Warzone data from YouTuber may have revealed that there is SBMM in the game.

At the pre-launch event in Warzona, Infinity Ward assured Call of Duty fans that there would be no skill mixing (SBMM) in their Combat Piano Shooter. However, some actors notice the opposite. With this in mind, one of the YouTubers put it to the test and the results were amazing.

TheXclusiveAce channel on YouTube recently posted a video in which he describes in detail what he did during the test in the section Call of Duty : The war zone and the conclusion he reached. This should finally answer the question whether the latest offer from SBMM Infinity Ward has anything to do with this.

Methodology in the test war zone

According to YouTuber, he said he received four Warzone accounts with different skill levels with CoD pro Karma (Damon Barlow) as a high skill account. For the other three he used his own score, which was far above average, the average score of another player and another own score (fictitious score) on which he deliberately played the trash can to be considered a lower average player. It also used the CoD Tracker website to supplement its methodology.


He also explained that he had extracted data on the last 100 players for whom he could collect data on each of Varzona’s accounts. He noted that this test contained a cross-match and that the data he collected came from solo games. XclusiveAce sets the in-game shooting speed and points per minute to zero because it says they give it a good impression of the player’s skill:

K/D against the enemy K/D AVG

  • Optical karma stan (4.63) v (1.2)
  • ExcludingAce (2.06) v (1.18)
  • joemontana7rtzip (1.1) v (1.0)
  • Excluding (0.7) v (0.67)

Point per minute against an enemy AVG PMS

  • Optical Karma Stance (428) v (173)
  • XclusiefAce (252) v (170)
  • joemontana7rtzip (163) c (140)
  • With the exception of (56) v (87)

He even showed histograms for K/D and SPM, and these two sets are almost identical to him, and Karma got completely normal distributions.

The Joemontana account also got normal distributions, although both histograms are tilted to the lower middle. On the fictitious (Xclusive) account, however, both graphs are usually far below average.

YouTuber also notes that, in addition to the data it collects alone, it is unable to collect data from Warzone players on their PCs, including accounts that have changed their name with an Activision account.

He also claims to have discovered a lot of computer players, both in Karma and in his lobby. Regarding his fictional account, he stated that many of the players he met were free to play.

His report

Answer the question or Call of Duty : In Varzon, SBMM was brought into the vein – according to TheXclusiveAce. He added that it didn’t seem like this was only a protected category for low-skilled players, as he noticed some differences between mid-level and high-level players.

Ask ATVI. I never went to COD for me. Analyses, self-service correspondence, creation, monetization, grandfathering of servers, etc. – All this is managed by ATVI’s central engineering and production teams. Has little influence on these business decisions, despite their impact on our games and the COD community.

– MichaelCondrey 27. March 2020.

He also said that during the CoD the participants or the branch were endlessly lied to: Warzone’s pre-launch event, or maybe the developer really thought there wouldn’t be an SBMM, and Activision put it in the game anyway.

However, he said he had to deal with the latter and quoted Michael Condray’s tweet, which implies that the studios have almost no influence when it comes to SBMM, and that largely depends on Activision.

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