Watch Dogs Legion Update 1.21 Full Patch Notes on July

Ubisoft has released the patch notes for the update 1.21 for the open world action game Watch Dogs Legion. The latest patch update focuses on improving the game’s multiplayer modes and making improvements to the single player. The new patch notes for update 1.21 are as follows:

As you may already know, Ubisoft recently released update 1.21 for Watch Dogs Legion. This patch featured only minor bug fixes and balance changes to the beta version and focused on one element of the game: space. The update opened up an area of the map that was previously locked off, and added some new features related to space travel.

Dogs Legion Update

Ubisoft released the 1.20 update on all platforms yesterday, and it’s no small feat. The patch in the new Bloodline DLC allows players to take on the role of Aiden Pierce from the first Watch Dogs game.

Surprisingly, Ubisoft released another Watch Dogs Legion game a day later. This is patch 1.21 for PS4 or 01.160.000 if you’re playing the game on PS5. Download Watch Dogs Legion version 1.21 for PS4 and Xbox One for free.

Update 1.21 for Watchdog Region has been released, and here is the full list of changes and fixes added in this patch.

Watch Dogs Legion Update 1.21 Patch Notes

The new Watch Dogs Legion update contains several known issues that Ubisoft has yet to fix. You can read about the known problems of the game below.

  • The steps to success Packrat is sometimes blocked.
  • When using Aiden’s drone, the detection notification will only appear when the detection tracker is at 100%.
  • Aiden’s drone sometimes sticks when he hits walls in the air.
  • The hiding place icon may disappear at certain times during the pedigree story campaign.
  • Devon vs. Devin: London Culling: The timer can sometimes freeze during a mission. This will not affect the progress of the mission.
  • PlayStation 4/5: The Bloodline DLC will remain available to secondary users on shared consoles, even if the primary user’s DLC is installed.
  • When profiling characters with long descriptions, it sometimes happens that text overlaps.
  • Purpose of the acquisition : Broca Tech Deep Labs sometimes shows incorrect positions on the mini-map when you reload the game.
    The solution to the problem: If you die and start over, the map resets.
  • The Red King: The MK-1 robot reappears if it is neutralized before Aiden’s equipment is restored. It works as intended. Make sure you get Aiden’s equipment before you take out the robot.
  • A key to the job: The scene at the entrance to Wrench’s lair is interrupted when Aiden fights with him.
  • Dark diagram: Players cannot progress in a mission if they also have the Human Cargo side mission active when they enter Rampart HQ.
  • Remedy: Restart the game.
  • Dark pattern : Jackson sometimes stops following Aiden around during a particular mission. A patch for this problem will be released in the coming days.
  • Bury your dead: Jackson wears a mask over his face during surgery.
  • Solution Save the game, exit the main menu and reload the save.
  • L addie: When the mission is over, the closing speech can sometimes come across as robotic.
  • Extra L: The purpose of the assignment may sometimes be in the code and not in the descriptive text.
  • T hinge collapses: Sometimes when the Boom Boom Captain’s Key is used, it has no effect on the opponent.
  • Aiden’s hands sometimes get stuck in his jacket when he opens the weapon control wheel or photo mode.
  • The wrench ninja balls sometimes explode too early and have no effect on the opponent when thrown from a distance.
  • Captain Boom Boom’s wrench sometimes activates the wait time for other abilities.
  • Wrench’s Lady Smash skill will be permanently grayed out, but you’ll be able to use it when you hit during the mace animation. After switching to another skill and back, it returns to normal.
  • Ö nline : If Aiden and Wrench have weapons from other agents, they will be removed from their gear when the player returns to the main menu.

Watch Dogs Legion update 1.21 (1.160) is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. According to the official patch notes for Watch Dogs Legion 1.21, the latest update has made a few minor changes to the game. In addition, version 1.21 (1,160,000) of Watch Dogs Legion for PS5 also includes stability improvements. For more information on this update and known issues, visit the Ubisoft forums.

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