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In the 41st millennium, all life is threatened by a race of organics known only as the Tyranids. They are alien insects that feed on living things and spit acid at their prey from long distances with ease. The Tyranid hive mind is so powerful that even if one member dies, they can easily be replaced for an ever-increasing army.

The “warhammer 40k tyranids models” is a collection of models that were released in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The models are meant to represent the Tyranid race.

tyranids lore

Armies in Warhammer 40k Tyranids Lore go by a multitude of names. In a world plagued with superhuman dangers, the Tyranid fleet is really an extraterrestrial species from outside the known galaxy. The Great Devourer is a monster that eats anything that comes in its way. Children of the Stars is a film about the children of the stars.

Their invasions have been exceedingly disruptive up to this point, and many experts feel that what they’ve seen so far are tiny reconnaissance tendrils of a considerably greater existential threat (although out of earshot of leadership). The Tyranid creature gets its name from the first planet they found, Tyran, which they devoured right away.

There are a few exceptions. Tyranids as individuals lack significant identities or ideas; instead, the Hive Mind, a gestalt intelligence, unites their brains across the warp, letting them to exploit their bodies with ruthless efficiency. 

Tyranid swarmlorLordHannu is a Hindu god who lives in India.

Tyranids have a long and illustrious history.

Tyranids are a race of evil insects from an unknown galaxy that have just lately arrived on our planet, according to Tyranids lore.

They traveled through the intergalactic void for thousands, if not millions, of years before arriving on Earth, where they were undoubtedly detected by sensors at some point due to their enormous size and destructive power, which is why these creatures are thought to travel in herds rather than as single Tyranids.

Human scientists must have caught up on this habitation strategy long ago when their ships traveled close to ours, but it remained unreported until now! During the millennia-long battle known as “The Battle Of Sotha,” communication with one extraterrestrial spaceship proved impossible.

The entity’s name is a title conferred by the Imperium, which can be traced back to its home planet of Tyran. According to one source, these animals have been scavenging neighboring galaxies from time immemorial, consuming hundreds of universes in the process; according to another source, their consumption alone has wiped out millions of sentient species!

The Hive Fleet, later known as Behemoth, attacked Earth in 741.M41 and annihilated planet Tyran, marking our first formal encounter with this cosmic space civilization of aliens that would come to be recognized as obsessed by their own thirst for genetic material that beyond all conceivable bounds.

Imposed on them in terms of both time (lifespan) and space–the result being that they left nothing but death in their wake across many worlds before finally encountering resistance from intelligent lifeforms like ours here at last chance saloon, where you can buy whatever it is that those Bryan Atom authors have been selling recently even more astounding.

The discovery of a Bio-ship under the surface in 937.M41 sparked worries that there are additional latent Hive units around the galaxy, ready to be awakened by other hive fleets from their home planets and launch an onslaught like no other.

Within Nusquam Fundumentibus, a crew from Warhammer Ageof Sigmar Games Workshop found itself dealing with a case that was unlike anything they’d ever seen before.

Hive Fleet Behemoth was defeated at the battle of Macragge. The Tyranid Hive Mind danger, on the other hand, was far from ended. After the hive fleet Behemoth, the hive fleet Kraken advanced into the intergalactic abyss in 992.M41, however its tentacles were repelled by the Imperium Ichar IV Campaign and the Eldar at the Battle of Iyanden.

Despite these setbacks, the greatest Tyranid Hive Fleet (Tyranid Hive Fleet) marched across the Galaxy, defeating a succession of lesser hive fleets. In 997.M41, Leviathan, the biggest Tyranid threat yet encountered, landed in the galaxy under the galactic plain. The construction of the Great Rift, on the other hand, cut off most of Leviathan as it launched its primary onslaught on Baal, the homeworld of the Blood Angels.

The Indomitus Crusade has come to fruition against Baal defenders during the Blackness, and a new Daemon adversary has materialized soldiers, with the bulk of the hive fleet Leviathan destroyed. The big Hive Fleets, on the other hand, are still swarming towards Segmentum Solar with countless tendrils.

The Tyranid Fleets had only encountered the initial reconnaissance units for longer, according to the Strategic Collective, an Imperial research agency.

