Utorrent Android Has a Dark Mode: News and How to Download the Lapk

uTorrent Android gets new features, including the arrival of a dark mode compatible with the dark system mode of Android 9 or 10, and a new navigation bar to better organize your downloads.

The uTorrent application is one of the most popular torrent download managers on PC and Mac – but the application also has an Android version with hundreds of thousands of downloads. This application has just been significantly improved with the transition to version 6.1.4. The application has a series of interface changes that make it more practical and pleasant.

uTorrent gets a dark mode and new tabs to sort your downloads

Probably the most noticeable change, if you have enabled the system dark mode on Android 10 or the power saver on Android 9, is the dark mode. The application developed by Bittorrent imitates its PC and Mac versions, and adopts a theme more suited to OLED screens especially when the ambient light is low. Globally, this theme has not much particularity, except for its green accents to stay in the logo’s tones.

It mainly ensures the compatibility of the application with the dark system mode of Android 9 and 10. In addition to this change, a new toolbar appears at the bottom of the screen. This one seems to be mainly designed to better organize your downloads. Thus, there is now a film section, and a music section. There is also a new tab to manage remote connections, for example to control downloading to/via other devices.

Here is the complete list of new features according to the release notes :

  • Fixed a bug that caused some users to lose the Pro after the 6.0.9 update.
  • Return from the multiple selection. 1) touch and hold down a Torrent or 2) touch “Select” in the main menu.
  • Improved Russian language support
  • Added dark mode on compatible Android devices
  • New navigation for easier access to torrents, videos, music files and remote connections

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These changes are normally directly available through an update on the Play Store But you can also download the APK directly if you wish, by following the link below :

uTorrent 6.1.4 on APKMirror





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