Uttarakhand starts GIS mapping of areas affected by outbreak

Author – Lalmani Verma| Dehradun | Published : 11. April 2020 12:30:51

GIS mapping, coronavirus outbreak, 19 cases of Cowydia, Uttrahand News, India Express News The number of people quarantined in Uttrahand as of 3 December 2009 was 8,559 April, but increased from 10. April to 44,183 (at home and in institutions). (photo)

As the number of VIDOC cases doubled by 19 and the number of people quarantined in the state increased fivefold during the week, the Uttarakhand government began to map the areas affected by the outbreak using GIS to develop a more effective management strategy.

The number of people who were on the 3. The number of people in quarantine in the state on April 10 was 8,559. April to 44,183 (at home and in institutions).

The cartographic information will be accessible via a website and will contain important information, including the number of positive cases, the number of persons isolated, in domestic and institutional quarantine and the number of contacts of identified persons in the field. The mapping should be completed over the weekend.

This inventory will make it possible to develop a strategy for the provision of basic services at this specific location and to identify additional areas to be sealed as buffer zones. There will be a statewide site with information on COWID-19, said Riddhim Aggarwal, additional director-general of the Uttarakhand-Civil Protection Agency.

Buffer zones will also be placed on the website and the number of cases and persons in quarantine will be adjusted. There are 109 reception camps in the state, from which more than 4,500 people have fled. These camps are also marked on the site.

Some information will only be accessible to officials responsible for identifying affected areas and making COVID-19 management decisions, but citizens will have limited access to information such as the location of nearby hospitals, the number of control rooms and helplines, support camps, contact information for liaison officers and information slides.

NGOs involved in the provision of food and basic services will also have access to information.

At this moment 35 people have tested positive for an infection and 5 have already been released. Six of the 13 provinces in the state have registered positive cases.

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