According to their findings, the Departmento Munitorum should increase mobilization and recruitment by at least 500 percent. Every man, woman, and child on every globe in the Segmentums Solar, Obscurus, and Tempestus would be recruited if such a number was attempted.


Tyranid armies are constantly developing and mutating at a rate that no other race can equal. It’s unlikely that the Imperium has ever encountered Tyranid forces of any kind, and it’s even more unlikely that they will ever be seen.

Practically all Tyranid forces have some essential qualities, including as thick chitinous armor, a hexapedal structure, and several redundant organs, making them incredibly tough to kill.

The weaponry and missiles used by the hive fleets are all living beings built from reconstituted biomatter from previous invasions. Instead of mechanical technology, the Warrior of the Tyranidss depend on a sophisticated kind of biotechnology.

These monstrosities are very symbiotic, blending into one other’s skin to the point that it’s impossible to distinguish where one Tyranid unit ends and the next starts. The most visible instances of this interplay are the bigger constructs, which have reused anatomies but retain identifiable biological features.

Those that serve as fighters are generally endowed with organs that can live autonomously and regulate their own activities, in contrast to the “free-living” nature of most Tyranid creature endings.

Furthermore, these War Bosses have backup brains in case anything goes wrong or if the main brain dies; they also have access to particular information required during current invasions, such as how to kill adversaries rapidly without causing too much collateral damage (C paralytic).

Warrior of the Tyranids creatures are very poisonous to all kinds of life, and many of its species release toxic spores during invasions to make the area inhospitable for non-Tyranid life.

Because their armies comprise creatures specialized for every possible aspect of fighting, all of which can be altered and regrown in a short period of time to match the requirements of a battle, the Warrior of the Tyranidss are a dangerous opponent to engage.

This allows the major hive fleet to build a force capable of crushing any opponent by unleashing a massive swarm of deadly alien creatures capable of flying, sprinting, burrowing, and stalking beyond any foe’s defenses.

The Tyranid Hive Fleet (Tyranid Hive Fleet) gorgon has no touch with any of the other species in the galaxy. Negotiating, appeasing, or surrendering to the Tyranid race is impossible. It’s impossible for such an opponent to be compassionate. When dealing with the Tyranid codex, it’s a straightforward matter of life and death: kill or be devoured.

Tyranid Hive Fleet (Tyranid Hive Fleet)

Because the Hive fleet cannot exist on Chaos’s raw matter, smaller Hive Fleets avoid areas wrecked by Warp Storms and Daemonic activity.

This has become increasingly difficult as the impure essence of the Warp flows out of the Great Rift and over the cosmos. As a consequence, the Hive Fleets have been denied vital resources, and Kronos seems to be the Hive Mind’s answer to the situation.

Species classification

The Tyranid swarm is boundless and ever-evolving, and each massed Hive Fleet includes an endless number of assimilated creatures. However, a few key creatures are routinely encountered in Hive Fleets.

The following are the most usually found Tyranid species:

Tyranid Leadership Organisms (Tyranid Leadership Organisms)


The Norn-Queen is a sophisticated, highly intelligent bioform that commands the enormous swarms and guides their adaptive routes to adapt.

Tyrant of the Hive

Tyrant of the Hives are large, strong monsters three times the height of a man that can tear through plasteel or ferrocrete as if they were glass. They excel in both close combat and ranged fighting; indeed every part of their body is perfectly designed for murder!


The Broodlord leads the push into enemy territory, ready on wreaking havoc. These formidable dictators are proficient in infiltration to catch their victims off guard, as well as close combat scenarios where they may employ their greater size or strength in numbers against foes who cannot physically equal them.


The Tervigon is a gigantic monster with a Sociopathic, fat tummy that acts as a live incubator for Termagants. Hundreds of these little creatures sleep behind its lumpy carapace, in a condition of hibernation that can only be attained by feeding them blood from those who would die for our cause!

Organisms with Specialized Functions


Lictors stood beside their magistrates at all times, ready to carry out any commands. Unless the guy who engaged them as bodyguards or home guards for himself told them differently, they followed him in public and safeguarded him from attack with their swords drawn at all times.

