The Dyson range is far from clear. And yet, in recent years the manufacturer’s upright vacuum cleaners have become must-haves in the household appliance industry. How do you choose your Dyson? This guide answers this question.

In the Homo sapiens sapiens of 2019, it is not uncommon, as we approach the age of 30, to see the irrepressible need for a Dyson vacuum cleaner. This phenomenon has not been studied by science, but many testimonies agree that the English creator of household objects combining design and new technologies manages to go from the most total disinterest to the craziest desire over a very short period of a human’s life.

The next step, usually, is to go to an appliance store. There, in the vacuum cleaner aisle, about 20 models will be lined up. The oldcanistervacuum cleaners, therobotic models for making cat videos and the sweepers. From Dyson, there is none. Because the luxury of the vacuum cleaner has its owncorner , just like Apple, Google or Microsoft in the computer department. Its displays, its demo mats, its fake dust to spread, its specialized salespeople. It is usually here that desire will become reality: Homo sapiens sapiens will leave with his vacuum cleaner, happy and fulfilled.

And it’s very likely he made a big mistake. While Dyson has established itself as a luxury household appliance manufacturer, the company has no hesitation in reproducing the shortcomings of the worst carpet dealers, with numerous ranges that are poorly priced and illegible. That’s why this guide was written.

Understanding the Dyson range

To understand the Dyson range, you actually have to start with the number – which refers to the engine, probably with a fun automotive reference. In 2019, there are four models of sweeper vacuums in the catalogue, which actually have 4 “bases”: the V6, the V7, the V8 and the V10 (no V9). Each of the bases is available according to the accessories included in its pack. The ‘Absolute’ versions are supposed to be the most expensive, as they include all the accessories (small brush, precision tube, etc.)… but that’s not always the case, because Dyson is teasing.

However, do not buy a Dyson at list price. Vacuum cleaners are very often on sale, either on the official website or at e-merchants. We will always indicate the prices at which we find our recommendations “worthwhile”.

The safe bet: Dyson V8 Absolute (or Absolute +)

No time to waste? Neither does he.

Let’s start by answering the question that burns the lips of any potential buyer: what’s the difference between Dyson V8 Absolute and Dyson V8 Absolute +? There are absolutely none, technically speaking or in terms of the contents of the box. The only answer from the sales department is “the tube is black on the + version”.

Beyond that, it’sthe ultimate Dysonto watch out for. It was presented in numerous tests as the first time that the canister vacuum cleaner finally caught up with the canister vacuum cleaner in terms of suction power – and thus comfort and efficiency. It is also a device that can be recharged upright, has a good reservoir (no bag with hygienic opening), washable filters, more than sufficient autonomy (25 to 40 minutes depending on the brushes) and, above all, all the brushes. The Absolute pack includes the normal brush (all floors), the mini brush (car, sofa), but also theFluffy brush for hard floors.

This undeniable reference will be found under the name Absolute among e-merchants, but it is highly likely that, like Dyson on its official website, there will be a few suffixes (model 2018, +, etc.). Don’t let that bother you: it’s still the same Dyson V8. And you can easily find it for less than €400 during sales periods. An investment, but one that, if the manufacturer keeps its promises, can pay for itself: these vacuum cleaners are designed to be used “ten to fifteen years”.

Screenshot Numerama

The difference between these two vacuum cleaners? Handle colour (and price) // Source: Screenshot Numerama

In brief

  • The safe bet
  • All accessories
  • To watch for a purchase around 400 €.

The front door: Dyson V7 Animal (or Fluffy)

The best Dyson low budget

Remember the confusion over the packs? If you’re looking for the top of the V7 generation, you’ll have to turn to the Fluffy model… called Animal or Animal Extra on the official website. There is no difference between these three denominations, except for a monstrous price difference depending on the period or the merchant.

The Dyson V7 is the real gem for us if you don’t want to invest too much money in a vacuum cleaner – which we understand. With this generation, Dyson has managed toalmostmatch very good consumer canister vacuums and it’s with it that brushes have evolved too. The famousFluffybrush, ideal for picking up animal hair on hard floors, is obviously part of the package. This is the model that has dispelled doubts about the viability of a canister vacuum cleaner as a main vacuum cleaner and not just as a back-up vacuum cleaner.

The V6, the previous model, can’t compare to the V7, which is quite often traded in its premiumpack below €300.

In brief

  • The front door to Dyson
  • All accessories
  • To watch for a purchase around 300 €.

You have too much money: Dyson V10 Total Clean

You really want the latest?

What if, by some misunderstood marketing genius, we took the term Absolute, which corresponds to Dyson’s top-of-the-range model, and… stopped making it the top-of-the-range model? This is precisely what Dyson is thinking about his V10. The Absolute model comes with the same accessories as the Absolute version of the V8, but is no longerabsolute. It’s the Total Clean that’s absolute. You follow?

Dyson’s V10 is a V8better. It sucksevenstronger, an autonomy even better (60 mn) and a bigger tank capacity. It also comes with an exclusive accessory to extend the tube and access the ceiling from all angles (you can see the arachnophobes). In short, it’s the most advanced vacuum cleaner from Dyson to date. Is it too expensive and still not paid enough to crack? That’s our opinion.

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