Ultimate Custom Night could be the last word 5 Nights at Freddy’s crossover, however with a lot to handle, it may be robust to keep in mind all the controls. Right here’s are full Ultimate Custom Night Controls and Roster, so that you’re not caught making an attempt to keep in mind what to do in a pinch.

Ultimate Custom Night Controls:

  • 1. Energy Generator
  • 2. Silent Ventilator
  • three. Heater
  • four. Energy AC
  • 5. International Music Field
  • 6. All OFF
  • X. All OFF
  • Ctrl. Flashlight
  • W. Shut Ahead Vent
  • A. Shut Left Door
  • D. Shut Proper Door
  • F. Shut Aspect Vent
  • C. Catch Fish – For Previous Man Penalties
  • Enter. Shut Advert – For El Chip
  • Spacebar. Desk Fan ON/OFF
  • Esc. Return to menu

Ultimate Custom Night Controls and Roster – What to do with every…

Ultimate Custom Night Roster:

The deep and diversified Ultimate Custom Night Roster is packed with 50 animatronic abominations you can choose to create your personal 5 Nights at Freddy’s mashup. A lot of the characters want you to do various things to cease them, which is quite a bit to keep in mind. Under are what you will have to do with the entire Ultimate Custom Night roster:

Ultimate Custom Night Controls and Roster – What to do with every…

  • Golden Freddy: Golden Freddy will seem in your workplace if you put your monitor down. When he does, don’t take a look at him, and deliver your monitor again up as shortly as you possibly can.
  • Balloon Boy: Balloon Boy will attempt and sneak into your workplace by way of the aspect vent. Press F to shut the vent and you’ll hear a thudding sound when he’s gone and you’ll be able to open it once more.
  • JJ: JJ is identical as Balloon Boy, however she’ll make it so you’ll be able to’t use your door controls as an alternative of the flashlight. Shut the Aspect Vent till you hear the thudding sound.
  • Nightmare Fredbear/Nightmare: Nightmare Fredbear and Nightmare come as a group and are invisible till they’re at your door. Fredbear will probably be on the left and Nightmare will probably be on the appropriate. Once you see their eyes you’ve got to shut the doorways as shortly as attainable.
  • Helpy: You will have to click on on Helpy to eliminate him or he’ll blast an airhorn at you.
  • Phantom Freddy: You could have to shine your flashlight at Phantom Freddy when he seems within the workplace.
  • Previous Man Penalties: When the minigame seems you have got to press C when the fish is in the midst of the goal.
  • Marionette: To cease the Marionette/Puppet you could have to maintain winding up the Music Field. If it will get out you’ll be able to’t put it again in and your assets will drain so much quicker.
  • Nightmare Puppet: The Nightmare Marionette/Puppet seems at random within the workplace. Maintain your mouse away from the place it’s otherwise you’ll get Recreation Over.
  • Music Man: The Music Man is sort of robust. For those who begin to hear crashing symbols behind you, cease making any noise till they go away. The Music Man is activated by sound so can begin to seem at any time whenever you’re doing issues.
  • Nightmare Balloon Boy: Nightmare BB is all the time within the workplace however when he’s slumped over he’s not harmful. Don’t shine your flashlight on him to maintain him slouched. If he stands up, you might have to shine your flashlight to make him go down once more.
  • Comfortable Frog: The Pleased Frog is within the overhead vents and makes its means in the direction of your workplace. You’ve gotten to use the Audio Lure software to maintain it away from the workplace. The Heater software doesn’t work on the Pleased Frog, however will on others
  • Mr. Hippo: Mr. Hippo is identical because the Comfortable Frog however the Heater works on him in addition to the Audio lure.
  • Pigpatch: Pigpatch is identical as Mr. Hippo and the Completely satisfied Frog however is quicker than these two.
  • Nedd Bear: Nedd Bear additionally works like Pigpatch, Mr. Hippo and Joyful Frog, however quicker.. He additionally has a 50% probability of ignoring the Audio Lure software, so watch out even in case you assume he’s coated.
  • Orville Elephant: This one additionally works like Nedd Bear and the others however is the quickest of all of them. The Audio Lure solely fools the Orville Elephant 10% of the time, so watch out even should you’ve received it set.