The Lices were a group of individuals in ancient Rome who had nothing but devotion for whomever they served (or Fasces). These executioners carried enormous sticks known as “fasces” that signified justice; once someone broke the law, these blades would be held high in the air so that everyone could witness what transpired until the penalty was appropriate.

Alpha Lictor

Alpha Lictor is a highly advanced and secretive organism. It has the ability to stealthily ambushes its enemies with anppelaboratory ambush, disrupting their ranks in order for larger organisms like itself or other zerg units come up behind them.

Lcticors’ chameleonic skin also lets them blend into whatever location they’re placed into, so if they’re spied on by guardians before taking action, there’s a little chance you’ll realize what’s coming until it’s too late!

Guard of the Tyrant

The Guard of the Tyrant are a species of powerful and ferocious alien monsters that exist solely to protect the planets tidal flow from harm. Though they may also benefit themselves with protection, Carnifexes like this one often serve as guards for their ruler instead

Guarding the Hive

The Guarding the Hive are heavily armoured gun-beasts bound to extremely powerful symbiotic bio-weapons. They stand watch over the Tyranid Hive Ships and capillary towers that guard prey worlds, until such time as intruders come within range of their deadly weapons


Zoanthropes are the most powerful weapon in the Hive Mind’s armory. They employ a species’ mental capacity to create infused shells that may be fired from afar or charged up close for deadly impact!


The Neurothrope is a more advanced form of the Zoanthrope. It has a particular ability that enables it to drain life energy from its opponents, as well as power up attacks in combat and other powers, making it a very deadly beast!


For the swarms of Hive Fleets, the Tyranid Venomthrope is a live chemical weapon distributor. Its whip-like tentacles drip with a variety of poisons so deadly that even a single contact is thought to be fatal!


In the universe of 40k, the Pyrovore is a one-of-a-kind monster. It digests biomass in advance to supply minerals and fuel to its Hive Fleet, which may be anything from planets to stars!


Hive Mind’s live weapon is the Maleceptor. It can incinerate everything in its path with an eyeless cranium that transmits warp energy, and those that survive this keening mental scream are left debilitated by formidable talons to try again another day.


The Toxicrene is a massive, old beast that towers above its scuttling horde. The monster is known for being incredibly poisonous, with nozzles blasting out from underneath it, choking you in spores if you go too near!


The Malanthrope is a strange, insect-like creature that can be found in the nest of any Tyranid Hive Fleet (Tyranid Hive Fleet). They mine for new genetic material to help build up our army and adapt existing ones with its incredible capabilities!


It is stated that the Dimachaeron was built by a formidable species noted for their fighting prowess, with the express purpose of eliminating individuals they classified as prey, including leaders. Their strategy worked; this weapon now scares anybody who comes into contact with it and generates fear among the resistance ranks when it is detected close.

Tyranid Raveners - Warhammer 40K:Emperor's ChosenSubmitted by jubjubjedi

Organisms at their Most Basic

Warrior of the Tyranids

Warriors, the HiveFleets’ synaptic foot troops, are one of the most significant species. They’re strong and lethal animals with the capacity to guide other organisms in warfare as well as generate focal points for their own species’ consciousnesses by being synapse-connected together like one huge brain capable of collective thought.

Prime Tyranid

Prime Tyranid inhabitants are more intelligent than their common counterparts. When leading a brood of Tyranids, they act as one entity using tactics and precision that military commanders find hard to match. If in the presence of powerful creatures like Tyrant of the Hives or character class Imperial space marine.

Prime will postpone cognitive function and optic nerve impulses for senior leadership jobs while still being capable of directing a big group into an effective combat force when alone.


Kayvaan Shrike is a brave and dedicated commander of the Raven Guard, a group famed for their close combat prowess. As Master Of Shadows, he leads his Chapter with traps and ambushes that harm foes from afar while yet being talented enough to fight them face to face if required.

Kayvan’s mask resembles both clever bird (itself derived thoughtfulness) and spirituality – notably avian images related closely during this historical period when people first began thinking about flying.


