter for swimming pool. That is why offering unwanted goods in automotive mail sending would be unwise as most likely such emails will be estimated as nothing except spam.

And finally, it allows tracking all the marketing activities, makes records of what exactly customer was ever interested in and what he tried to find at the service with Gmail CRM system. Making the right and useful suggestions to your past customers can make him willing to use your services again. That is why leaving your office or dealing with your goods customer always must feel satisfied. In time, this will bring you one or maybe even few successful trades with this same customer. And it is likely that it would be you, whom he would recommend to his friends on occasion.

NetHunt as a Gmail CRM software became quite popular these days. It turns mailing service into a full-fledged CRM system. NetHunt CRM is the Ukrainian startup project launched in June 2016, which allows conducting sales, organizing the work of technical support services, conducting marketing campaigns and what is the most convenient managing business not even leaving Gmail. This system with its powerful CRM integration for Gmail became a competitive alternative to other expensive CRM systems like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

NetHunt CRM with Gmail integration creates business entities (Records) based on letters that are convenient to be filtered and grouped according to any available parameters. It allows making mass mailings to segmented business entities. Moreover, it gives the functionality of finding out whether the letter was read, where, by whom and when. This CRM systems records also the history and context of correspondence and allows following-up on the correspondence in addition to creating something a to-do-alike list.

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