Wander the halls of Cosmonious High as an alien teen

Cosmonious High is an upcoming science fiction game that will be powered by blockchain. The game gives players the chance to become a student at one of three schools on Earth, chosen based on your personality type. You can only play as human beings or aliens in this multiplayer sci-fi adventure with no set Release Date yet

Cosmonious High is a virtual reality game where you play as an alien teen in the halls of Cosmonious High. The game was released on the Oculus Quest 2 and has been called one of the best VR games to date.

As pupils are thrown into a new environment that puts significantly more agency in the hands of its students, the first day of high school is one filled with apprehension, optimism, and more than a little awe. The days of being marched about by professors in single-file lines are long gone. Students may choose courses that interest them, and sociability takes on a whole new meaning with four grades mingling between (and during) lessons.

Cosmonious High succeeds in emulating this exciting moment of discovery by guiding players through a fully realistic extraterrestrial high school as they develop unique abilities.

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Owlchemy Labs, the creators of VR games Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator, are behind the game. These early VR games were among the first completely realized virtual reality experiences. Within Cosmonious High, Owlchemy Labs’ skill in developing these worlds for virtual exploration comes to completion.

Many parents are unaware that by sending their child to a school, they are relinquishing a lot of control and protection over the youngster. It’s a big task, so when Cosmonious High landed in my lap, I quickly enlisted the aid of my daughter to give it a good shake. After all, she’s recently begun middle school (much to my dismay), and she doesn’t get as much ‘Dad time’ as she used to.

I get to speak about High School with her, and she has to do my work. For me, it seemed to be a victory.

New you, new me

Players will take on the role of a Prismi, a new student at Cosmonious High who happens to get caught in the middle of a meteor shower on the same day. Exploring the high school exposes players to a variety of classrooms where new minigames are introduced, new abilities to interact with the environment are disclosed, and new tasks to complete for credit are provided.

These credits are what allow you to access more abilities and courses in Cosmonious High. Credits may be acquired in the usual sense (by completing coursework or achieving additional credit goals) or by exploring the High School and making things right with the newly disclosed abilities. Sometimes, space dust must be blown away; other times, hazardous flames rage along corridors, and pupils seem to be unconscious of the hazards.

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I was struck as I saw my daughter go through the game, acquiring new abilities and experimenting with them to see how she might use them to change the environment around her. It was akin to seeing her study things in school and then putting those teachings into practice in her everyday life to grow as a person.

This continual progression of the played Prismi strikes a chord with how high schoolers are physically and psychologically maturing in the game. In many aspects, the player’s ability to grow their abilities as they go reflects puberty and self-discovery during a challenging period of human development. Cosmonious High does it expertly and with a lot of subtlety.

The celebrity socialite

Cosmonious High nails the talks between the player and NPCs throughout the game, and it wouldn’t be High School without them. When you wave to NPCs, they will turn to face you and begin a chat depending on the current situation. Players may communicate to different characters by moving their lips, creating a unique VR interaction that goes beyond the normal pushing, pulling, and a slew of murders.

As a parent, you miss seeing how your children interact at school. There are goths, music heads, geeks, teacher pets, and other stereotypes in Cosmonious High that fit into most high school facades. In VR, my daughter bullied certain characters, such as the ‘teacher’s pet,’ but she loved mingling with others in the play area. She didn’t need to do it; she just wanted to know what else certain individuals had planned for her.

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Because of how wonderfully the NPCs engaged with the player, exploring the high school was always a delight. Listening to them converse amongst themselves with clever banter was an excellent approach to further flesh out the environment. New characters were added that blended in nicely with the scene, whether players were entering an art class or a gym. I liked how the NPCs in Cosmonious High were not only thoroughly developed as personalities, but also made accurate observations about my activities around them, whether I was freezing everything in sight or growing their heads to cover rooms.

Of course, it’s still virtual reality. My daughter spent the right amount of time bashing other NPCs, tossing objects at their heads, and generally bothering them. Some instructors manage to catch the things and give the player a ‘good attempt,’ implying that, as we’ve come to anticipate, gamers will have to be a little more inventive in abusing the VR NPCs. However, the characters’ reactions to being struck go beyond a three-second animation, including talking and flinching.

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Cosmonious High transports you to a unique in-depth setting that I haven’t enjoyed since Half Life: Alyx, as far as is feasible inside a current VR release. This is an accomplishment in and of itself, and it elevates Owlchemy Labs to the forefront of the developing VR sector.

The next step is exploration.

It may, however, become a victim of its own success. It may be disheartening when barriers to advancement arise since exploring new areas and earning new skills is so fascinating, providing players with an unrestrained feeling of wonder and interest. To advance, players must collect a certain quantity of credits in order to unlock new courses and rooms. Sure, there are credits to be earned around the school in a variety of ways that encourage discovery and experimenting, but dang if my daughter and I didn’t feel a little frustrated by the fact that there were more adventures beyond a closed gate.

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We would succumb to sorrow every time we came across a credit gate and return prior regions to probe and prod about. Thankfully, the school’s Grand Hall clearly displays how much credits are available in each room, directing players to the appropriate rooms, but these gates continually slowed our research. The need to solve puzzles, no matter how well designed they are, may become a burden that prevents players from exploring everything that Cosmonious High has to offer.

Finally, Cosmonious High gives a fantastic image of Owlchemy Labs’ capability. The environment and tale are both expertly mixed to go beyond the apparent and into a declaration of self-discovery and inquiry. With odd people and unusual possibilities, the universe is completely realized, enabling players to explore every nook and corner. Even jaded gamers will find something great to enjoy inside the halls of Cosmonious High, despite its obvious attraction to a younger audience.

The “owlchemy labs upcoming games ” is a game that has been released by the developer of the popular game “Papers, Please.” The game is set in an educational setting and allows players to explore the halls of Cosmonious High as an alien teen.

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