The Ravener Fossil is a terrible and terrifying creature from the Age of Strife. They have spade-like Scything Talons for digging, snake like bodies that allow it to move agilely over all manner or terrain with their thorax mounted biomorphs such as Devourers or Deathspitters amongst others similarities they bear towards other Warrior of the Tyranids species

When our company was exploring an ancient nestfillgence site deep within wastelands where only rare fossilized bones remained, I saw one of these creatures for the first time. This particular type had never been seen before, so there were many questions raised about its origins, which are still unanswered.

Alpha Ravener

The Ravener is a bigger and stronger bird than its more frequent sibling. However, since it lacks the capacity to fly, it takes use of its size advantage by digging behind enemy lines in order to create strategic tunnels for other members of its swarm to utilize!


For the Hive Fleets, the Genestealer is a very effective and strong battle unit. They may go ahead of their fleet, spotting possible worlds that can be devoured by this massive army like appetizing prey right in front of them!

Genestealer Ymgarl

The Genestealer Ymgarls are a strange mutation of the regular Genestealer that was thought to only exist in space. They’ve been contacted by humanity for quite some time now, but no one knows how or why this race came about!



The Termagant is a hive fleet monster that carries bio-weapons that may be utilized as weapons. It scoffs at its victims from afar, pouring fire down on them like meteors from beyond space!


Hormagaunts are highly specialized creatures from Brakir’s Hive Fleet. Each one possesses four razor-sharp claws designed specifically for tearing and piercing flesh, as well as powerful hind legs that let it to charge into battle at incredible speeds!


The spinegaunts are a kind of Tyranid gaunt that has evolved to use spines as a weapon. They can fire hail-like spikes containing venom and causing severe pain, but only if they come into contact with their prey.

The new shape these animals assumed offered them not only lethal attack power with any type of touch, but it also gave them a new ability: assaults that are poisoned


The ripper is a Tyranid creature that resembles a maggot and is used as the main mechanism of consuming bio-mass from a planet. They are the most numerous of all species, forming swarms that can easily draw down and swallow much bigger opponents several times their size!


Sky-Slasher Swarms are the epitome of speed and strength, capable of instantly killing even the most formidable adversaries.

Organisms that are large in size


The Biovore is a bloated beast that poses several threats. The Mine of Sporess it carries, which coat foes in acids and other poisons before shrapnel-sized chunks of chitin erupt forth from its body when it comes into contact with any non-Tyranid living form, are one of those perils.


With its impenetrable armor and coiled muscle, the Carnifex is a living machine of devastation, towering above other species. This monster has the ability to charge at speeds that seem to be defenses themselves, knocking back any opponent in its path before crashing through barriers like paper walls.


The Haruspex is a walking, oozing devastation machine! Nothing – not even another creature – seems to be able to stop it. The only thing slowing this rushing beast down are its own taste buds, for once they’ve bitten into anything meaty enough for them…well, let’s just say there aren’t many living creatures left standing after dealing with these ravenous owls.

Harvespedes were initially intended to be part-time predators that would hunt food in between bigger monsters’ meals, but they quickly proved to be too effective at hunting smaller animals on their own, therefore certain species have evolved to explicitly modify their sizes to maximize efficiency.


Prime Trygon

The Prime Trygon is a single model armed with the most powerful bio-electric pulse in all of existence. With containment spines that can cut through almost anything, it also carries three pairs at massive scything talons for hacking up any resistance you might come across on your journey to new worlds!


The Mawloc is a massive worm-like monster that serves as the Tyranid swarm’s outrider. They are burrowing creatures that travel deep underground to avoid enemy defenses, then emerge behind them to wreak havoc on supply lines or command posts before fading back into hiding when confronted with retaliation from those they attack; severe earth tremors always signal the presence of this terrifying creature!


The Tyrannofex is a huge Bio-Titan built for combat in the harshest environments. It has hundreds of crew members and is encased in a dozen layers of ablative chitin, with three pairs of huge legs that can stand up to any war engine built of steel or more conventional technology!


The bio-plasmic cannon nested inside the flesh of the Exocrine serves as a vehicle for it. With roars that sound like they’re pouring out of every pore on this thing’s body, it can unleash destruction from afar!