  • Springtrap: Springtrap comes by way of the Entrance Vent. He doesn’t make any noise, so should you’ve acquired him turned on watch out. Hold checking the workplace and shut the vent as quickly as you see him.
  • Molten Freddy: Molten Freddy seems by means of the vents and climbs very quick. Use the Monitor to monitor the place he’s and shut the best vent whenever you hear him laughing.
  • Ennard: You can too use the Monitor to monitor Ennard within the vents. You’ll hear a squeaking noise once you want to shut the vent.
  • Phantom Mangle: The Phantom Mangle will probably be actually noisy in case you let it into the workplace. It seems randomly in your Monitor, so shut it as shortly as you possibly can when it seems.
  • Mangle: You want to use the Vent Snare software to maintain the Mangle out of your workplace, in any other case it’s going to drop down and jumpscare you.
  • Withered Chica: You even have to use the Vent Snare to maintain Withered Chica away from the workplace, however you need to use the door too. She doesn’t make a sound so you might have to use the radar to know the place she is. If she makes it to the vent door and it’s open she’ll cease Ennard, Molten Freddy and Springtrap from coming by way of, however the Mangle can nonetheless drop down. The door gained’t keep blocked ceaselessly although, and she’ll drop down and scare you after some time.
  • Toy Bonnie: Toy Bonnie comes the by way of the Proper Trapdoor. You’ve to use the Freddy Masks and transfer to look instantly at him to make him go away.
  • Toy Chica: Toy Chica is identical however comes from the left and strikes extra shortly. Use the Freddy Masks to make her go away.
  • Jack-O-Chica: The Jack-O-Chica seems when your workplace is just too scorching. You’ve gotten to wait till you’ll be able to see her at each doorways and shut them each on the similar time to make her go away. If that doesn’t work you will have to settle down your workplace with the AC.
  • Rockstar Chica: Whenever you see Rockstar Chica outdoors your workplace door you might have to double click on on the Moist Flooring Sign up your workplace to make her go away.
  • Freddy Fazbear: Freddy strikes quicker when it’s hotter. Whenever you see him coming in from the left shut the door to cease him.
  • Phantom Balloon Boy: The Phantom Balloon Boy will pop up in your Monitor randomly, drop it down to make him go away.
  • Telephone Man: When the telephone rings look across the display for a mute button and click on it as shortly as attainable. Should you miss it he’ll get up the Music Man and different animatronics that don’t like noise.
  • Nightmare Freddy: Little Freddies will seem across the workplace and you’ve gotten to shine your Flashlight on them earlier than there are too many.
  • Chica: When Chica is lively she can be within the kitchen crashing about with pots and pans. If she stops making noise you might have to change the music field within the kitchen or she’ll come and get you. Don’t change it too quickly although or she’ll come for you continue to.
  • Lefty: Lefty is within the cabinet close to the left hallway. He’ll begin to get up for those who make an excessive amount of noise or let the workplace get too scorching. You possibly can’t calm him down by making it cooler, the one factor you’ll be able to do is use the International Music Field.
  • El Chip: When adverts pop up in your display you want to press enter to skip them and make them go away.
  • Withered Bonnie: You want to use the Freddy Masks to make him go away. He’ll come into the Workplace when you’re not wanting, you’ll know he’s there as a result of your display will go fuzzy and there might be noises.
  • Funtime Chica: Funtime Chica flashes up on the display to distract you, however you’ll be able to’t do something about it.
  • Toy Freddy: To maintain Toy Freddy pleased you’ve got to play a recreation inside a recreation. He’s enjoying 5 Nights With Mr. Hugs within the Elements and Providers room. You will have to click on on the little cameras on Toy Freddy’s display and shut the proper door to maintain Mr. Hugs out of the workplace.
  • Funtime Cunning: Funtime Cunning has a random showtime signal on his curtain. You’ve to take a look at the curtain when it’s showtime or he’ll come out and scare you. Watch out, you might have to begin watching it early otherwise you’ll be too late.
