Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt weapons guide – All ranged and melee weapons explained

With the release of Bloodhunt, Vampire: The Masquerade fans have a long list of new gadgets at their disposal. The new weapons of the game range from White Necro-Arms to the infamous Deathbringer’s Cursed Spear, and while this guide will cover the basics of each weapon, it will also explain the various special abilities that each one has.

To help you fight the dark lord as a vampire hunter, the Bloodhunt weapons guide has been made. The guide will be made to help you find all the weapons in the game. Made for all ranged and melee weapons.

Ever wondered which weapons to use with which vampire? This Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt weapons guide aims to help you understand the weapon system and what all the stats mean. We’ll be explaining the difference between all the ranged and melee weapons in the game, as well as the weapon modifiers and upgrade paths, and we’ll be going through every weapon in the game.. Read more about world of darkness weapons chart and let us know what you think.

a brand new Battle Royale, Vampire: Masquerade Bloodhunt has a pretty good selection of weapons. In addition to the standard firearms found in most other competitive shooters, Bloodhunt also features archaic World War I pistols, explosive crossbows and brutal mêlée weapons.

This guide provides an overview of each weapon in Bloodhunt, highlighting their strengths, weaknesses and less obvious features. This is not a list of levels; given the breadth of the game’s capabilities, it’s virtually impossible to designate weapons as too weak or too strong at this point.

Note that all long-range weapons reduce the player’s movement speed when aiming. Oddly enough, this also applies to players in the air, which occasionally leads to spectacular shot changes.

Pistoland double pistol

The starting gun in Bloodhunt is utterly useless, and he knows it – as soon as you equip a second remote weapon, it automatically replaces the gun, even if you don’t specifically swap it. You won’t find any other versions of this item in the loot. So if you see him on the ground, know that another player may be nearby.

The double pistols are an immediate improvement, they hit harder than the original gun. They are strong at close range, but almost as useless as a choke at medium or long range. As they become rarer, double pistols get larger capacity magazines, faster reload speeds, and a slightly longer firing range.

screenshot from GamePur.

assault rifle, submachine gun, silent SMG

These three weapons work like their counterparts in any other shooter game. Both the SMG and Tommy Gun are strong at close range, with the Tommy Gun inflicting excellent and consistent damage with its large magazine. The silent SMG is only partially silent, and players can still hear its sound from about a block away.

The assault rifle is much better at medium and long range than the other two. All three weapons are fully automatic, and the rarer weapons have a larger ammo capacity, faster reloads, and slightly longer range.

Revolver, sniper rifle, Markman rifle

Bloodhunt’s three weapons that fire slow, hit hard, and increase accuracy work in similar ways. Each of these three weapons has a long range and high damage per shot. These three weapons inflict extra damage when fired into the head, compared to the other weapons. They all improve reload speed and range with increased rarity, and the revolver and sniper rifle also have improved recoil recovery.

Bleeding pistol

The burst gun is a medium to long range semi-automatic weapon that does quite a bit of damage and is very accurate. It can switch from single shot mode to sequential shot mode. This weapon is favored by the forces of Essence, who often use it very effectively against players.

LMG, Minigun and convertible machine gun

These three heavy weapons are similar in that they use the same ammunition and are fully automatic, but each has its own characteristics. The LMG’s accuracy improves as it shoots, and works best at close range. The minigun shoots faster if you hold down the trigger, and has a huge 300-bullet magazine that cannot be reloaded by hand.

The switchable machine gun is unusual and is one of the most unique and flexible weapons in Bloodhunt as a whole. It has two shooting modes that players can freely switch between. Distance mode has a lower rate of fire but is much more accurate; this is indicated by the reduction of the reticle when you switch to this mode. Melee mode has double the rate of fire and works the same way as LMG. The weapon inflicts high damage per shot in all firing modes.

Heavy crossbow and double crossbow

The crossbow weapons in Bloodhunt are not what you would expect: They generally have low initial damage, no distance damage limitation, and are clearly not silent. The heavy crossbow fires a single large bullet that explodes on impact in a persistent cloud of toxic gas, blocking a large area with each shot. The greater the scarcity, the higher the reload rate.

Double-armed crossbows fire smaller arrows, resulting in fewer explosions that leave no gas behind. With greater rarity, they get a higher reload rate and can shoot more bolts before needing to reload. The projectiles of both types of weapons fly in an arc, making it almost impossible to hit the target at long range.

Weaponsscreenshot from GamePur.

pump-action shotgun and double-barrel shotgun

Bloodhunt’s two shotguns do a lot of burst damage when your target is right in front of you. Neither is the best at medium range, although Pump Shotgun seems to be better in those situations. With greater rarity, the shotgun gets a larger magazine and faster reload times, making it more reliable. Conversely, a double-barreled shotgun of a higher rarity level has a better bullet spread and slightly longer range, but it is still a short-range weapon.

Combat weapon

In addition to the two ranged weapons, Bloodhunt players can also carry a weapon for combat: a spiked baseball bat, a fire axe, a katana, or the beech knives. All weapons have a set rarity and unique attack chains, and while the mace and axe are more or less the same, the katana and whip sword give their users unique abilities. The katana can return bullets to the shooter, and the Beach Knives allow the player to move forward quickly with oblique blows. After using both powers, a short charging time occurs.

While melee weapons are silent and require no ammunition, they are clearly a last resort, as they can’t match most of Bloodhunt’s weapons in terms of damage and flexibility. They also seem to be unable to detect the vertical even when the player is pointing upwards. This makes them very unreliable in rooftop combat.

Archetypes like the Vandal and the Mermaid can make good use of mêle weapons though, especially if they feed enough NPCs with the right blood type to increase their mêle damage. Flail knives are the best choice for mêlée players, as they have a built-in function to plug holes.This is a vampire RPG, so weapons are important. Your character will have a number of “melee” weapons, for which he is trained to use. They are listed below alphabetically, and there’s a short description of each.. Read more about vampire: the masquerade firearms and let us know what you think.

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