Valheim: Where to Get Entrails & How to Farm

Inputs can be one of the nastiest things you’ll find in Valheim, and imagine how rude it would be to have them in your inventory.

It’s even stranger that Entrells is a food ingredient from the middle to the end of the game, oops!

Well, anything is possible, and as a Viking in Valheim, you must do your best to survive, even if it means devouring the remains of your enemies.

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Where can I get the entries?

Entries are for draugr and elite draugr, enemies roaming the swamp, and old draugr villages near the biome.

Draugrs drop one gut when killed, while elite draugrs drop two, and with level edits this will increase even more.

These enemies can only be found in the swamp biome, but they sometimes roam around in nearby areas, so be careful when approaching them.

How should production equipment be placed on the farm?

While you can find plenty of Draugr to farm in the swamp biome, there are better ways to farm effectively in Valheim.

Camping body battery

In some parts of the swamp, you can find piles of corpses that will occasionally spawn Draugr or Elite Draugr.

You can stay close to them and camp when they appear and kill them one by one, but you have to be ready because the time until the next respawn is short.

Sometimes there are two piles of corpses next to each other, which makes it easier to work in courtyards where enemies are multiplying.

Be careful when fighting Draugr near the morgue, as they will stop spawning if you destroy them.

marsh outpost

You can set up a small outpost or even a base in or near the swamp to make a good Entrails farm to return to.

It’s best to set up an outpost at a minimum distance from the marsh, so the sky doesn’t get dark and you have a better view.

Draugr lurk from time to time, and you can even lure them to your outpost to have a better chance of catching them or farm them near your outpost.

By placing sharp poles around your outpost or in strategic locations, you can slow down and even kill your enemies.

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Is it easy to kill a draugr?

Draugr is weak against money because it damages the mind. The undead take extra damage and eventually burn with a bluish flame.

If you use a shield to parry a Draugr attack, the Draugr take twice as much damage, allowing you to kill them easily.

It is best to keep your distance from some Draugr, especially the elite Draugr, as they can easily hit players with their damage and knockback.


Currently, there is only one recipe for intestines: The sausages, which are a little gross, but the food lover is good enough to make you forget the ingredient used.

Sausages are a huge improvement over regular cooked meats and grilled neck tails because they give you a food buffer that gives you 60 health, 40 stamina, and 3 health per tick for 1600 seconds.

The sausages can be cooked in a pot and you will need 2 starters, 1 raw meat and 4 thistles per lane to make 4 sausages.


Creeks are not that hard to grow, and you can easily get a lot of them if you have an outpost in or near the marsh biome.

Sausages are an excellent source of health and stamina bonuses, and can be essential to your survival in the middle to late game of Valheim.

The ingredients for the sausage (milk thistle and raw meat) can be grown easily in the Black Forest and, together with the offal which grows there, are among the easiest foods to prepare.

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