  • Ballora: Ballora can come from each the left and proper and turns off your cameras. You’ve gotten to pay attention out for her music to work out which aspect she’s on and shut that door.
  • Rockstar Bonnie: When Rockstar Bonnie seems with out his guitar you have got to go on the digital camera monitor and discover it. Double click on on it when you might have and he’ll be glad.
  • Rockstar Cunning: Typically Rockstar Cunning’s parrot will fly into your workplace. Should you click on it Rockstar Cunning will seem and assist you. Typically although he’ll leap scare you and finish your recreation.
  • Circus Child, Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare Mangle: These three will assault separately from the fitting in a random order. You have got to purchase their Plush Toy from the Prize Nook utilizing Faz-Cash to cease them. You get Faz-Cash by discovering them on Digital camera or by stopping animatronics. You gained’t have sufficient cash to purchase them unexpectedly so wait till you realize which one is attacking to get the corresponding toy.
  • William Afton/ Scraptrap: Scraptrap will solely assault as soon as per night time, however it’s random and occurs actually quick. You’ll hear a loud clattering coming from the Proper Vent and the lights will go off. You have got to shut the Vent Door actually shortly otherwise you’ll get Recreation Over.
  • Scrap Child: Scrap Child seems in your workplace on the desk. You have got to use the shock panel subsequent to her to shock her when she films. Concentrate to her place, otherwise you’ll get jumpscared whenever you look away.
  • Rockstar Freddy: Rockstar Freddy stands in your workplace and asks for 5 Faz-Cash. When you can’t or don’t need to pay him, you can also make it hotter within the workplace to make him malfunction and return to sleep.
  • Trash and the Gang: You don’t want to fear about these an excessive amount of, they only make noise. Watch out if in case you have noise delicate animatronics lively although.
  • Bonnie: Bonnie will peek out from backstage and scramble your cameras for those who take a look at Pirate’s Cove when he’s there. You see a bit of determine in your desk which can inform you who’s peeking, so don’t take a look at Pirate’s Cove when you possibly can see a Bonnie determine.
  • Cunning: Cunning is the other of Bonnie. You’ve got to take a look at him in Pirate’s Cove typically or he’ll sneak into your workplace one piece at a time and scare you.
  • Fredbear: To get Fredbear you could have to have Golden Freddy on 1 problem and begin a recreation. You then have to get a Dying Coin for 10 Faz-Cash. When Golden Freddy seems within the workplace, use your Demise Coin by clicking on the icon.
  • Dee Dee: Dee Dee is particular as a result of she will add a random animatronic to your run. When she seems verify your whole cameras to see who’s been added. She will add the next particular characters that aren’t in the primary roster:

– RXQ / Shadow Bonnie: This character makes your workplace to go pitch black for 10 seconds and can’t be stopped.
– Plushtrap: Plushtrap will seem sitting in a chair that you’ve to scare it out of. Watch it with the digital camera and click on to make it go away.
– Nightmare Chica: You’ll see this characters tooth shut across the edges of your display. You could have the facility on the AC to make her go away.
– Bonnet: Bonnet will go throughout the underside of your display. You could have to click on on her nostril to eliminate her.
– Minireena: Minireena will pop up and randomly cowl your display.
– Lolbit: You might have to sort “LOL” whenever you hear this character’s loud noise.

Ultimate Custom Night is a return to the now-basic 5 Nights at Freddy’s components that we first noticed again in 2014.

Collection developer Scott Cawthon took one thing of a break to produce Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, which was in a special fashion to the primary collection video games, however now’s again with the most important entry to date.

Typically we embrace hyperlinks to on-line retail shops. In the event you click on on one and make a purchase order we might obtain a small fee. For extra info, go right here.

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