[unique Topic] Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro (6.26′, Snapdragon 636)

I received a Note 6 Pro (Global Version ) from Gearbest a week ago, ordered for a friend (3 weeks delay in total and 177 € postage included with black-rimmed tempered glass and a beautiful midnight blue leather cover). I spent 3/4 days on it to set it up with onions and I think it looks great. Very nice aluminium finish, the camera has a solid look. The screen is very bright, no worries about reading in direct sunlight. I’ve had a Xiaomi Mi Max 3 for a few weeks now and I’m very happy with it and I find the Note 6 Pro really great. Both devices have the same processor and its power, combined with MIUI which is very well optimized, provides a seamless experience. The only defect in my eyes of the MIUI interface, by successful mockery, is the absence of an application drawer, which forces to have all its applications on the desktops. Another reproach, linked to the notch on the screen, we do not see the notifications at the top of the screen, we have to move the notifications panel down to see them (sms envelope etc…). This is annoying for those who have installed Nova Launcher, because if they don’t install Tesla Unread with Nova, they won’t see notification counters on the app icons either (whereas on the base Xiaomi launcher these notification counter badges are present) and won’t be notified of incoming sms and other WhatsApp messages, for example. It’s also a pity that Note 6 Pro no longer has a selfie flash, as Note 5 had, it’s an incomprehensible step backwards. This flash was very handy for selfies, but also to serve as a super notification diode, using optional apps.

 Note 7 will largely solve this problem (which is not really a big one), since the notch will be much smaller.

 The arrival of Note 7 is the only problem with Note 6 Pro at the end of January 2019, is it worth investing in a model that is already outdated at the notch? Knowing that the successor, Note 7, has just been released in China and will inevitably be available very soon in Global Version with band 20, so indispensable in many places outside the cities. I should know, my previous smartphone didn’t have a B20 and I was surfing on…Edge! In other words, much less than an unfortunate megabit/second! Since I got my Mi Max 3, I’ve gone up to 110 Megabits/second in reception and 30 in transmission. Global Version with B20 essential so… (+B28 if possible for Free subscribers). And what a pleasure it is to have a USB-C connector that doesn’t require you to look in which direction to insert your charger.

 The only defect of Note 7 is that you will have to wait a few weeks before seeing it in Global Version in China and maybe several months before seeing it landed at Xiaomi France, with a 2-year warranty (for purchases in China, you have to forget about the warranty).


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