Super-Organisms that are large in size


These gigantic bio-forms, bristling with spines and claws, loom above the battlefield. They have the ability to fire lethal poisons from their bulk, as well as launch surprise assaults on unsuspecting adversaries!


The Hierophant is a massive biotitanic monster that uses tens of thousands of lesser organisms as weapons and armor. With its bristling spikes, it towers above any opponent while still containing enough symbiotic tissue to make it more lethal than ever!


The Dominatrix is a terrible hybrid beast with tearing claws and teeth of nightmare proportions. Its primary weapon is symbiotic weaponry, which can be connected to any sort of creature and used for a variety of tasks such as blasting laser beams from afar or creating destructive explosions at close range!

Organisms that Fly


As they beat their wings and fall upon the enemies, the Gargoyle Brood is a scary sight to see. It shuts out sunlight with hundreds of its brethren while spewing death from flesh borers or corrosive venom that can melt steel in a single stroke!


Harpies are a kind of uncommon winged predator found in the Land of Chill, Northern Waste, and Troll Country. Because there is an abundance of food in these regions, they build their lairs near bodies of water or cliffs that border seas.

Crone of the Hive

The Crone of the Hive is the perfect plane for aerial warfare. It’s large wings enable it to launch quick attacks, and its powerful engines give this terrifying creature exceptional speed when engaging in dogfights with enemy pilots on their ground bases or fleets up high in space!


Harridans are a special kind of flyer that must be considered by both flyers and tanks. The Harrihna, with bio-cannons mounted on its body and two Scything Talons for swooping low and skewering enemy forces in one go, cannot match an aircraft’s straight line speed, but it compensates with nimble maneuverability, allowing these creatures to avoid attacker fire while caring for smaller Gargoyles around them!


Mine of Spores

A Biovore’s spores aren’t just weapons that it fires at foes; they also have one or more mines connected to them, which might float for days before triggering.

Spores of Mucolid

Spores of Mucolids are a type of Tyrranid spores designed for air defense. Operating in clusters, they move swiftly through the sky and explode with lethal force once they close on their targets!

Spore of Mieosis

The Small Mine of Spores is a small sack full of bio-acid and toxins that contain smaller spores. When it detects an enemy nearby, the mine showers its foes with razor sharp chitin as well as bone fragments from inside itself beforekaering them in toxic gases or corrosive juices

The Spore of Mieosiss are large burdens filled up mainly made out by acids but also some proteins which can be harmful if touched without protection.

Spore of the Mycetic

The Spore of the Mycetic is a small, but very important creature that can transport any number of smaller organisms into battle. It’s also capable for carrying three Warriors or even one large Carnifex!


A bioship is defined as a spacecraft having primarily or fully artificial components and an organic appearance. They may be rather strong, and when harmed, they typically recover themselves; some even evolve into intelligent or sentient lifeforms!

Hive Ship

Hive ships are the world’s biggest spacecraft, capable of transporting thousands of their own species. Wraith aliens have utilized their interior structure to hold people for decades, and these gigantic cocoons make up the majority, if not all, of the pieces within a hive ship!


During the late 30th and early 31st Millennia, the Devourers were a group of Space Marines that acted as Angron’s personal guard. They battled in his service to Emperoreric Logistics, and General Dakk’s tough training will keep them on their toes!


Greenspawn razorfiends were among Tiamat’s earliest spawn, and they served as guardians in her army. These monsters would also be stationed in strategic areas to attack villages and visitors passing through their territories!

Prowler of the Void

The Prowler of the Void is a type of Bio-ship used by the hive fleets to scout and escort. They come in many different varieties depending on their intended purpose, such as Light Cruiser or Heavy Frigate classifications for ships that can act more traditionally thought of as battleships during combat situations


The Kraken is the most powerful and biggest of all the aquatic megafauna that live in Fenris’s turbulent waters. The monster has a form similar to those found in Earth’s deep oceans, but its size—a 5 mile long octopus with four times as many tentacle arms!—makes it even more horrifying.

Drone Vanguard

The Drone Vanguards are the advance scouts of their fleets, seeking out new planets for consumption and then seeding them with infiltration organisms like Genestealers or Lictors.

