Upgrade From Windows 7 Windows 10 Pro for Only 8.88 With Keyworlds

Maj. February 6, 2020 at 3:06 p.m. min.

The KeyWorlds site offers the possibility of acquiring keys to activate many Microsoft applications, such as Windows 10 and the Office suite, at a low price. With coupon code KWNY35 these prices are further reduced by 35%. This is the opportunity to replace Windows 7 with Windows 10!

While it is still used by millions of computers, the Windows 7 operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft. Many users will no longer receive security updates and no longer receive technical support from the Redmond firm. They can be the target of viruses or malicious people taking advantage of OS flaws.

Therefore, if you are using Microsoft’s old system, it may be time to consider upgrading to Windows 10. And to do this at a lower cost, the KeyWorlds site allows you to acquire a user license at a very advantageous price compared to the price charged by Microsoft.

For example, the Home and Professional versions of Windows 10 are available for only €14.99 and €13.99 respectively. However, for even better rates, you can use the promo code KWNY35, which gives you an immediate additional discount of 35% ! The latter is valid for many Microsoft applications, and on packages including Windows 10 and the Office suite.

  • Windows 10 Professional (1PC) : 8,88 € 13,99 €
  • Windows 10 Home (1PC) : 9,74 € 14,99 €
  • Windows 10 Pro Professional (2 PCs) : 14,94 € 22,99 €
  • Office 2016 Professional Plus (1PC) : 21,44 € 32,99 €
  • Office 2019 Professional Plus (1PC) : 40,29 € 61,99 €
  • Windows 10 Pro + Microsoft Office 2019 Pro : 45,49 € 69,99 €
  • Windows 10 Home + Office 2019 Pro : 40,29 € 61,99 €
  • Windows 10 Professional + Office 2016 Pro : 25,34 € 38,99 €
  • Windows 10 Home + Office 2016 Pro : 24,69 € 37,99 €
  • Microsoft Office 365 Professional Plus (1PC) : 14,29 € 21,99 €

This article is a publication sponsored by KeyWorlds.

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Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 Pro for only €8.88 with KeyWorlds

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