Video Editing: Which Software to Choose?

Intro, selection of the best software

With smartphones, sports cameras (such as GoPro), the democratization of consumer camcorders (including 360), everyone is becoming an amateur videographer. But compiling videos is not enough to make them into stories, i.e. films. The assembly is decisive. Like any good worker, you need good tools to cut, move and paste pieces of video.

Our selection of the best editing software


Good software for beginners in editing with many audio/video special effects.



A consumer software that offers very advanced features for complex videos (4K, 360…).


The best editing software: the five-legged sheep ?

We have tried to appeal to as many people as possible in our selection. From the private individual who wants to try his hand at editing free software to the professional who knows one or two software programs admirably but could discover other software for other uses. We haven’t forgotten the student or the geek who wants to regularly edit several films with powerful but complex software, while remaining free. Several software are indeed of professional quality (in terms of functions and exports) and yet are free!

Of course, we also evaluated popular commercial software for the general public or today’s leading professional and fee-based solutions. Our bias is that there is not a single editing application for everyone but several solutions depending on the needs (technical and artistic audiovisual objectives) and the means (in time, money and skills) to be implemented. Unfortunately, the editing programs that offer the most functions are those with the longest learning curve. But investing several days of training for a 30-minute wedding film is not for everyone.

Software that we have not selected

  • Windows Movie Maker because it is no longer updated by Microsoft and moreover no longer pre-installed on Windows 10.
  • Avidemux is an interesting software but limited in functions. A kind of Video Editing Notepad while looking for a Word.
  • Blender is an excellent open source modeling and post-production software but complex to understand.
  • Wondershare Filmora is an elegant and modern editing solution, but the free version adds an indelible watermark to your videos.
  • Kdenlive is another advanced video editing software but its Windows version is slow to arrive.
  • Avid Media Composer is a heavyweight in video editing for TV stations and production companies. Its cost (about 1300 euros), its complexity and the resources required (powerful configuration) considerably hamper its accessibility.




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