They seldom come into touch with other spacecraft in order to preserve some semblance of sentience outside of our galaxy’s main flock; when they do return home, it is simply to replenish supplies before embarking on new excursions.

The Drone Vanguard has been given permission by its creators at dawn institute after years spent exploring outer rim colonies

Drone Escort

The T’au Drone is a tiny, disc-shaped gadget that aids diplomatic missions by flying across the skies. They feature a sophisticated CPU unit that allows them to process information swiftly while traveling.

Broods of Ether-Swimming Ether

Broods of Ether-Swimming Ether are small swarms of void capable organisms that can be launched against enemy vessels from larger Bio ships. They function as Attack Craft for other races, making them perfect candidates in any fight!


When the Tyrannocyte hits its target planet, it explodes, shattering windows and ripping buildings apart. While their spacecraft continues on its voyage to additional planets with plentiful life, the formidable aliens aboard are freed to afflict this new planet!


The Narvhal is a ship that allows the Tyranid Hive Fleet (Tyranid Hive Fleet)s to travel through space and time by warping between two stars.

Hive Mind

Individualism does not exist within the Tyranid swarm, as each unit is linked to the next in a type of swarm awareness. The development of any of the troops participating in Tyranid armies has only one purpose: to carry out the will of the swarm, whether it is a Tyrant of the Hive or a Ripper Swarm. The Hive Mind is a term used to describe this gestalt consciousness.

Synapse Creatures are Tyranid soldiers tasked with managing the swarm’s lower species and enforcing the Hive Mind’s will. They can use the Hive Mind to receive and send directives, and they’re crucial to the Tyranid race’s survival; without it, the swarm would dissolve. Synapse Creatures are often deployed in large numbers to enable weaker creatures to progress quickly while staying within range of a synapse creature.

Consumption on the Planet

The finding of a suitable target is the most important step in the process of integrating a planet’s biological and inorganic resources. One method they employ is to look at the spectra of distant stars to see whether they have the potential to support life.

However, using vanguard organisms, or other Hive Fleet members, is the fastest and most common method. Dagon was once a massive fleet of bio-ships that scoured the galaxy seeking life on distant worlds. They would then spawn Lictors and Genestealer cults to assault these wealthy planets with their own covert agenda: to resurrect an old program that predates recorded history!

Once implanted, these organisms would seek out all kinds of life, focusing on highly structured forms of life, such as people, and confining themselves to lone prey to avoid revealing their existence.

Genestealers in particular will want to infiltrate communities and develop cults, not just to indicate that the planet is ripe for devouring, but also to weaken the planet’s defenses against the Hive mind’s arrival.

Tyranid bio-ships are attacking the Imperial Navy.

As the Hive mind swiftly approaches its goal, all connection with the outside galaxy will be lost in a matter of seconds. The stars themselves seem to hesitate in bewilderment before being blanketed by an unknown shadowspeech disruptive force—trillions upon trillions of spores are blasted into space, waiting for whatever happens next.

From small Rippers to massive Bio-Titans, the Tyranid swarm comes in many forms and sizes, as seen by its tactics. Some may merely have warriors, while others will have symbiotes that can change form quickly at the stroke of a button–and they’re available for anything you desire!

The first type specializes in transforming your planet’s vegetation into an aggressive alien jungle full of Capillary Towers where lush forests are replaced by high temperatures quicker than you can say “Zoomorphic Symbiote”. The Gargoyles are a cloud-dwelling race of beings.

They have acidic digestive bile, and they may use this poison to drive other species to extinction by bombarding them with it, killing millions on first contact! The swarms that follow after will ensure that there is no remaining population to impact future generations.

The defenders, frequently underestimating Tyranid technology and intelligence, make hasty retreats to buy time to regroup before the attack, only to be caught and slaughtered when it becomes evident they were just led into pre-planned slaughter.

Larger Tyranid species, such as Warriors, Carnifexes, and Bio-Titans, would swoop down on these remaining pockets of resistance, annihilating the defenders with overwhelming power. The planet’s resources are drained after resistance is crushed.

