Vermintide wasn’t meant to be played over 80-100 hours

Hedge 24 Mar @ 5:45pm

I will be direct and summarize as much as possible. We’re so unknown at the moment, but here we go.

V2 is not designed as a live service game, but as a game that can capture the heart and mind for 80-100 hours.

Nothing wrong with that, not every game has to be designed to keep people addicted for thousands of hours. Those who generally rely on a different acquisition model often play for free, extracting infinite amounts of money from a minute fraction of players. A model we do not support.

Some players have a strange attitude of self-importance, that we owe the players something and that they are being robbed because we don’t support the game the way they want. We understand that this comes (mostly) from a love of the game and a desire to make it better, to do more, to develop it, and to provide hundreds of additional hours of fun, but we need more people to dedicate themselves full-time to the project to do this, and that this comes at a cost, which must be paid for in some way (see above).

The fact that players stay with our game for more than 100 hours makes us extremely proud. Honestly. But it wasn’t designed to last forever and keep providing new content and experiences day after day. At some point it’s worth it to say, you know what, I paid $30 for this and put 500 hours into it! What a return on investment that was! and play something else. Maybe I’ll come back when the update comes out and try it out.

In DRG, he delivers more content, more regularly, that’s true. But their art has a very specific design language that allows them this luxury. To quote Mikkel, we chose a style that allows us to produce content very quickly, because we don’t have very detailed models or enemies, so we can produce it very quickly. They are also independent of the owner of the intellectual property, who can mix things up or prevent the boundaries from being pushed to some extent. This doesn’t put the blame on GW either, but adds a level of constraint and bar that must be met, as well as the need for some consistency.

Of course, we’re not perfect. Do we have gremlins? Yes, of course. But that’s it. Nobody’s perfect. 500 hours for $30 is a bargain, if you ask me. We didn’t expect you, or anyone else, to invest so much time, and we’re sure you’ll be thrilled and want to continue! But keep your expectations in check. We could do things differently, change our approach and evolve into a game that allows us to produce more content at a faster pace, but it would be a different game, and probably not the game you wanted to see in the first place.


I don’t know what to think. Is the great shark deliberately digging its own grave? They are creating anti-hype with their new content and now telling their customers that we should just stop playing their game at the end. that we should not have spent 1k hours on the game. We were expected to play around 80-100 hours, and come back for new content around 2 hours or so. What kind of statement is that, Big Shark? Why would a developer specify that?

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