Usman Umar accused of using Lisa Hamme for international exposure

Usman Umar, a 90-day-old bride, has always talked about the desire to expand her popularity outside Nigeria. Now that he’s in his 90-day life with Lisa Hamme, people think he’s only here to exhibit internationally. In a confession made in the last episode for the 90 days, Umar admitted that when he married the Humvee, he saw a ticket to America. It would be a great opportunity for him to expand his music fan base outside his home country, he said. But he’s also thinking about how hard it is to deal with his Baby Girl lately.

He keeps wondering if the bump in his career shouldn’t be next to Humme’s controlling attitude.

Usman Umar likes to be famous

Usman Umar doesn’t hesitate to say how much he likes to be in the spotlight. The Nigerian celebrity, known in the country as the SojaBoy, was recognized in his country for his musical career. His career plans are one of the reasons why he is willing to try his relationship with Humme despite their problematic interactions. He hopes that the fans he gets from the show will form the basis of his audience when he leaves for America.

Once he is famous in America, he plans to make himself known internationally. He seems to be serious about the success, because he has been releasing new music since the beginning of the show.

Lisa Bumblebee makes a Umar Bumblebee sound online

Lisa Humme recently caused a controversy when she seemed to criticise Usman Umar on social networks. The testimony of a 90-day-old star guard fed the rumors that their relationship was already over.

She recently posted a screenshot of Umar’s message on Facebook and wrote an autograph that seems to mock him. In his Facebook message he wrote how sorry he was for what he had said on TV. He also seems to have injected a Nigerian celebrity into other positions. She said she’d been betrayed by people she trusted. In these positions, however, she did not mention Umar’s name.

Humme, Umar to the 90-day bride

In the short time they have spent in a 90-day groom, Lisa Hamme and Uthman Umar have had a lot of supporters. This makes it one of the most popular couples for the current season for up to 90 days. Recently Humme and Umar had fiercely argued about her power and lack of self-confidence. After all, he has been verbally abused by her over the past two years, both online and offline. After a verbal exchange, she asked him if he wanted to continue his courtship.

Fans also criticized Humme for trying to interfere with Umar’s career.

She tried to get the model to put the clip on because she didn’t like it. She pushed Umar’s friends to confront her, because she might have damaged his career as a musician and artist.

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