Bacterial agents and vast swathes of feeder organisms, which pupate off the remnants of native life forms, scour the landscape for every ounce of biological matter before being gathered and processed into a thick, nutrient-rich gruel in Reclamation Pools.

This includes any afflicted species that march blankly into the depths of pools to be consumed by the Hive Fleet, as well as any altered plant life that has completed the change of the atmosphere into an oxygen-rich environment.

As the digestion pools fill up, the Hive Fleet ships assemble in low orbit as huge capillary towers emerge to link with proboscis-like feeding tubes and pump biomass into them. The drone-ships are dragging their hauling cords behind them as they descend to low orbit.

As hundreds upon millions of dollars worth of gold bars are sucked up by gigantic machinery in one shot, the skyline takes on a Jetsons’ Acid Wash effect as futuristic structures collapse and shatter apart.

The big Hive Fleets will ultimately sail to another planet to continue the feeding process after leaving the Earth a barren airless rock stripped down to its molecular level.

For microscopic life, Tyranids begin by eating metal, rocks, and other minerals, although this does not generally result in a lot of biomass.

Interstellar Flight

Thanks to a monster known as a Narvhal, which can harness a system’s gravity and drive the Hive Fleet’s Bio-Ships to their destination, the Tyranid species seems to be able to travel faster than light. When the Tyranids come, psychic disturbances known as the Shadow in the Warp are prevalent.

Tyranids as individuals

Despite the notion that the Tyranids are fully controlled by the Hive Mind and have no sense of uniqueness, the Imperium and others in the Galaxy have met a number of diverse creatures on many occasions. As a consequence of their presence, these genetic oddities have earned a terrible image.

Tyranids as individuals of note:

  • The Swarmlord is a legendary Tyrant of the Hive that represents the Tyranid race’s apex. 
  • Carnifex – Carnifex – Carnifex – Carnifex – Carnifex – Carnifex – Carnifex – Carnifex – Carnifex – Carnif 
  • Malan’tai’s Doom is a Zoanthrope who has developed a special adaption. 
  • Deathleaper – Lictor 
  • Winged Organism – Mortrex’s Parasite 
  • Red Terror – Ravener

Tyranid Hive Fleet (Tyranid Hive Fleet)s

The Tyranids are a space-borne race that has entered the realms of Mankind and other xenos like a disease spreading through an otherwise healthy body.

Tyranid Hive Fleet (Tyranid Hive Fleet)s are made up of millions of biomechanical ships, each of which is home to a symbiotic life. In the spacecraft’ reproductive rooms, these creatures evolve and spawn from a variety of geno-organisms.

The numerous races of the Hive Fleet are compelled to serve the ship by an uncontrollable instinct: reproduction.

They do so via evolution and the acquisition of new genetic features, seeking better suited forms of life for their own requirements as they go along with their deadly desire for development.

If one hive fleet was ever destroyed, the animals that relied on it, such as food producers or warriors, would no longer be able to die fighting alongside one another while simultaneously providing security against outside attackers.

Within these endless arms, the multitude among us has deep roots. Our deepest passions are stirred by whispered stories.

Tyranid QueenTheMaestroNoob (TheMaestroNoob) (TheMaestroNo

Even the most stalwart of humanity’s defenders are shocked, awed, and terrified by a fully mobilized Tyranid Hive Fleet (Tyranid Hive Fleet). Even if the xenos danger is defeated (at a high cost), another Tyranid migration will develop soon.

This is what makes the Tyranid species so dangerous: it’s an advanced meta-predator capable of out-producing, out-consuming, and out-lasting any other species it encounters, and it’s done it an unfathomably enormous number of times before over a vast span of cosmic space.

The “tyranid hive fleets” are the most common and well-known type of Tyranids. They are a fleet of ships that travel across the galaxy to find new planets to infect and consume.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Tyranids based off of?

A: The Tyranids are based off of the race from Warhammer 40k.

Why did the Tyranids come to the Milky Way?

A: The Tyranids are a species of space-faring insectoid aliens who use their incredible numbers to overwhelm and devour all other life whenever they enter into new territory. They do not know why they have come to the Milky Way, but it is likely that some force in this universe has summoned them here.

Are all Tyranids female?

A: All Tyranids are female.

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