Unfriended: Dark Web, 3 Good Reasons to Watch the Movie

This 26 December 2018 release Unfriended: Dark Web, the new horror movie by Stephen Susco. The American director delivers here a horrific work that moves away from the fantasy genres found in sagas such as Conjuring or That, to focus on a reality that is traumatic to say the least. A film worth watching for three good reasons. But before that, it’s time for the trailer.

1) because reality is brought to the fore

Exit Monsters, Spirits and other Spectres, Unfriended: Dark Web is afraid of the reality of its events. And for good reason, the scenario remains simplistic: a man brings home a computer that has been lying around in the lost and found box for weeks and decides to inspect the files. Determined to click everywhere, he puts his finger on intriguing but disturbing files, including videos. All the scenes seem to come from computer screens and conversations with several people, using software known to all, such as the mythical Skype.

The characters don’t seem to leave their homes, the mysterious assailant attacking them in the place where they feel safest. One more string to be added to the bow of Unfriended: Dark Web, whose atmosphere is intended to provide a feeling of embarrassment, sought after by many. This film could happen to anyone, even if the story is, of course, romanticized, and that’s what makes it disturbing.

2) because the Dark Web is an osbur world, but interesting

Part filled with the mysteries of the Internet, the dark web is inaccessible to most Internet users To navigate it, you have to use special software such as Freenet, I2P, or the iconic Tor. The users of the darknet are all anonymous and it is very complicated to trace the identity of the Internet users there. A perfect place for dubious conversations and, of course, illegal trafficking. Drugs, weapons, animals, sex and pornography, areas of interest where anonymity goes hand in hand. 

The Dark Net, sometimes confused with the Deep Web, is a place that always raises many questions. He’s as intriguing as he is frightening. An obscure world, well known to a few initiates, but unknown to the greatest number. Unfriended: Dark Web reveals some facets. As the American channel CNBC reminds us, the Dark Web is also a privileged place to buy and/or sell personal information such as Bank Account numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, passports, identity cards and even diplomas. An intriguing part of the Internet that can be found in part in Unfriended: Dark Web.

3) Because the film is a non-direct sequel to Unfriended (2014)

In 2014, Unfriendedwas released, a highly-rated overall film that grossed over $64 million at the world box office This film, directed by Leo Gabriadze, will have the right to a sequel from December 26th. And even though Unfriended: Dark Web is not a direct sequel to the original film, the spirit of the franchise has remained. In other words, if you likedUnfriended, you should also like Unfriended: Dark Web ! The characters, the place and the story change, but the production is in the same genre and uses computer screens and Skype to link the different protagonists. A tried and tested process whose realism can be quite frightening. The jumpscars are also there, just to delight lovers of the genre.

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