Vampire Survivors PowerUps – Prices & Upgrade Order

Vampires have made their way into the zeitgeist of Pop culture with a new game on the market that is getting rave reviews. But what makes this game different is its ability to track your progress and let you know exactly when you might need some extra help in battle. The average player buys one or two powerups each day throughout gameplay and may spend as much as $30-50 USD per month buying all available upgrades without spending money on any single item.,

Vampire Survivors PowerUps - Prices & Upgrade Order

Purchasing PowerUps is one of the more long-term features of Vampire Survivors. These PowerUps increase your character’s damage per rank, armor, maximum health, and other attributes. There are several choices available, each of which requires a large number of coins to activate. Each PowerUp you purchase raises the cost of future PowerUp purchases. That implies that if you want to spend your money effectively, it’s usually a good idea to plan ahead. We’ll walk you through the optimal sequence to upgrade PowerUps in Vampire Survivors, as well as their pricing and how to go about unlocking them, in this article.

You may be wondering how to earn the coins you need to unlock PowerUps before getting into the specifics. While playing the game, you may collect coins, bags of coins, and coins from chests. Simply play more games and try your best to survive, and you’ll gradually save enough money to purchase all of the PowerUps. Investing in Greed only to farm out money can be a smart idea. Once you have enough money, you may look up the pricing of all the PowerUps in Vampire Survivors to evaluate which upgrading sequence is the most efficient.

In Vampire Survivors, the best order to upgrade powerups is

  1. Amount — One additional projectile is launched (all weapons)
  2. Gain 3% additional experience every rank via growth (max 15 percent )
  3. Cooldown – Each level allows you to use weapons 2.5 percent quicker (max 5 percent )
  4. Armor — Each tier reduces incoming damage by one (max -3)
  5. Luck – Chances of getting fortunate increase by 10% every level (maximum +30%).
  6. Might – Increased damage done by 5% every tier (max 25 percent )
  7. Greed – Gains 10% more coins every level (up to 50% more).
  8. Recovery – Recovers 0.1 HP per rank every second (maximum 0.5).
  9. Area – Increases the attack area by 5% every tier (max 10 percent )
  10. Speed – Per tier, projectiles travel 10% quicker (max 20 percent )
  11. Weapon effects last 15% longer every level in terms of duration (max 30 percent )
  12. Characters move at a 5 percent quicker rate every level (max 10 percent )
  13. Magnet – Items are picked up at a rate of +25% each rank (maximum +50%).
  14. Optimal Health – Increases Optimal Health by 10% every level (max 30 percent )

If you want to conserve coins, upgrade your PowerUps in this sequence. If you don’t have the 97,140 coins needed to completely unlock all PowerUps, put your money into Greed first, then Luck. This way, you’ll get more total gold (and chests) sooner, and you’ll be able to completely repay them afterwards. If you don’t care about efficiency, your upgrading sequence will be determined by what you find most beneficial for finishing runs.

Prices for Vampire Survivors PowerUps

PowerUp Price 1 Price 2 Price 3 Price 4 Price 5 Total Cost
Might 200 400 600 800 1000 3000
Armor 600 1200 1800     3600
Optimal Health 200 400 600     1200
Recovery 200 400 600 800 1000 3000
Cooldown 900 1800       2700
Area 300 600       900
Speed 300 600       900
Duration 300 600       900
Amount 5000         5000
MoveSpeed 300 600       900
Magnet 300 600       900
Luck 600 1200 1800     3600
Growth 900 1800 2700 3600 4500 13500
Greed 200 400 600 800 1000 3000

Vampire Survivors PowerUps Frequently Asked Questions

How many coins are required to fully use all of the PowerUps?

In Vampire Survivors, it currently costs 97,140 coins to unlock all of the PowerUps and raise them to their maximum level. This figure may vary in the future if the game’s costs are altered or new PowerUps are added.

Is it possible to get a refund on PowerUps?

Yes, you may return PowerUps in Vampire Survivors and get a full refund. You won’t be penalized if you return your PowerUps, so go ahead and try it.

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