[vds] [ech] [ach] of Cases in Lorraine (54/55/57/88) No Miscellaneous

Hi Gougy , No no travel planned in Alsace but not against to make a shipment.

 I offer you 50 euros and I take the shipping costs and I put a 32 GB SD card instead of 16 on a RPi .

 I made a clean photo for what I’m offering because I made the announcement pretty quickly at work.


 Vlaad if Gougy doesn’t take, I’ll sell you one on nancy brabois because I’m a new house

 Do not hesitate if you have any questions.

 I am also parting with a 1000 W Lepa Semi modular power supply  


  Just in case, I’m looking for a CPU+CM AMD Ryzen 5 2600(x) or 3600(x)
config :)

 A +

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