Wayne5-007 reveals the best advice Sir Alex Ferguson gave him at the Man

Sir Alex Ferguson asked Wayne Rooney to change his game when he plays for Manchester United's No9.

Sir Alex Ferguson has asked Wayne Rooney to change his game to number 9 (Getty Images).

Wayne Rooney told us that Sir Alex Ferguson’s order to stop working too hard was the best advice he’d received from Manchester United.

Rooney won five Premier League titles and the Champions League under Ferguson.

In his time at Old Trafford Rooney was able to fill in different positions thanks to his versatility, but Ferguson needed him to change the game to the role of the No9.

Rooney admits that Ferguson asked him to save his energy as striker and showed that he was working on his shot while he was tired of simulating the situations he might face in the final phase of the game.

You learn the little things along the way, Rooney wrote in his column for the Times.

I got the best advice from Fergie. He spoke: You’re working too hard, and I thought at first: What do you mean? Isn’t that what you want?

Sir Alex Ferguson asked Wayne Rooney to save energy during the attack...

Sir Alex Ferguson has asked Wayne Rooney to save energy during the attack (Getty Images).

But I tried to run as fast as I could for 90 minutes and in the last 10 minutes I was tired.

The director wanted his strikers to stay in the tank for a while, because the chance of victory can only come in 90 minutes.

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I used to practice decorating when I was tired. At the end of practice, I had a goalkeeper and Eric Steele, the goalkeeper coach, and I did five of the six sets: a small sprint, then a shot.

With the fifth and sixth repertoire of each movement you are breathless – and if you learn to finish it when you get the chance and are normal.

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